Spencer Folau, former offensive lineman for the Baltimore Ravens from 1997-2000 and a member of the 2000 Ravens team that won Super Bowl XXXV, joined Ed and Rob as part of Wayback Wednesday to talk about his time with the Ravens.

Spencer had a long road to the NFL from college. He said, “It was a long one, I came out of Idaho Pat Hill, who was a tight ends coach with the Ravens, worked out guys at Washington St. and just decided to stop by Idaho and worked us out then I got a free agent call after the draft in 96.”

When asked if he has an altered opinion of high draft pick guys since he was undrafted, Spencer said, “I do have my opinion of them but I came in with Ogden so he was a good dude not a typical one, but I also came in with Ray Lewis so I saw both ends of the spectrum.”

As for being able to transition to different positions along the offensive line, Spencer said, “it’s tough but that was my position because we had Ogden and he wasn’t moving from left tackle, then I had guys in front of me like Zeus, and that’s why Wally Williams moved into the center position. For me it wasn’t just left tackle right tackle, if you’re not a starter in this league you better learn every position along that line.”

Spencer also talked about the Ravens draft and why the team went so heavy on defensive players, and the Ravens offensive weapons.


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