BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It only took a shot of vodka and a stroke of luck to save an Australian cat.

The black cat, which is aptly name named ‘Tipsy,’ was quickly transported to an animal hospital after being found nearly dead outside of a tire shop in Lowood, Queensland.

When Tipsy arrived, veterinarian Sarah Kanther estimated that the cat had less than an hour to live.

But when Kanther realized the cat had consumed antifreeze, which was causing acute renal failure, she knew that vodka was the only thing that could save the feline’s life.

Kanther then remembered that one of the hospital nurses had given her a bottle of vodka for Christmas.

The quick-thinking animal hospital staff then administered 20 milliliters of diluted vodka into Tipsy’s system through a drip in order to reverse the harmful effects of the antifreeze.

“It sounds a bit radical but the enzymes that metabolize the antifreeze, making it more toxic to the kidneys, also metabolizes the ethanol in vodka,” Kanther told The Courier Mail. “Once we administered that, (Tipsy) metabolized the vodka instead of the antifreeze.”

About 12 hours after being administered the vodka drip, Tipsy went “off his rocker.” Once the buzz wore off —  and the hangover arrived — the hospital staff reportedly gave him a big greasy breakfast.

While it is not known whether Tipsy was purposely poisoned, he will be found a forever home once he makes a full recovery from his illness.