BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The owner of one of Canton’s most popular waterfront restaurants, The Boathouse, says more than 30 immigrant workers left in fear after a Department of Homeland Security worker hand-delivered a letter demanding documentation of their immigration status.

That stunned the eatery’s customers.

“It seems like terrorizing people who are trying to work at the restaurant,” says customer Michelle Zhang. “It’s not only bad for for the business but it’s bad for the families.”

“If that many left… are they not following the policy?” asks Ryan Horan, another customer. “Are they not doing it the way they should be doing it?”

Owner Gene Singleton insists his business was in compliance with immigration law.

He posted a letter posted online Saturday, he wrote:

“Based on our Government’s current practices of targeting the Hispanic Community, properly documented and potentially less than properly documented are all fearful of being separated from their families, many with small children. Many went home to pack up and leave.”


Singleton declined to speak on camera, but one first generation Mexican-American customer, Roman, says he sees no problem with immigration officials checking the status of workers.

“We’ve just got to make sure that everybody is playing by the same rules,” he says.

WJZ has learned that The Boathouse was not the only business targeted.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement won’t confirm or deny any ongoing investigations in Baltimore, but the Trump administration has increasingly been cracking down.

Immigration officers are now forcing out undocumented immigrants without criminal records, fast-tracking almost 1 million nationwide for deportation.

“More phone calls from family members and friends of my clients saying I have to check in and my friend checked in and she just got arrested and she’s gone now,” says immigration attorney George Lobb.

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Comments (162)
  1. Good. That’s more available jobs for actual Americans.

    1. Mr. Restaurant owner, YOU were breaking Federal law. Your restaurant should be shut down and you should be locked up. The “illegal” aliens should be found and permanently deported.

      1. I believe the fine is $10,000 per illegal and 5 years in prison. That’s $300,000 and 150 years in prison.

        Better lawyer up, MORON!

      2. Grizz Mann says:

        Outlaws being terrorized is a good thing.

      3. When I employ folks I am unsure of, after checking their ID’s (drivers license, Social Security card), I pay a couple of bucks to investigate them myself, online. We should all take our laws seriously. The fines and penalties are in our law, and I for one expect them to be used.

      4. Maya Magana says:

        There are 4 reasons why Democrats love illegals’
        1. They are not white…
        2. They come here pre-dependent on the government…
        3. They will vote Democrat…
        4. They will disrupt the social balance of America…

        Because of this, living in SoCal, I’ve seen far too many illegals come in and damage our neighborhoods and towns. Crime has risen, property values have fallen, and the influx of minimum wage workers takes jobs from high schoolers..

        NewsFlash! We can no longer afford this. America is struggling enough as it is. Most of us are making below living wage and just had our health insurance forcefully taken away. My health insurance is up to $550/month; compare this to my $25/month car insurance (from Insurance Panda) or my $13/month renters insurance. Both private enterprise (take note, Dems).

        Democrats… Never has America had a group that so hated her and for which she stands…

    2. Hao De says:

      foreign criminals must be removed from our economy.

    3. Ferd Berfel says:

      Biased Lib Reporter Mike Hellgren writes as if enforcing federal law is terrorism.

    4. ARREST these Fools for Hiring Illegals.

    5. John Long says:

      Absolutely. Americans will fill those jobs now MAGA

    6. Joe Mellon says:

      Good, You hired them and you are breaking the law. I hope you go out of business.

    7. Jeremy Smith says:

      It’s a lie that Trump is targeting the hispanic communities. Trump is deporting illegals from all over, an Irish illegal was nabbed a few days ago in Boston. The fact is that hispanics comprise the majority of illegals, so of course, the majority of them nabbed would be that ethnicity.

  2. Dee Win says:

    If they were legal they had nothing to worry about. They must have been BREAKING THE LAW. I understand that many of these ILLEGAL ALIENS are using the SS#’s of American citizens.

  3. How utterly inhumane and viscous creating jobs for unemployed Americans at the expense of people who came here illegally!!!


