By Joel Furches

Nothing saps the summer heat like a frozen beverage. But if you want to stay cool and have fun, try making that an adult beverage. Nothing says “summer vacation” like a nice, frozen margarita. It’s all the joy of a childhood treat, with that extra adult kick. But where to find these extraordinary mixes without traveling to some tropical island? It just so happens that there are havens right here in Baltimore that allow you to retreat from the regular world with the help of a nicely mixed marg. Consider any of the following locations for a bit of summer sweetness.

Papi’s Tacos
1703 Aliceanna St.
Baltimore, MD 21231
(410) 299-8480

Papi’s Tacos lies just off the thoroughfare of the busy Broadway Market in Fell’s Point. A cozy little brick-lined restaurant, Papi’s serves its own tasty take on Mexican food which is best eaten in its open air sidewalk seating. Papi’s gives you the opportunity to wash down that Mexican street food with a modest menu of south-of-the-border beverages. For a lazy summer evening, nothing goes along better with the three tacos in your belly than a nice, chilly margarita.

While any of Papi’s traditional margaritas may be served frozen, the fruity version of this treasured tropical drink are the favorites. Papi’s delivers with such flavors as pineapple chili, coconut, raspberry, or mango. Come for the burritos and stay for the margaritas at Papi’s Tacos.

Nacho Mama’s
2 West Pennsylvania Ave.
Towson, MD
(410) 673-0069

This isn’t your mother’s Mexican Restaurant. Started by an Irishman in a Polish neighborhood serving Mexican food, Mama’s is a little model of Baltimore’s history. Come in around 10 p.m. and join the evening’s festivities which kick off with the epic sounds of Journey music. Mama’s embraces all aspects of Baltimore culture, including really pushing the Natty Boh beer. Drink a hundred and get your name on the century wall.

Speaking of drinking, Mama’s cocktail and margarita menu is a drinker’s dream. You can get the house margarita served up in a frothy slush, or consider the fruity strawberry or mango margaritas. If you want all the taste while keeping your head straight, take a sip of Mama’s Virgin Frozen (affectionately called “the Elvis Impersonator”).

Zen West
5916 York Road
Baltimore, MD 21212
(410) 323-3368

Zen West keeps that tex-mex feeling alive with its rustic bar and walls lined with licence plates and highway signs; evocative of the glory days of Route 66. Zen West serves up favorite foods from below the border, while offering good drinks, fun times and a little country music on the jukebox. But don’t swing by on a hazy summer day without giving those icy adult beverages a try. Lighten your mood and cool off with some of Zen’s most popular drinks, including the Frozen Lime Margarita and the Frozen Sangarita. Or get a treat that isn’t on the menu by asking for a Frozen Strawberry Margarita – available upon request.

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Taco Fiesta 
618 S. Exeter St.
Baltimore, MD 21202
(410) 234-3782

With a name like “Taco Fiesta,” it isn’t too difficult to guess what this Baltimore mainstay serves. But what sets Fiesta apart from similar Baltimore restaurants is the wide variety of homemade salsas that Fiesta proudly offers as the topping for any of the food it serves, or as dip for the ample chips you’re given to eat.

But once you’ve warmed your gut with some spicy salsa, cool off with one of Fiesta’s Frozen Blood Orange Margaritas. This treat is made with fresh blood orange puree mixed with silver tequila and spruced up with just a dash of lime.

Blue Agave
1032 Light St.
Baltimore, MD 21230
(410) 576-3938

Having established itself in the old McHenry Theatre in 2000, Blue Agave has proven its staying power as a Baltimore foodie favorite. As a Mexican Restaurant, Agave is particularly proud of its over 130 different tequilas. Put those tequilas to work for you by ordering any of the ten margaritas on the drink menu. This menu sports a lot of variety when it comes to flavor, but the best part? Every single one of these margaritas may be ordered as a frozen drink. Enjoy!

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