Trey Mancini joined Scott & Jeremy to talk about his rise to the majors, his “magical” bat and his mindset of playing in the major leagues.

Buck Showalter called the rookie a “wonder boy” after going yard twice during last week’s game. Mancini has now joined the likes of Trevor Story and Dino Restelli as the third player since 1913 to hit a home run seven times in his first 12 career big league games.

Now, he’s the lead-off hitter in tonight’s match up against the Cincinnati Reds.

The other night, Machado, Gentry and Mancini all homered with the same Louisville Slugger C243 bat. Trey said, “[Gentry] asked if he could use my bat… and he went up and hit a home run with it and then Machado grabbed it right after and said ‘hey, let me see that thing’ and then he went up and hit a home run. We were all freaking out in the dugout. It was hilarious.”

Scott and Jeremy also asked Mancini about his stance. He said it’s something he’s been working on for a while with help from former Oriole Brady Anderson. He said Anderson helped him simplify his swing two years ago during spring training.

What is Mancini’s advice for players that want to move to the majors? He said, “You can’t be scared. You have to firmly believe you can do it.”

Tune in to hear the full conversation below:





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