    1. Hmmm never occurred to me it would be glutinous to create jobs for Americans

    2. Jan Conroy says:

      So, what is the Black youth unemployment rate in Baltimore? Bet the restaurant owner hasn’t thought of trying to recruit American workers from that labor pool. No, the racist would rather hire Hispanic scab labor, illegal scab labor at that.

  4. Has the restaurant owner been charged? He must be shocked to learn this incredible number of illegals he was exploiting and trafficking in. Of is he saying he didn’t know? Will investigate further.

  5. The unemployment rate for African American youth in Baltimore is over 80%. Anyone who wants illegal aliens here is racist against black people.

    1. Jeremy Smith says:

      Yes, jobs should be given to blacks instead of illegals. However, most businesses hire illegals for two reasons, lower wages and illegals supposedly have a better work ethic. Given the dysfunction in inner city black neighborhoods, many illegals probably do have a better work ethic than many blacks. This is a problem that businesses can’t talk about because they’d be labeled racist so they employ illegals as a workaround. Why isn’t Catherine Pugh addressing this?

  6. so you hired that many Illegals, ever hear of E verify, no hire Americans an pay a descent wage

  7. So, hire American workers. What’s so difficult about that?
    Here’s a suggestion….Put an ad in the paper: Help Wanted!

  8. If they are illegal workers, why is this guy complaining about it? Oh does he not want to pay the 15.00 an hour wages that liberals want to force on small businesses?

  9. Sanchez Arep says:

    Seems that some have a real problem with the enforcement of long standing immigration laws.

  10. e-Verify!!! Duh! It’s a no-brainer. You don’t get free labor and continue to break the law, hiring illegal immigrants.

    1. Mike Oneill says:

      Mandatory E Verify would have Stop the Restaurant from Hiring these Illegals. Or was
      the Employer trying get away with paying them under the Table They Should Be Charged.

  11. Lol at the replies coming from people who’m sound like they’ve never worked inside a restaurant before. I assure you, at least 85+% of the places you eat at would close their doors and go out of business without the immigrants working in the back of house. News flash people, for everyone who claims that now an American will possibly get that job, they won’t. It’s not because they don’t want it, it’s because they are not prepared to work under the conditions the illegals had no problem working under. Go ahead and look up how much food is currently rotting on our farms right now because Americans don’t want to go out in the fields.

    1. Bob Cannell says:

      I promise you the jobs can be filled. Maybe not at the exploitation wage level, but legal Americans can be found and hired. And I grew up in a restaurant kitchen.

    2. 10 years ago my son worked as kitchen staff at a start-up restaurant with 2 other of his high school friends. After about 5 months all 3 were let go. Guess who the restaurant hired in their place; you got it, illegal aliens. It is a myth repeated continually by the hand wringing panty wetting leftists in this country that Americans wouldn’t work at these jobs which is a complete lie. Who do you think had these jobs 30 years ago before this mass migration, Americans that is who.

    3. David Wong says:

      @Kasspa87: Yes, I have worked in restaurants and one of my sisters has worked in that industry for over 20 years. Our family came to the USA legally, the way it should be for everyone. And we went through the process to become US citizens (took about 6 years). Sometimes my sister has a hard time finding a job because of owners who hire illegals. One of the things that people who support illegal immigration like to say is how much in taxes illegal immigrants pay. However, the question they will not to want to answer is this: How do illegal immigrants work if they are NOT eligible for a Social Security number? In case you are thinking of it, a ITIN does NOT give a person authorization to work in the USA. Since they are not eligible for a Social Security number, they have to use someone else’s Social Security number. Therefore they have committed Social Security Identity Theft and most likely also tax fraud. Identity Theft is a criminal act and it creates havoc in the life of the victims and takes many years to rectify. I am speaking from personal experience. So excuse me if I cannot show sympathy for these criminals, the people who hire them or the people who support these criminals.

      1. You are absolutely correct on the ID Theft issue. These illegals will use the SSN of anyone they can find including their children who might be here legally. The havoc they cause for the people who’s SSN they have stolen can take years to straighten out. I worked ID Theft for years in law enforcement and these illegals had no remorse about what they did. They would just sit there and whine about how they just wanted the American dream and didn’t care about the trouble they caused their victims. Nothing more frightening then getting a letter from the IRS saying you owe another $5000 in taxes for wages you didn’t report because illegals do not have taxes taken out of their checks.

