Dr. George Brouillet, Chief of Surgery and Director of the Joint Replacement Center at Kernan Hospital, joined Ed and Rob to talk about the latest hip injury suffered by Ravens tight end Dennis Pitta.

Pitta has already injured his hip previously and decided to play football again. Dr. Brouillet comments, “I didn’t like the prospects then and he proved me wrong last year, every time I saw him hit I was nervous he wouldn’t get up…I don’t know the extent this time I’ve heard dislocation, but regardless if it’s another injury extreme enough for him to be carted off and go to the hospital for the same hip he’s probably done.”

As for why going through repeated injuries to the same hip is such a big problem for Pitta, Dr. Brouillet said, “either injury a fracture or a dislocation can interrupt the blood flow to the ball of the hip, and in most cases the ball will die and that will lead to hip replacement…before returning last time Pitta said for the sport I play I’ll take a hip replacement as a young man, and that is what I suspect will happen.”

The injury could change the direction of Pitta’s life on and off the field and possibly spark a discussion about the amount of non-contact injuries going on around the NFL.