Hi Everyone!

I hope your weekend was a fine one, and we still have this day, “Sunday.2” to go. Officially it is Memorial Day, but in the terms of a work, and school week, this is another shot at Sunday, and hopefully the weather will cooperate. Or at least try to. (Personally I think that is the best way to look at this day’s forecast.)

We begin today with a continued Easterly flow. That accounts for more low hanging clouds, and some fog. So THAT has to burn off before we can discuss any sun. Hopefully by lunch we will see some peeks of sun, and as we move through the afternoon we may begin to see even more sun than that. “MAY.” If that is the case we could see some spotty instability showers or t-storms pop up. Give me some sun, I will take the risk of a brief bit of rain.

Of course wouldn’t ya know it skies will clear tonight just in time for  the holiday weekend to end.

But let’s hold out hope for this afternoon, I do believe the outlook is in our favor.



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