    4. I worked my way thru college at restaurants. The hours brutal, the pay lousy,the conditions horrible but I took pride in my work and knew it was just a step towards my life goal.

      How many college kids or young African American youths wouldn’t give their right arms for a chance to work at a restaurant, even if only part time?

      1. Jeremy Smith says:

        Exactly. What’s hypocritical is that liberals support these slave labor conditions in order to advocate for illegals. Seriously, their argument is that we need illegals because Americans won’t do those jobs. No one in the US should be working under these conditions, it’s inhumane. Ag workers get exposed to pesticides and heat stroke conditions. Meatpacking employees get repetitive use injuries as well as other injuries. In the 80s, meatpacking employees used to earn $20/hr and the conditions were good, that went away with illegal labor who now works under horrible conditions for minimum pay. When the illegal labor supply goes away, the wages and working conditions will improve and the playing field is leveled because businesses won’t have competitors hiring illegals and undercutting them. If it ends up that a lot of restaurants close because costs are too high, too bad. The US doesn’t need massive numbers of low paid service jobs and employers need to pay the true cost of their employees.

    5. Brent…Do you really believe that if there were no illegals in this country that there would be no one to work in restaurants, or pick fruits and vegetables or other such jobs?

    6. Jeff Johnson says:

      In actual reality… business owners that hire illegals are P.O.S. …. they are taking advantage of the illegals by paying lower wages… and people that think it’s okay are P.O.S. also…..

    7. So why don’t you help them get legalized? File a legal petition for each of them and guarantee they and their families will be housed and be paid the going rate while working in your fields. You will also have to provide a pension for them when they get too be too old to work, instead of putting them on government dole.

      The problem is not so much that they are taking away jobs from Americans. It’s that they have no right to work and live here unless they are legal.

    8. As the Pet Detective would say…REE EEEAAALLL LLLYYY!!!?
      Seems to me if crops are rotting it’s because illegals are too good to work in the fields too.

    9. Idiotic statement. But I will say this … if places of business cant survive without hiring illegals … then let them go under as they should. Welcome to a capitalist society. Survive or don’t on your own merits without breaking the law.

  12. You misspelled “illegal-alien criminal invader workers”.

  13. Mr SINGLETON (restaurant owner), you cheated when you hired 30 illegals. You aren’t paying employee the FICA for those employees, but I am pretty sure you deduct their fair share of Fed Income tax Withholding and put it in your pocket. SO – you are cheating the Feds and.. the employee by paying them under the table. Yet you weakly argue for the ”families, some of which are children”. Pull-leeeze.

    1. hitrestart1 says:

      100+ votes.

  14. Love it! It’s like watching an old western…..Round them up, Move them out….Rawhide!!

  15. So maybe 30 Baltimore ghetto gang bangers will give up their EBT cards, selling crack, & tagging their gang names with spray paint & take the jobs? Naw, never going to happen.

  16. Kevin Enkell says:

    Hey Balsun how about an honest headline….Trump policies create 30 more jobs for Americans

  17. The EOIR doesn’t have the capacity to handle more than about 380,000 cases per year. So if they are “fast-tracking” one million, as this article states, it simply means that they are removing people who have already been ordered by a judge to leave. Because these individuals didn’t not leave the country as ordered, they will now be counted as a re-entry (even if they never left the country, much less returned). Now if they actually do return, they face federal felony time in a federal prison.

  18. Did they arrest the restaurant owner for breaking 30 counts (each) of multiple employment and immigrants?… or at least issue a citation?… If not, then WHAT ARE THEY WAITING FOR??

    1. snailmailtrucker says:

      Absolutely right

  19. Mr. Singleton has experience so he could work in the prison cafeteria.

  20. I can see one or two employees slipping through the cracks, But 30 he had to know they were Illegals…

  21. Alex Sanders says:

    With 30 illegals working in one single restaurant, this shows how widespread the problem with illegal immigration actually is.

