By Rick Ritter

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Dozens of neighborhoods in Baltimore got a big boost Saturday after getting some much-needed funding to help produce special events in their community.

The grants are a big boost for some neighborhoods, and play a crucial role in community cleanup, back to school rallies, and even health fairs.

More than 70 communities in Baltimore were given a much-needed hand.

“It’s about your idea and it’s how it touches the community,” said Baltimore mayor Catherine Pugh. “And I think that’s what makes this program great.”

The funding is up to $1,000, but each community has different needs.

What might not sound like a ton of money goes a long way for Leslie Lacy and the Pig Town Main Street area.

They use the grant to provide tools for residents to help clean up the streets.

“We just want to grow, and clean, and green more areas of Pigtown,” said Lacy.

For others, the cash is crucial for back to school rallies, as they provide backpacks or pens and paper for families who may be struggling financially.

“Many families can’t afford [supplies], and as you well know, we still have a big poverty gap in Baltimore City,” said Pugh.

This, along with health fairs that provide checkups for all ages.

These are opportunities to bring communities together.

“The event itself really brings people out, and getting to know not only people next door to them, but also people in next block,” said Lacy.

Something the mayor hopes every neighborhood has the chance to be a part of.

“I’m hoping we spread it wide enough that others who haven’t had an advantage of this kind of money do it as well,” Pugh said.

A total of 77 neighborhood associations and community-based non-profit organization were selected for the funding.

Funding is provided through the MECU neighborhood event grants.

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