BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Colin Kaepernick’s reported girlfriend tweeted out pictures Wednesday that appear to compare Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti and Ray Lewis to a slave owner and slave.

Nessa Diab is a New York City radio DJ and regular on MTV’s Girl Code.

The picture she tweeted shows Lewis with his arms around Bisciotti, along with a picture of Samuel L. Jackson with his arms around Leonardo Dicaprio from the movie “Django Unchained,” in which Dicaprio was a slave owner and Jackson was his house slave.

This comes after an ESPN report that Ravens head coach John Harbaugh and general manager Ozzie Newsome support signing Kaepernick, but Bisciotti was against the signing.

Lewis also posted a video on Twitter suggesting Kaepernick should keep his activism private.

The Ravens had consulted Lewis on whether they should sign Kaepernick.

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Comments (111)
  1. lmao Well, now that THAT is over and done with … I’m sure this will definitely help her boyfriend in finding a future job. 😀 I’m just gonna go ahead and assume that ‘future job’ isn’t in Baltimore.

    1. Alison Milne says:

      That’s exactly what I thought. Just think: 31 teams don’t want Kaepernick as a player and the girlfriend thought it was a good idea to insult the owner of the one NFL team even considering giving him a job. This just can’t get any better. Hey Kaepernick take my advice: Stop listening to your girlfriend and dump her! I think it’s about time his parents stage an intervention.

    2. rufusvondufus says:

      Kaep is a total POS and so must be his girlfriend. Did his hair different to get a job but will put on the bush once hired. Let him find out what work is like. do not hire him, Mr. Owner!

    3. Eric C Spero says:

      Oh I think that her remark makes it MORE likely Kap gets hired, you are foolishly assuming the NFL is run like a business and not some social justice cause.

  2. Ric Gonzalez says:

    LOL not even a baby mama, she is a GF, Just a groupie who can be changed like underwears.

    1. This nasty beeotch clearly wears the PANTS in that twisted relationship!!

  3. And this idiot wonders why no team will sign him. His girlfriend is as much a racist as he is.

  4. Awww, even nitwits can find love.

  5. Brett Patton says:

    Am I the only one that knows that he actually sucks? This is all becoming very confusing. I mean he really does suck.

  6. Guy Hurd says:

    How much money has the poor slave made while playing football for the white masters? The poor thing. Maybe the NFL could build him a safe room where Kap could hide out and pet puppies or cut out little Auntie Jemima dolls. Or he could MAN up and stop complaining. This includes treating the country that allowed him to make millions playing football.

  7. Tommy Jahn says:

    Caepernick needs to get a new girlfriend.

    1. Roger Jones says:

      Why? They apparently are equally ignorant and arrogantly foolish.

      1. I think the implication all along has been that she is responsible for his SJW bent.

  8. Roger Jones says:

    It is very sad to hear people show such horrid disrespect for the real indignity and suffering of slaves with their incredibly ignorant comments.

    1. Duane Wilson says:

      You mean Kaepernick and his girlfriend right ? Kaepernick is no slave and that is whats disrespectful Imo.

    2. Hal Slusher says:

      OH PLEASE11.9 million dollar slave yeah right.

  9. Joe Buck says:

    He was the 4th worst qb last year and he single-handedly caused ratings to sink by purposefully offendind most NFL fans and disrespecting our national anthem and flag. Yeah, hiring him would be a great decision. Such a leader.

  10. Paul Hoffer says:

    As a father of a son in the military, I compare Collin Capernick to Judas, I hope he never gets a chance to play again.

  11. Very Funny- A Muslim girl talking about other people owning slaves. Muslims still buy and sell slaves in Africa.

  12. She’s as dumb as a rock but what can anyone do? Stupid people live long lives too.

    1. Hal Slusher says:

      And manage to reproduce in mass numbers

  13. Kim A Kirk says:

    Ironic she compared this decent man to a slave owner using a photo of him in a friendly embrace of a black man who he’s paid millions of dollars to play a game.

