By Joel Furches

Ravioli: cheese or meat couched in little pockets of pasta. What’s not to love? Over the years, resourceful cooks have served this snack up with any combination of cheese and meat. They’ve boiled, cooked or deep fried the dish. If you’re craving a new take on this Italian delicacy, you’re in luck! Baltimore has a variety of creative cookeries that serve this tasty treat up to compliment all sorts of palates. If you want to try a new take on this pasta, or if you’ve never tried it and want something delicious, try some of the following locations.

Dalesio’s Restaurant 
829 Eastern Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21202
(410) 539-1965

Dalesio’s is a little corner restaurant which has truly staked a claim in Baltimore’s Little Italy as one of the finest eateries on that part of the map. Equally good for a quick, sit-down meal, a corporate event or a starry-eyed date spot, Dalesio’s dazzles the taste buds and offers a variety of fine wines to compliment its fine foods. Dalesio’s actually offers two takes on the ravioli concept. Its Aragosta ravioli blends lobster, ricotta cheese and cream, then bakes the mixture into the taste pasta puffs, and drizzles the combination in a basil rose sauce.

Its Ravioli Ripieni stuffs the pasta with ground veal and mozzarella before floating them in a home made sauce of basil and tomato.

Germano’s Piattini
300 S. High St.
Baltimore, MD 21202
(410) 752-4515

For a vegetarian take on this unique pasta blend, one could not do better than to visit Germano’s Piattini. Germano’s is a spacious Italian restaurant which also calls Little Italy home. The restaurant has a calm, wide open feel to it which is made better by the excellent and personal service offered by the restaurant’s serving staff. Germano’s brand of ravioli places the pasta puffs in a savory mushroom ragù, and then fills them with mild fresh cheese and a beet blend which manages to be intensely flavorful. Germano’s beet ravioli is one of the most praised dishes this fine establishment serves.

Sabatino’s Italian Restaurant 
901 Fawn St.
Baltimore, MD 21202
(410) 727-2667

Yet another Little Italy restaurant, Sabatino’s is known for its homemade pastas which give the entire venue the feeling of a grandmother’s warm and comfortable kitchen. Sabatino’s offers two different ravioli dishes. Its cheese ravioli appeals to cheese lovers by putting together a tasty blend of cheeses for filling and then mixing it together in the house-made tomato sauce. If you love your meats more than your cheeses, try Sabatino’s meat ravioli. Using the same tomato sauce as the cheese ravioli, the meat version stuffs the pasta pillows with ground veal combined with spinach and cheese, flavored with the restaurant’s signature blend of spices.

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Sotto Sopra
405 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD 21201
(410) 625-0534

Sotto Sopra is known for the first class atmosphere which the restaurant cultivates with the classy decor and fine art which adorns the interior of the townhouse-turned-restaurant. The dishes consist of contemporary Italian cuisine made from fresh ingredients provided by local farms. Sotta Sopra serves up a savory cheese ravioli which it calls “Ravioli Dell’Amore.” This dish fills the pasta with spinach and ricotta cheese, then covers them with a freshly made tomato sauce.

Ledo Pizza
3105 St. Paul St.
Baltimore, MD 21218
(443) 835-2172

Ledo Pizza is a well-known pizza establishment in Maryland, known for its rectangular pizzas and signature tomato sauce. Like most versatile pizza places, Ledo offers not just an extremely wide variety of pizza, but also wings, subs, calzones, strombolis and a variety of sandwiches. Among the restaurants on this list, none has more variety of ravioli than Ledo. Come in and order an appetizer of spicy toasted ravioli, which contains ricotta, mozzarella and bits of jalapeno peppers, all toasted together and ready for the dipping.

Ledo also offers three ravioli dishes as entrees. These include the gluten-free chicken and kale ravioli, which may be had oven baked or sauteed. For cheese lovers, Ledo offers the tasty four cheese ravioli which combines all natural artisan cheeses wrapped within tender egg pasta rounds.

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