By Kimberly Eiten

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — While many of us are enjoying this warm weather, for others, it can be a nightmare. This spring has been brutal for millions of allergy sufferers already.

Baltimore is in bloom, and for 20 million adults, and more than six million kids across the country this is the real sign of spring.

“Stuffy nose, sneezy, itchy nose, something that is making their life miserable,” says Dr. Anthony Nguyen, with the Allergy and Asthma Center.

Those kinds of symptoms bring allergy patients into Dr. Nguyen’s exam room, for a full panel of allergy tests.

He punches allergens into the skin to see what’s causing those nasty symptoms. Once he finds the trigger, he can find the treatment.

For nurse and patient at the Allergy and Asthma Center, Heather Taylor, her symptoms hit hard as soon as the season changes.

“I know I’m allergic to grasses and trees and some weeds,” says Taylor.

And on days like this, that can be a problem.

“The big pollens this time are probably grasses that are pollinating,” says Dr. Nguyen.

A simple treatment, Dr. Nguyen says those who are affected should stay inside when pollen counts are at their worst, but that happens when Baltimore weather is at its best.

Tuesday, the daily report from the national allergy bureau puts tree and grass pollen at a high concentration, weeds at moderate, and mold at a low concentration.

Some allergy experts say chalk up an earlier and longer allergy season to climate change. Dr. Nguyen’s advice on fighting back: avoid the cause, or get an allergy shot.

Nurse Taylor says she just toughs it out.

“I think I’m used to it, so I just load up on the allergy medicines and kind of just deal with it.”

Dr. Nguyen says the worst time of day for people with allergies are in the afternoon. He says that is a good time to check those pollen counts before heading outside. Allergy experts around the country say Baltimore isn’t alone. Pollen counts are at an all time high in several states.

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