  22. hitrestart1 says:

    Great! Now here’s your chance to hire AMERICANS. Oh, and count yourself lucky you’re not being prosecuted for hiring ILLEGALS.


  23. Mike Herman says:

    The owner should be charged with hiring illegals.

  24. EXCELLENT..Trump was right when he said he would fight for jobs for AMERICANS…Thats 30 more to his growing number of jobs created due to HIS Policies…If only the Demcorats understood this

  25. Janet Martin says:

    Isn’t it illegal for him to hire people who don’t have legal authorization to work in this country? I think he should be facing charges!

  26. Arrest the restaurant owner and charge them with hiring illegals, levy a million dollar fine and put them out of business. Prison time for the owner.

  27. Gary Hughes says:

    cry me a river! Making america great again

  28. Harvey Sloan says:

    These employees wouldn’t have left unless they were illegal. Therefore, owner Gene Singleton should be arrested and fined for giving jobs to known illegals.

  29. Carter Gwynn says:

    Need to crackdown on the employers who hire illegals. Clean the swamp.

  30. Every day is like Christmas with Trump in the White House

  31. Mark Deckard says:

    Love the comment from the first gen mexAmerican. Truly an American.

  32. Mark Deckard says:

    Love the comment from the first gen MexAmerican. Truly a good American.

  33. So…hire legal residents. Follow to fricken law.

  34. How many of them were registered to vote by the Democrats under the motor voter law and voted for Shrillary the Crook? Enquiring minds would like to know. Something else I’m sure Trump is right about.

  35. Tough. And no, they were not following proper policy if they were here illegally, nor would they have left so quickly if they were in this country legally.

  36. Good, the first step is underway. Next, it’s time to round up the business owners who hire illegal workers.

  37. snailmailtrucker says:

    Is the restaurant owner in Jail…then he/she wasn’t Targeted yet !

  38. I am sooooooo glad that Trump is president. I personally thank him for enforcing our immigration laws. IT’S ABOUT TIME!

  39. “It seems like terrorizing people who are trying to work at the restaurant,” says customer Michelle Zhang. “It’s not only bad for for the business but it’s bad for the families.”
    Check their health cards. They won’t have any, and if you did check their health, some of them have TB, and possibly such things as Hepatitis C. In addition to everything else, you discover the business pays them cash, and does not pay employer taxes on them. Nice huh.

  40. Congratulations Mike. I was totally surprised by your story. That is one relevant, dispassionate and balanced piece of work. If only more news people had your journalistic standards.

  41. Sam Dennis says:

    Sorry for Baltimore … a City of problems foisted upon the public by decades of Democrat leadership. It’s where Nancy Pelosi hails from …Her father, the late Thomas D’Alesandro, Jr., was a Democratic party U.S. Congressman from Maryland and a Mayor of Baltimore. Pelosi’s brother, Thomas D’Alesandro III, also a Democrat, was mayor of Baltimore from 1967 to 1971. This is all anyone needs to know about law and order in Baltimore …. they are still suffering from decades of decadence.

  42. Black unemployment in Baltimore is still in double digits. Among teens, it’s probably 25%. Pay Americans a living wage and stop supporting illegal scabs that won’t assimilate.

  43. There is NO way he verified each of those employees to comply with the law. He is simply looking for sympathy because he got caught cutting corners and now a pretty good number of his customers know he was doing it. So the ones that are “open borders” people get bad service and those who put America first know where NOT to eat. Sounds like another solution courtesy of free markets! Hoorah!

  44. Alan Jones says:

    He needs his license to be revoked! As with any business that hires illegals. It’s hard to compete when you follow the laws and others don’t.

  45. Jack Riley says:

    Why would an immigrant need to worry about an ICE visit?

    An illegal would but not an immigrant.

    1. You are correct. The word “immigrant” by strict definition means “legal.” Those who break immigration laws are properly called “illegal aliens.”

      Unfortunately, the political left and the media have appropriated “immigrant” to also mean illegal. This is unfair to legals who follow the law.

      The political left and the media probably think nobody would notice.

