Zachary Orr’s agent Robert Sheets and his father, Terry Orr, joined Vinny & Haynie to talk about what changed for Orr to make this decision and what this means for the NFL.

Orr decided to retire from the NFL in January at the age of 24. The Baltimore Ravens’ starting inside linebacker was facing a congenital neck and spine disorder, something he discovered with an MRI for a herniated disk.

Zach went on to have his shoulder worked on and towards the end of that rehab, he met Seth Russell, the quarterback at Baylor, who recommended a spinal specialist in West Virginia. Orr saw the specialist and found out that the issue was no longer his spine, but just herniated disks that had essentially healed. Once that realization occurred, Orr was ready to get back to football. Sheets said, “At that point Zach was ready to go, I’ve been holding him back for two months.”

Sheets said he and Orr began receiving calls immediately after the announcement he was returning to the league. He said, “From the moment Zach went on the air, the first call took place 20 minutes later. We’ve spoken to 15 teams. Of those 15, he’s got another visit tomorrow and three tentatively next week. But in essence, half the NFL is curious to do their own ‘due diligence’.”

So does Orr belong back with the Baltimore Ravens?

Sheets said, “There are a lot of variables that the Ravens are having to do deal with. There’s a lot of internal consternation. One side of the line fighting to get Zach Orr back, and another line saying we need to move on.”

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