Hi Everyone!

So I see the following on social media yesterday, “Remember in January when you were praying not to freeze to death? Well your prayers have been answered!” As Jimmy Buffett sings, “If we couldn’t laugh we’d just all go insane!” Yeppers folks, it is getting a bit toasty these days. And today will be no different.

Nor will tomorrow.

A heat advisory will go into effect this mooring and last through the early evening hours. A heat index of 105°. No thunderstorms expected today. That, though, will change tomorrow.

A frontal boundary will SLOWLY move toward the Mid-Atlantic and as it does we will begin to see thunderstorms fire up by tomorrow afternoon. Sunday much the same scenario. (Neither day will be ruined but each day we could see a couple of hours of “potential” heavy weather. Just stay alert). Finally by Monday we will have gray skies, and showers. AND a break in this heat. But until early next week we are going to stay in the roaster.

Unlike during the work week lots of people will be out in this weather, not in sealed up air conditioned buildings. And you’ll be fine. Just hydrate, wear light clothing, and remember…your prayers have been answered!!

T.G.I.F.,…ain’t it the truth!



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