  46. AAaaaand that’s what we elected Trump to do…’re welcome,

  47. People say there is a RACE problem. People say this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY and ONLY into White countries.

    People say the only solution to the RACE problem is if ALL and ONLY White countries “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-Whites.

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against White people, Anti-Whites agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  48. Don’t hire illegal igorants.

  49. David Alster says:

    In Arizona the Federal Government raided a candle factory a few years back. They requested E-verify info on their workers. The manager was arrested and convicted and they fired 50 illegal alien workers.
    After the illegals were fired, the next week over 200 American citizens applied for those jobs.

  50. Jack Foobar says:

    That MFer hires slaves, displacing US Workers, and he calls us terrorists? F. U. You POS.

  51. Allen Rogers says:

    Many illegal alien invaders work in the farm fields harvesting crops. Many work in restaurants and in skilled trades like carpenters. These are all jobs US Citizens and LEGAL Immigrants would gladly do. Economists have estimated that the cost of food would only go up about 4% if all illegal aliens were out of the country. I would sure be willing to pay that, because in the long run, the $Billions we would save could actually lower my taxes.
    It is unlawful to knowingly hire an illegal alien (see Yes, 8 U.S. Code § 1324a – Unlawful employment of aliens)
    It is also illegal to transport or assist an illegal alien to enter the USA. 8 U.S. Code § 1324 – Bringing in and harboring certain aliens
    In addition, it is also unlawful to provide support or assistance to a person known to be here illegally.
    Illegal Aliens only make up 4-5% of the population, but 35% of them are on welfare and 27% of them are in Federal Prisons.
    Legal immigrants on the other hand are more law abiding than the average US Citizen. If you came here legally – WELCOME. If you came here illegally – GO HOME.
    We can easily solve this problem by making E-Verify a national Federal requirement for EVERY job and for all welfare benefits. Any employer who knowingly hires an illegal alien, without running that person through E-Verify should have his business license revoked and prosecuted for the numerous felonies. Any state of federal employee who knowingly provides any form of welfare to an illegal alien without clearing them through E-Verify should be fired and prosecuted also.
    E-Verify is run by the Federal Social Security Administration and is free, quick, accurate and fair. It has a very small error rate, and there are good procedures in place to correct system errors. Thousands of companies already use it.

  52. David Snell says:

    You (restaurant owner), knew that they were illegals when you hired them. So quit your crying and hiring legal workers or close down.

  53. David Grimes says:

    If this restaurant owner is actually using the E-Verify system, as he’s supposed to, then all of his employees are legal. If they aren’t then they have no b1tch.

  54. Why the problem? If they are not guilty of anything, they have nothing to fear, right?

  55. Gene Singleton is a liar that Hired illegal aliens. Do you want to eat food handled by illegals that have Never been Vaccinated for anything in their life?

  56. Any time a leftwingnnut stands up in defense of another person or group, you can just follow the money and eventually the path will lead you right back to that leftwingnut’s wallet or to some ’cause’ or another they expect their beneficiary to support. It’s sometimes referred to as ”honor among thieves”.

    And that’s yet another reason we call leftwingnuts, leftwingnuts.

  57. Edwin Buck says:

    This restaurant owner knew that those employees were illegal. He was probably paying them less than he would have to pay Americans. And now he’s complaining?

  58. What the hell were they doing hiring 30 illegals in the first place?!

  59. Bob Manning says:

    From the comments it seems that most American citizens understand the meaning of the word illegal. Perhaps there is still hope for Baltimore and Maryland.

  60. Hit their email here to inquire about their hiring practices:

  61. Why is so bad for any country to vet its immigrants, identify and deport illegal and criminal aliens, and take steps to physically secure the borders to insure the safety and security of its citizens and legal residents? If the immigration laws are enforced and illegal aliens finds no housing, no jobs, and no entitlements (except for life or limb emergency medical treatment) they will self deport for there would be nothing here for them here.

  62. Lar Jam says:

    LOL Boat owner is going to create a fund…What a scam! He will keep the money because the illegals are in hiding knowing that ICE agents are knocking on their doors. Meanwhile every Mexican that wants to get their aunts and uncles in the country will give to the fund. Arrest him and use him as a example what will happen if you hire illegals.

