BALTIMORE (WJZ) — In a new Travel and Leisure survey of America’s favorite places, readers scored cities on a few different categories, including how “hot or not” the locals are.

Turns out, America thinks Baltimoreans aren’t the prettiest people. Baltimore, Maryland was ranked the least attractive city.

Charm City slipped down the list from fourth to first place in this year’s survey. Readers seem to love Baltimore for its revitalized Inner Harbor, and its beautiful historic sites, but while the city itself is rather photogenic, Americans think the citizens are not.

We beg to differ.

Atlanta was previously voted one of America’s Most Attractive Cities, but it slipped down to number eight this year. Tampa, Florida comes in 7th. The scenery may be lovely, but readers don’t think the residents are. Sixth place goes to Cleveland, Ohio and Milwaukee, Wisconsin comes in fifth.

Even though it’s appreciated for its cleanliness, the pristine city of Charlotte, North Carolina comes in fourth. Spokane, Washington in at third and then Sacramento, California is the runner up.

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  1. Don’t shoot the messenger, but one has to note that the cities that voted for the liberal candidate in the election are also the ones with the ugliest people ( no surprise, we have seen their women marches). Their only redeeming quality is they are a great cure for hiccups.

  2. Baltimore got uglier after my beautiful mother moved to the suburbs.

  3. Well the people who conducted this survey can kiss my ass!

  4. I’m close to Sac, and I just don’t see how we got beat out by Baltimore! Sac is Black/BrownFatStupid-to-the-nth degree! I demand a recount! Then, again, I’ve never been to B-town, so I ‘spose it’s possible.

  5. Baltimore’s
    gone further into the abyss since I escaped Ellicott City in ’05. The parasites have eaten the host. Yeah… lott’a ,’fugly’s. I’ll never go back

  6. Pei Tsing says:

    Can’t argue with Baltimore. I would suggest Pasadena Texas as rivaling the ugliest collection of people in the nation.

  7. I would have thought it would have been Chappaqua, New York.

  8. Whoever voted in this poll has never been to Ketchican Alaska. Trust me. Baltimore isn’t at the bottom…

  9. You wrote a whole article just to tell us that níggers and mexicans are ugly?

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