BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Deputies say a Lusby family’s pet killed a baby boy and injured his babysitter. Only gunfire could stop a deadly dog attack in Calvert County, but not in time to save a young victim.

Deputies call this the worst tragedy this county has seen in years. All unfolding on the living room floor of a Lusby family home.

What triggered a family pet to turn on a baby boy is still a mystery. Calvert County deputies say the dog attacked, unprovoked yesterday afternoon, killing the eight-month-old and injuring his babysitter as she tried to save the child’s life.

“The family friend tried in vain to stop the attack,’ says Sheriff Mike Evans, Calvert County.

The family friend then called for help to a Lusby home on Prancer Court, as deputies say the pit bull pinned the baby to the living room floor.

Deputies were at the home within one minute of the 911 call, but the sheriff says even that was too late.

“They knew immediately that the only way to stop that attack was to shoot that dog,” shays Sheriff Evans.

Two deputies opened fire, killing the 65-pound animal. The baby was already beyond medical help.

“One of the worst tragedies our community has suffered in such a long time, it is almost unspeakable,” says Commissioner Tom Hejl, with Calvert County Board of County Commissioners.

The family of that child and their neighbors asking for privacy tonight. Deputies tell WJZ, this is not a criminal case and no one will face charges.

The sheriff says he remembers only one other fatal dog attack in the county within the last ten years.

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  1. Gee Wiz, another Pit Bull attack where the dog just snapped and attacked and killed a child and injured an adult. When are people going to finally admit these dogs have some kind of inherent vicious streak in their DNA that can make them snap of go ballistic for no reason at all. I’m tired of hearing these stories where the dog was the sweetest dog in the world and then just snapped and went on a rampage. Ask this question? How come you never hear about a Yorkie or chihuahua going ballistic and attacking a child and adult? Why? Because they aren’t inherently violent and vicious dogs, that’s why. Most dogs aren’t. Only a few breeds are and pit bulls are one of them.

    1. Emily Jean says:

      You, sir, are an idiot. The reason you don’t hear about a yorkie or chihuahua going balistic is because a yorkie or chihuahua is like 5 lbs. They, in fact, DO cause more bites than other breeds, including pitbulls (dachsunds actually are the #1 biting breed) but the news never reports it because a) its not newsworthy and b) no matter how “ballistic” a 5 lb dog goes it simply is never going to be able to do that much damage.

      1. Tony Solesky says:

        a) Pit bulls do not bite they maul, maim and kill so they tend to not even qualify in the bite category. B) however I have not read any medical studies actually showing that dachshunds and chihuahuas actually bite more, only that it is oft repeated folklore. C) regardless what they do has no applicability to the dangers in dog ownership.

      2. Another ignorant pit advocate trying to compare a bite to killing a baby, or disfiguring a little girl for life!

        Little kids should not have to die because you are ignorant.

  2. Tony Solesky says:

    Consider that from the year 2000 to presently in 2017, Takata airbags caused 13 deaths and 180 injuries, from among 42 million affected USA cars on the road, activating the largest recall in US history.
    During this same time frame, pit bulls have caused 303 US deaths. From among the CDC estimated each year, 4.5 million bites in America -an incident rate greater than 1 every 15 seconds – Pit Bulls cause multi thousands of Trauma level 1 injuries . In 2016 alone pit bulls caused 22 US deaths, along with 2.5 Trauma level 1 wounded daily. Pit Bulls make up about 6 million of the estimated 86 million dogs in the USA.

    How is it that on one hand without any public resistance, Takata airbags lead to the biggest recall in USA history and on the other hand on far more grossly horrific numbers , people advocate for pit bulls, a completely unnecessary risk in pet keeping ?

    In 1998, the CDC information up to that point , listed Bully Breeds as the most dangerous. Ultimately the CDC stopped tracking breed for fear that people that owned these dangerous breeds were intentionally misidentify their dogs and skewing the statistics. In other words, a poodle owner whose dog had bitten, did not have the same incentive to lie about their dogs breed as would mauling bully/pit bull breed owners and advocates were found to do .

    Today we no longer falsely rely on animal advocates for the facts about canines as a public health and safety threat. Today officials cross reference the total bites reported with calls for service and reports by, Fire/EMT , Police, Trauma 1 ER intake, medical insurance claims, liability insurance claims, civil suits , criminal charges , attack incidents ending in death, tracking the breeds associated to each bite/mauling incident. Also the dog breed confirmation most often corresponding to existing or proposed breed bans and legislation. In all vocations Pit Bulls are over represented 100 fold beyond any recall standard.


  3. dammitall223 says:

    It’s never worth a child’s life just to prove some dog breed is “misunderstood”.

  4. Larry Motley says:

    Queue all the pit bull defenders to predictably spout: ‘ITS NOT THE DOG ITS THE WAY THEY ARE RAISED ITS NOT THE BREED!’

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