  63. Ronald Ceres says:

    Targeting Hispanics? Really? Let’s just label them for what they are: ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS who thought that they could get away with breaking the law.
    Deport them asap!!!

  64. Margie James says:

    That swamp extends all the way to Baltimore easily. So draining it is good.

  65. Here legally? No Problem.
    Here illegally? No sympathy for the owner.

  66. 30,000,000 29999999, 29999969, It’s a start.

  67. If the owner is in compliance with the law, why did so many leave?

  68. From the Boathouse to the jailhouse. C’mon Gene, stop the crocodile tears. You knew these people were illegal invaders when you hired them. If you say you didn’t, then you’re still in violation of the law because you didn’t e-verify them. Looks as if your greed at the thought of getting cheap labor overrode your common sense. You’ll be assured of a job in the prison mess hall, though.

  69. Sounds like the owner should go to jail for hiring them.

  70. Stu Pedasso says:

    Good. Hire some legal ones or some Americans who are looking for work while they’re out of school this summer. Get it?

  71. And as we all know, there are no able bodied, unemployed people in Baltimore….right?

  72. Mark Meyer says:

    Why is the Boathouse hiring illegal aliens?

  73. I am encouraged and not really surprised by the comments here offering little to no sympathy for the illegals and the restaurant owner. This is America and you don’t get to waltz right in illegally and make a life for yourself. We have laws and our new POTUS will make sure those laws are followed.

  74. Why is this a bad thing? Now he can put out a “help wanted” sign and 30 Americans can have a job.

    If he has to raise prices for American workers, what’s wrong with that? Isn’t that what people who want a minimum wage increase to do? Why not let the free market decide?

  75. Bob Johnson says:

    Liberals are absolutely pathetic with their cries of “but don’t separate the family” BS, it’s a tired and repetitive line of hooey. IF someone is here illegally and wants to get out before they’re caught, so be it…REGARDLESS of who they brought along as accomplishes in their criminal endeavor.

    Liberals act like because they have children, the law does not apply. Surprise! That lawlessness is over, there’s a new sheriff in town. MAGA – Restore JUSTICE to our legal system.

  76. The restaurant created their own demon by hiring illegals, and now they are whining because they have to pay for their misdeed. Liberals never accept responsibility for their own crimes.

  77. Mike Kruczaj says:

    The Business should be fined because they hired people without checking their status in regards to Social Security Numbers. How did they become employed in the first place?

  78. So go hire some Blacks. Just be sure to give them some space to trash with thier violence like your mayor does. Good luck with that, B’more. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  79. Dear ILLEGALS, Take a HIKE. . thanks

  80. Lulua Mahalo says:

    “Owner Gene Singleton insists his business was in compliance with immigration law.” hahaha

    Then why did 30 leave?

  81. “Owner Gene Singleton insists his business was in compliance with immigration law.”

    Then 30 of your employees would not have left. Do you think we are THAT stupid?

  82. Paying taxes does not make you legal. It means they were using someone else’s SSN and paying taxes in their name. They should have detained them because most of them will not be at their previous address. The owner is about to get fined BUG TIME!

  83. Mike Tor says:

    Compliance ? Sure, using ID theft. No more Illegal Aliens in the voting booth. No more Illegal Aliens taking jobs and benefits that are for citizens.

  84. Georani Jay says:

    Good. We have families here as well, and you have come into our country and displaced jobs for our citizens. Go away.

  85. I see ICE is doing its job…. Good for THEM….

  86. Seems like ICE needs to investigate this restaurant on if they have legal I-9 forms for all of the “missing employees” and shut them down if they don’t.

  87. dlethe says:

    I sure hope the employer has been audited by IRS. They are going to owe a big fine.

  88. I call BS by the owner. If they weren’t illegal, they had nothing to fear and wouldn’t have ledt. This prick hired mostly illegals and you can bet he paid them wages lower than required by law.

  89. Paull Cudak says:

    FINALLY, government workers actually doing their jobs!

