Chuck Gormley, analyst for the NHL Network, joined Ed and Rob to talk about the Pittsburgh Penguins winning their second straight Stanley Cup.

Chcuk started by talking about the hatred of the Penguins and how painful it was for Capitals fans to watch that game last night saying, “one of the worst things if you’re not a fan of Sidney Crosby and you are a fan of the Washington Capitals is to have to watch that two years in a row knowing that’s the team that knocked you out a few weeks ago.”

When asked about the Penguins just being winners and what led them to another Stanley Cup championship Chuck said,”I give Mike Sullivan a lot of credit…he installed a real aggressive forecheck, Sidney Crosby took off and here we are a year and a half later and the Penguins have won two cups.”

Chuck also went on to talk about P.K. Subban and whether or not he woke up Sidney Crosby with some of his comments during the final.