I’m not the type of person that goes up and down the schedule and does the win – loss thing, I actually think that’s silly, but I do look at the tough spots and I think the schedule could be favorable for the Ravens. I always look at back-to-back road games and try to find out where the bye week falls. Also, I like to look at prime time games and who you have to play on short weeks, either Monday night or Thursday night football.

Here are things I like about the Ravens’ schedule…

  1. The Ravens don’t have back-to-back road games until week 14 of the season. Back-to-back road games can be brutal for the second leg of the trip. The only other back-to-back has a bye between it.
  2. The bye week comes late in the season and their bye allows them two weeks to get ready for Aaron Rogers and the Packers.
  3. They get a home Monday night football game and their only Thursday night game is a home game against the Dolphins.

Things I don’t like…

  1. They play the Steelers after the London game. The good news is that it’s early in the season, but the NFL likes to give teams a bye week after the London game because it is taxing on the body. The longer flights and playing a game at 9:30 a.m. leaves little time for the body to adjust the following week. Playing the Steelers after that game is going to be very difficult.
  2. The back-to-back road game at the end of the year starts with Pittsburgh and it’s followed up by Cleveland. We know how hard hitting Steelers games are and if you add in the travel, I think the Ravens are in a trouble spot when they play at Cleveland at the end of the year. I have that game circled.