By Joel Furches

Sadly, in this day and age, social media had made people afraid of real-life interactions with folks. It is far easier to hide behind your tablet, phone or laptop than to go out and strike up a friendly conversation with a live person. Studies show that, in a world where everyone has instant access to everyone else online, the world is actually much lonelier place.

But Baltimore is a bustling and friendly town filled with social activities. Why not step out of your comfort zone, and add some face-to-face interactions to your friend list?

Boordy Vineyards
12820 Long Green Park
Hydes, MD 21082
(410) 592-5015

Boordy may just be one of the finest Vineyards in the Baltimore area. In addition to creating some top quality wine, the vineyard takes every opportunity to offer social events in a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere. Boordy offers tours and wine-tasting seven days a week. Avail yourself of one of these events and share your tastes and interests with like-minded wine enthusiasts like yourself as you hang out on the patio and share the view of rolling vineyards. Or hang out in the wine cellar nibbling cheeses and tasting various vintages with the other guests.

In addition to tours and wine tastings, Boordy holds regular events, including holiday celebrations, farmers markets and outdoor concerts. For a person looking to meet a few folks, Boordy couldn’t be any more accommodating.

Maryland Science Center
601 Light St.
Baltimore, MD 21230
(410) 685-5225

For parents, the Science Center in Baltimore offers ample opportunities for both the parents and the children to make casual friendships. Beginning at the Kids Room on the top floor, the center offers a variety of play activities in a contained room where children may dress up, play at the water table, captain a boat, fish for sea creatures, play under the sea, engage in construction and more. Meanwhile parents are able to watch them from practically anywhere in the room. This gives parents much needed down time to strike up casual discussions with other parents, while their kids are making friendships in play. The Kid’s Room has centers suitable from young toddlers up to pre-teens.

The Center also has floors full of activities to keep the older kids busy and a variety of educational shows that appeal to adult and child alike. Chit-chat with other adults about a variety of interest while watching shows and demonstrations in wide open areas such as the lobby or courtyard. With the restaurant indoors, feel free to take the conversation to a light lunch, as well. The Science Center is a surprisingly friendly environment to meet people of like-interests, while children make friends of their own.

1005 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD 21201
(443) 714-7516

What could be more conducive to socializing than a kitchen? Schola is a local cooking school which offers low-key and intimate classes in cooking for people who want to improve their kitchen skills while getting to know their fellow chefs. Sign up for a course in the culinary arts and get ready to hang out with other people as you share recipes and sharpen one another’s skills through friendship and cooperation.

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Mountain Club Of Maryland
7923 Galloping Circle
Baltimore, MD 21244

Nothing builds bonds like a shared adventure. The Mountain Club Of Maryland organizes and leads hikes on trails all over Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Delaware. These hikes consist of groups of outdoor enthusiasts coming together to share anything from a fun outing up to a week-long trek, forging ahead and building friendships born of cooperation and natural bonding. Check out the scheduled trips and grab your hiking gear for a healthy, fun and friendly excursion.

Pine Ridge Golf Course
2101 Dulaney Valley Road
Lutherville, MD 21093
(410) 252-1408

Due to its casual pace, and friendly but competitive nature, golf is the perfect sport for building friendships. One can take to the course, find a friendly couple of people willing to hit the green with you, and chat while playing.

Pine Ridge offers just such an environment. With a beautifully maintained course, Pine Ridge offers golf courses, driving ranges and classes for those who want to access the friendship building nature of the game, but don’t know how to play. Swing by and see it for yourself, or book a tee time on its website.

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