By Rick Ritter

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The number of murders continues to sky rocket in Baltimore after six people are killed in less than 24 hours.

Baltimore is closing in on 160 homicides, not even halfway through the year.

Police are beefing up patrols and canvassing neighborhoods.

WJZ’s Rick Ritter spoke with some residents who said they’re scared to come forward and go to police because they’re afraid they too could be gunned down.

The blood shed is hard to fathom. Six people killed in hours, one of them, Sebastian Dvorak, just turned 27.

They’re homicide 155 and 157 in Baltimore, but the two victims’ faces have a story. Both were gunned down in violence that’s incomprehensible.

“The senselessness of this violence, I’m at a loss words,” said David Dvorak, Sebastian’s father.

Dvorak was a local bartender at Ryleigh’s Oyster. He was robbed and gunned down along Boston Street after a night out with friends.

His family has been left shattered.

“We are deeply saddened of our dearest son Sebastian,” said David. “He was exceptional in every possible way, lit up every room and loved by so many.”

A murder in the popular Canton area that shows gunfire is reaching epic proportions.

“We have to take ownership of our city,” David said. “The police cannot stop all murders in this city unless community is involved.”

Baltimore City police are now trying a new strategy. 12 hour shifts are effective immediately and they’re going door-to-door in the neighborhoods of these homicides.

Including west Baltimore, where 37-year-old Charmaine Wilson was gunned down along Gertude Street.

“There is a murderer among us who is an absolutely monstrous human being,” said Baltimore PD spokesman T.J. Smith.

The mother of eight called police because one of her son’s was being bullied. Shortly after, she was shot to death.

“This is something that should outrage the entire community, entire city, because there are cowards walking around that took this mother, killed a woman over dispute,” Smith said.

These are obvious signs that pulling the trigger in Charm City has become far too easy.

“It should at least be a felony to carry an illegal gun,” said mayor Catherine Pugh. “There’s too many illegal guns on streets of our city.”

The mayor says they’re talking with judges, saying this city has to do better with keeping people behind bars who have violent backgrounds and guns in their hands.

No arrests have been made in the homicides of Dvorak and Wilson.

Police say there is no motive in the Canton murder at this time, but they are combing through surveillance video, and as soon as they have anything valuable they will release it to the public to help identify a suspect.

Police are urging people to text them anonymously with tips or any video that may have been taken around the time frame of these murders. That number is (443) 902-4824.

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Rick Ritter

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  1. Jose Jimenez says:

    Democrat Killing Fields……wait till they finally control the whole country.

  2. Russ Agrusa says:

    Baltimore has had just one republican mayor in the last 75 years. For the most part Baltimore is as blue as it gets. Where are the democrats taking responsibility for the plight of this city? How do you blame republicans for Detroit, St Louis, Oakland, Baltimore, Stockton, Cleveland, Chicago, etc. These people keep electing the same idiots and expecting different results. It is the very definition of insanity. I’m sure everyone feels bad for the victims but in the end they are all victims because of their own choices. There is a way to change things. Take personal responsibility and hold your officials responsible. The people in Baltimore are more likely to blame the president who has been in office all of 6 months more than they blame their own local politicians. If you want to stop the cycle then stop voting for people who simply keep it going.

  3. irishsavant says:

    Cops should just pull out of the place or turn a blind eye when they see the apes killing one another.

  4. This is the expected result when blacks predominate in a population!

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    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against White people, Anti-Whites agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  6. When you publicly demonize police who were found not guilty, and tell police to stand down so a bunch of thugs can riot without penalty, what do you think will happen? It will take a lot longer to correct this mess than it took to create it.

  7. A society only has the degree of violence it is willing to tolerate. If you find out who the killers are, line them up again the wall, and publicly execute them, I guarantee you the murder rate will drop the next day. “What a foolish thing to say! You know we can’t do that in this country!” —As I said, a society only has the degree of violence it is willing to tolerate.

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