  14. Greg Pataky says:

    What do present day black Americans know about slavery, I will help, nothing. Do you want to see slavery, go to West Africa, better still go to any majority Islamic country. Fact. De Oppresso Liber.

    1. Modern day slavery occurs when they have to “be bothered” to wait in a line (pick a venue) and WAIT while a white person is served ahead of them. They believe that “waiting one’s turn” is slavery! Pure agony! And demeaning. They have been assured that they are SO special that the least inconvenience (that benefits a white) is a travesty. And, is the basis of slavery. If ALL whites were gone off the planet, then slavery would be eradicated. And lust! And greed! And jealousy! And pride! And all things bad!

  15. Ed Pascu says:


  16. Kaepernick’s Girl Friend just dropped his tattooed butt in the grease. Calling an NFL owner a slave owner puts the kibosh on his future as a NFL quarterback. How stupid can you get?

  17. This disrespectful nothing of a man ought to spend a few years in combat … perhaps he will learn humility and love of country and his fellow citizens. I pray the Ravens do not pick up this horrific risk.

  18. Neil Sorens says:

    Never good to have your own personal Yoko Ono.

    1. Byron Brewer says:

      Oh man…..I’m laughing my a** off!!!!! You are sooooooo right!!!!

  19. Ya, that’ll get him signed. Idiot!

  20. Neil Sorens says:

    In this case, not only is Ethnic Studies not useful in finding a real job, it’s actually costing someone a potential job.

  21. Hey, he’s no slave owner. He only trades black people sometimes.

  22. Kaepernick’s activist Muslim GF running her mouth isn’t helping his cause. Obviously she is in full control of him. Hopefully the Ravens will pass on this POS.

  23. What a DUMB EFFING BIATCH. Slaves…..right, being paid MILLIONS for doing NOTHING for society……

  24. Vox Veritas says:

    I used to watch the NFL.

    Are they still around?

  25. Linda Bueker says:

    Birds of a feather ,,,,,,,,

  26. Scot Tucker says:

    He will probably be arrested for beating her, soon.

  27. carac100 says:

    Yeah, because having a good relationship with your boss while working a very desirable job that pays a fortunes is the same as being a slave. What is wrong with these people?

    Why doesn’t Kaepernick get together with some like-minded millionaire players and like-minded leftists, and start his own team, where there are no owners and no bosses, only players and administrative workers, who all share equally in the team regardless of their contribution? Except for the brainwashed Commies, we all know how that would go.

  28. Exactly right, because a slaveowner pays his slaves $155 MILLION a year. What a silly woman.

  29. They are perfect for each other.. clown couple

    1. Duane Wilson says:

      It will be fun to check back in 10 years to see how this couple is doing LOL !

  30. One question CBS. Why did you fail to mention that Diab is a muslim and a
    leading domestic terrorist in the Black Lives Don’t Matter cabal?

  31. Asian countries for Asians.

    Black countries for Blacks.

    but White countries for everybody?

    That’s genocide.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for Anti-White

  32. Dell Thomas says:

    More racist baggage. Good luck with that job search…

  33. Nessa Diab is an evil mess! She is RUINING Colin Kaepernick’s life and doesn’t care! She is SO STUPID, she doesn’t even know she’s stupid; all she cares about is POWER (and making Kaepernick HER “slave!” (She practices a lot of projection/transference; Kaepernick isn’t sophisticated enough to know what she is doing.)

    Steve Bisciotti will RUE the day that he gets mixed up with this nutty pair; Harbaugh couldn’t care less what happens to Bisciotti; he just wants players to coach, and he doesn’t care WHAT happens to the other players, or the team! Lewis should RUN away from Kaepernick. Kaepernick will RUIN the Ravens!

  34. Steve Penna says:

    Isn’t she the one that cheated on Aldon Smith with Colin? Once a hoe always a hoe . . .

  35. Mike Herman says:

    Gee, why wouldn’t any team want this lovely couple to represent them?

