By Rick Ritter

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Big changes are coming to one of Baltimore’s hottest summer spots at the Inner Harbor.

Rash Field will soon undergo a multi-million dollar renovation.

Rick Ritter has the first look at what you can expect.

If you frequent the Inner Harbor, you’re probably familiar with Rash Field, which is one of the hottest spots for summer sports, workout groups, and runners. Soon, it could be getting a $20 million makeover.

From volleyball to working out, Rash Field is one of the hottest spots to chill during the summer.

Even attracting athletes from the NFL, but soon it will be much more.

“Hopefully it will invigorate this part of harbor and bring people down here,” says Lou Karko, from White Marsh.

That’s exactly what the Waterfront Partnership is going for currently.

It’s home to a volleyball site and two large fields, but the future transformation aim to turn those fields into a park for families and pave the way for runners to get their miles in through beautiful greenery.

“The goal of design and I think it will be successful is providing an opportunity for families.”

Even wiping out the massive set of bleachers, and putting a strong emphasis on the children’s play area

“What you’re going to see is an urban oasis, a lot of green, a lot of activity,” says Richard Jones, President of Mahan Rykiel Associates.

For some, it’s been a long time coming.

“Open up a little bit, it’s kind of closed some closed off space at the moment, it’s sectioned off, looks like it’s going to be open,” says Karko.

There have been similar projects in Charm City recently, with the addition of a sandlot on the other side of the harbor, featuring volleyball courts and summer food and drinks, which are all part of a full blown effort to keep Baltimore buzzing.

“There isn’t a whole lot of reasons to come to south side of the harbor, the park is going to provide that,” says Jones.

Officials say they already have $12.5 million dollars in city and state funds and hope to raise money through naming rights.

Work on the project is expected to start next summer.


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