Bryan Altman

Yikes. The worst. Awful. Atrocious.

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Those are just some of the words being tossed around to describe the final possession of the West Virginia Mountaineers’ season. And to be honest, it’s hard to argue otherwise.

The Mountaineers had the ball down three with 37.9 seconds left on the clock — plenty of time to score quickly and foul, or, milk it for the last shot.

Or, do whatever it was West Virginia did.

The team’s leading scorer Jevon Carter (finished with 21 points, 7 rebounds) was the target, and got the ball with plenty of time on the clock, but decided to heave up a contested three that resulted in an air ball.

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West Virginia got the rebound and dished back to Carter, who chucked it up from downtown yet again, this time grazing the rim.

The Mountaineers got the rebound, a fresh shot clock, and could hold for the last shot again.

So they gave it to Carter once more, who paced behind the arc looking for his third three-point attempt until he inexplicably dished it off to Daxter Miles Jr., who tried in vain to get a shot off with time about to expire to no avail.

And just like that, the Mountaineers season was over with a 61-58 loss to Gonzaga. But, Twitter’s reactions were just beginning.

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