BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Could using laptops and tablets in-flight become a thing of the past? It’s a big question weighing on the minds of security experts during this busy summer travel season.

Devin Bartolotta has more on the decision to limit in-flight risks.

That ban would only impact international flights leaving and entering the US — but Homeland Security experts say it could be a necessary measure to minimize the risk of an attack.

Amidst growing fear that Terrorists could sneak explosives past TSA security, using laptops and tablets on international could be a thing of the past.

“There’s a real threat. There’s numerous threats against aviation,” says John Kelly.

Homeland security secretary John Kelly telling FOX News Sunday – says it may be necessary to raise the bar for aviation security.

“The idea of knocking down a flight, particularly if it’s a US carrier, particularly if it’s full of US folks, people. It’s real,” says Kelly.

The goal is to stop attacks before thy happens. Just last year a bomb disguised in a laptop detonated on this Somali jet.

Those who spoke to WJZ at BWI agree – safety should far outweigh screen time.

Two months ago, large electronics like laptops and tablets were banned from flights coming from several middle-eastern and African countries.

Now, for intelligence experts, the question remains: will expanding the ban stop a potential attack?

There’s no deadline for when Homeland Security could make this decision, rather, they say they are following the intelligence closely.

Just this weekend, many airports here in the US have adjusted their security policies – asking that travelers put things like food, books, and electronics bigger than a cell phone in their own bin.

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