Brittany Ghiroli from discusses Jonathan Schoop’s performance at the All-Star Game and what to expect for the rest of the season for the Orioles. Plus, she provides some insight on international spending for the team.

Ghiroli breaks down the upcoming scenario of what the Orioles will be facing coming out the break in the next two weeks.

“This division is so close. The Orioles, fortunately, have played some really bad baseball and are still in it. They’re four games out of the Wild Card. I think they will be better in the second half, that bull pen should be better now that they’ve got Zach Britton back. The expectation is that Chris Davis is coming back. I think they’ll be better. I also think there’s no mistaking here, this pitching staff needs upgrades,” said Ghiroli.

Tune in to hear more about the international market, where the Orioles can and cannot spend and more.


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