Orioles reliever pitcher Darren O’Day joined Scott and Jeremy to talk about his role in the bullpen, aging like a “fine wine,” and keeping things light in the bullpen.

The radar gun caught O’Day throwing an impressive 90 mph pitch the other night. To which he joked, “I guess I’m like a fine wine, ya know?” He continued to say, “About this time of year I just started throwing really hard, and I wish I knew why. I do feel about better than I did last year. Yeah, I was coming out hot the other night, I’m not going to lie.”

O’Day discusses the personalities of the bullpen and how they keep it fun on and off the road. He said, “Alan Mills, our new bullpen coach, has fit in very nicely. We have a good time down there for sure.”

Tune in to hear the full interview below:



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