writer Ryan Mink joined Rob Long and Ken Weinman to discuss the picks in the 2017 NFL Draft.

The Baltimore Ravens had seven picks and they used those opportunities to shore up the defense. The Ravens did finally select an offensive player in the Draft, but neglected to snag any “playmakers” for quarterback Joe Flacco.

Mink said, “I think the Ravens were wise to take the pass rusher, we’re not going to reach to get the wide receiver, we can get that later.”

With players like Kamar Aiken and Steve Smith leaving, many thought the team would get a wide receiver in the draft. Mink said it was surprising, but it’s okay.

“This defense is going to be pretty fun to watch. M & T Bank Stadium is going to be rockin’ when they’re on the field. You’re going to feel that home field advantage. Sometimes I think it’s fine to be really good at one thing. The Ravens almost had the No. 1 defense in the NFL last year, this defense… now with the depth that they have…I don’t see it faltering,” said Mink.

Tune in below to hear Ryan Mink, Rob Long and Ken Weinman discuss the Draft:



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