Chesapeake Bayhawks Team President Mark Burdett joined Scott and Jeremy in-studio to talk about the rise in popularity in lacrosse across the USA, the Bayhawks goals for a new stadium in Baltimore and the in’s and out’s of professional lacrosse.

Over 70 four-year colleges started varsity lacrosse teams within the last 2 years, and 50 more are slated to start by the 2019 season.

The next game for the Bayhawks is coming up on May 19 as the team takes on the Atlanta Blaze.  Burdett says, “I’m so impressed with the skill of these offensive players. They are just snipers.”

“It’s generational. It takes some time, but Baltimore’s been a hot bed for a long time. If you look at any Division 1 roster, there are kids from all 48 states playing on major teams. It’s fast and it’s exciting,” said Burdett on the rise of lacrosse.

Burdett also talks about the rumors of the new stadium. The Crownsville Hospital Complex is about 900 acres of just open space and Burdett says “we want a stadium. We think that we can be the instrument by which the whole complex changes. It would be about a 10,000 seat stadium and we can host a lot of events there aside from just major league lacrosse.”

Tune in below to hear the full conversation:


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