Hi Everyone!

The weekend is here and the forecast has not changed. It is going to be, for the most part, a wet one. Rain, heavy at times, today and tonight. Showers will continue tomorrow. And it is very possible we wake up Sunday to gray skies but we will see slow clearing through the day. (If we clear out faster on Sunday then good for us.)

The rain, clouds, and such, are the result of a slow moving Low Pressure. If that Low would just speed up and get out of the Mid-Atlantic the rain totals,and any flooding issues,  would be diminished. But it is the grinding away under this low, as it just creeps along, that is the issue. Bottom line any change in the outlook will be dependent on the speed of this system.

The last weekend of July. Wow. It is now just essential to slow time down and enjoy the final weeks of the Summer season. (Those are my “marching orders” for sure.)

T.G.I.F.,..ain’t it the truth!



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