BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Starting Monday, if you drive above the speed limit near a Baltimore City School, you may get a traffic violation in the mail. The new speed cameras will be active in less than 24 hours.

Amy Yensi has the details on the extra enforcement.

Transportation officials say this go around will be different. Drivers say, they hope the new cameras are accurate and fair.

Baltimore City’s enforcing its speed limit, with 10 new cameras.

If you ask officials, the speed cameras placed at seven school zones, are meant to deter reckless driving.

Some drivers say the motive is monetary.

“I feel like if you’re putting more money into these speed cameras. Fix the streets first,” says driver Britney Douglas.

The cameras are in areas with high pedestrian traffic and accident rates.

Drivers caught going higher than the speed limit by 12 miles per hour or more, will get off with a warning in the mail during the warning phase.

“At the conclusion of that 30-day warning period, we’re going to begin issuing violations will have a fine of $40 each,” says Robert Liberati, Director of Baltimore City Automated Traffic Violation Enforcement Systems.

The city tried photo-enforcement before. Four years ago, the program had to be scrapped after drivers successfully proved they were fined incorrectly.

One of the old cameras was deactivated and attached to a permanent location. The new cameras are portable and can be moved as needed.

The revamped program promises to be different and fair with a dedicated staff, an independent analyst, and a quality assurance team.

“If they’ve worked out the kinks then sure,” says Baltimore driver Derryck Holston.

The police department will review and sign off every violation before it’s mailed, in an effort to restore confidence.

“We as drivers should be responsible enough to drive the speed limit and the city should be responsible enough to reinforce it,” says Darryl Barber.

Once this phase is completed. The city will add red light and truck enforcement cameras. No dates have been set yet.

The speed cameras will only be operational Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Once the red-light and truck cameras are phased-in, they’ll be active 24 hours, seven days a week.

To find out more information about the speed cameras from Baltimore City Department of Transportation, CLICK HERE.

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  1. I’m sure that the police assigned to review and sign off on speed camera tickets will be the cream of BPD.

  2. Cha-Ching…………..child safety…BULL. It’s about the NEW TAX MONEY. That’s all it’s been about. Lying Democrats preying upon the working class. GOTSTA GET MO-MONEY, so we can blow it because none of us can’t lead a one car funeral, let alone LEAD a local government!. I like the police that signs off on the ticket. They sign their name like a child. It’s usually just a line that randomly zig zags across the ticket. No real name….just a line

  3. Automated Traffic Violation Enforcement. Let me guess……O’Malley’s nephew, high school friend, political endorser, fellow band member. SIX Figures…no doubt. Bet he shows up for work three days a week for a hour each time. New office with $10,000.00 waste baskets, $25,000.00 lamps, Imported rare wood desk, leather chairs a driver for that new Cadillac. Just like the assistant public school administration did………………..REMEMBER? THE WHOLE TIME CITY HALL HAS EVERY PENSION SYSTEM UNDERFUNDED, EXCEPT THEIRS. Last count …their’s 172% FULLY FUNDED everyone else 62-74%. What a bunch of white collar LYING, NO GOOD DEMOCRAT CRIMINALS

  4. Thomas Brown says:

    Until the citizens are “allowed” to vote on the issue of speed cameras and red light cameras by our employees in the “government”, the “government” is considered to be carrying out an ongoing open act of tyrannically oppression against their employers, also known as the citizens of Baltimore City. As a citizen of Baltimore and Maryland and the United States of America, I DEMAND to vote on this issue.

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