  90. In the mid ’80’s in San Francisco this was a common practice. I remember one afternoon at Prego on Union St the Immigration guys showed up. Our bussers and kitchen guys ljumped from the ground floor windows to the side street and ran in their uniforms. No one was busted because the Immigration guys could not run.

  91. Apparently the restaurant owner did not realize that he had hired illegals. Now he has an opportunity to rectify the matter. Sounds like a win win to me.

  92. Troy Dynes says:

    Now the restaurant will have to pay fair wages.

  93. Scott Brown says:


  94. This place should be shut down for hiring illegals…Any business that knowingly (and they ALL know) hiring people who are in the country illegally should lose their license to do business…But of course that will never happen in The People’s Republic of Maryland where the Attorney General is a communist that would rather see American citizens in danger…Frosh needs to be held responsible for any violence caused by these illegals..

  95. Bud Clement says:

    it’s great waking up in the morning and hearing good news! the question that comes to mind for me is “did the authorities arrest the owners” certainly should have.

  96. “They pay taxes and everything is on the up and up” Totally hitting the BS button on this! Personally operated several businesses and never seen a legal worker run for the hills. However, I have seen many illegal aliens who had committed identity theft run when these requests come in!

  97. SharkFL says:

    Now Imagine if we can get the construction companies to rid themselves of illegals. Then, maybe American journeymen and young apprentices will get their careers and industry back. It’s easy if you try.

  98. These are great comments coming from legal, hard working and honest people. I love all of the anti-illegal immigration commenters. It’s just plain common sense to obey the law. Punish the lawbreakers, but reward the legal hard working immigrants.

  99. GOOD JOB I.C.E.!!! keep picking up those CRIMINALS!

  100. This owner is either a moron or the biggest liar ever.

  101. fine him, according to the law(8 usc 1373) 5,000 dollars per illegal, confiscate his greasy spoon eatery, and send this clown to jail for harboring illegals and employing them(also against the law). this mook, if the law is followed, is looking at 10 years…JAIL HIM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. Good job ICE. Democrats hate the law hence they cry when it is enforced(see patron Michelle Zhang above).

  103. The first generation American has it right (I dont call them Mexican American, if you were born here you are an American, if his parents immigrated here and became naturalized, THEY are Mexican Americans), treating illegal immigration as a “non-problem” is a slap in the face of all immigrants that do so legally.

    Anyone who supports illegal immigration is pro-injury to our country and supports the type of “immigrant” who is less likely to assimilate. The illegals are often the ones who still fly the flag of their home country and refuse to learn and speak English. Legal immigrants are the one who actually want to be Americans, not just here to get get money to send back home and continue to live the culture of their home country rather than become an American.

    This restaurant owner may have been obeying all immigration laws, but when someone works for you, it can become evident sometimes that they are illegal. They may have provided you with a bogus SSN and gotten a drivers license with it, but just listening to their conversations can tell a lot. What? You hired non-English speaking people and you dont speak their language? you deserve to lose your staff.

  104. John Madrid says:

    If you are here illegally, you should be very afraid, you are a criminal. If you are here legally then you have nothing to worry about, YOU are an immigrant.

  105. “30 immigrant workers”? Why would immigrants fear ICE? Oh I see, you left out the word ILLEGAL!!! LOL….And did they take their stolen social security numbers with them?

  106. Why should I feel bad that criminals are worried about getting caught?

  107. OUTSTANDING………..get them all out of OUR Country. No good ILLEGALS. They already broke our laws just being here. The owner of the restaurant should be locked up too for breaking this COUNTRY’S LAWS. i hope he goes out of business……………….

  108. Maybe Baltimore’s Environmental Health Services can explain why 30 illegals that have never gone through the proper immigration process, vaccinated and tested for disease are handling food at The Boathouse Canton?


  109. Colleen Ann says:

    It is utterly amazing how many of you did not read or comprehend the article.

    The owner was in compliance with federal law. That means that the 30 immigrants were here LEGALLY.

    They have become scared, because they have seen others that have permission to be here, deported.

    1. You must know something we don’t know then, are you sure they are actually in compliance? People have been known to lie, cheat, steal, and etc if you didn’t know.