  36. Nobody is interested in your sob stories.

  37. mdmaag says:

    She’s as dumb as he is!

  38. Bill Davis says:

    Looks like Biscotti doged a bullet there.

  39. Bill Davis says:

    Bisciotti is a real man. Maybe she should learn about whom she speaks.

  40. Daniel Petry says:

    So exactly what team is he playing with? Oh wait…when the $ run lean I can bet this s**nk will fade away.

  41. Ethan Wayne says:

    He can’t pass the ball. Maybe that has something to do with why no team wants him. If he were a great or even good QB excuses would be made for his behavior and he’d be playing with any number of teams right now.

  42. She whack. But she hot. Hope she worth millions.

    1. You think, Come on she’s got fat upper arms which means thunder thighs. And she has a camel nose. But for the creep Kap, i guess she’s hot.

  43. This filthy Muslim ‘ho’ needs to be deported!! And take that traitor Krappernick with her.

  44. I quit rooting for the Jets when they signed Dog Killer, after over 45 years. My brother had the same reaction, and we didn’t discuss it beforehand. He was a season ticket holder. We haven’t regretted our choice, and we’re never going back. I cannot imagine the reaction of any team’s fans who sign Kap, but it’ll be the stupidest move a team could make. He’s never working again.

  45. Fortunately, Kaep really has nothing to say to the 2x Superbowl Champ and 1xSuperbowl MVP. Especially the arm piece who is going to dip out when employment runs out and he maintain the cosmetic upkeep and lifestyle. if Kaep going on this; hes going to be the first broke Jewish entertainer lol

  46. Sharp Shtik says:

    With those cornrows, janitors can’t even use Kapernick as a bathroom mop, which was this Democrat’s last opportunity to find a job he’s suited for.

  47. Hal Slusher says:

    OH well why not insult the only people who would pay you millions

  48. Hal Slusher says:

    May the fleas of a thousand camels invest Colin’s armpits

  49. Dressed like the 2 creeps are fans of ISIS. Ya think !

  50. Jason Jones says:

    That B! is just upset her pos bf is umeployed.

  51. I cannot imagine a team that would want him. Even for free.

  52. Ray Lewis said the football field is their sanctuary. Unfortunately, Kaepernick and others decided to invade that sanctuary with his “activism”. By the way, the football field is also the sanctuary for the fans who want to forget about the troubles of life for a few hours too!

    Anyways, Kaepernick is not a good player anymore. It’s no wonder why few want to hire him and his girlfriend might have put the final nail in his coffin.

  53. Tom Mccoy says:

    Don’t want to be a slave?

    Fine. You’re free.

    Now walk away.

  54. Lindsey Lee says:

    As a class of people NFL owners are a very conservative group. No manager wants to have to deal with the unexpected comments, public reaction and aggravation that would result from hiring a below average second string quarterback.

  55. This is merely clickbait because of Kaepernick’s name. Not worthy of a headline Shame on you CBS – Baltimore. You’re nothing more than a failed attempt at becoming a tabloid.

  56. David Lamb says:

    I guess it is racism that is keeping K off a team… his own racism…

  57. The ravens’ viewership and ticket sales are already in the toilet. Adding a racist, anti-American ni gg er to the line up probably isn’t going to help.

  58. Fred Bailey says:

    What a stupid SOB.
    And she’s stupider than he is.

  59. Just what Baltimore needs…

  60. Frank Walker says:

    This America-hating Muslim woman has been at the root of all Kap’s problems from the get go. He is captivated by her and does not restrain his efforts to act in ways which he hopes will please her.

    Kap would be SO much better off if he could free himself from this woman’s clutches. But he cannot.

  61. Kuck Faepernick and the little tweet he rode in with.

  62. Rob Cater says:

    Thank GOD Steve didn’t hire that unAmerican Kap and the girlfriends actions simply show they were both disingenuous and had no desire to STOP DISRESPECTING OUR FLAG! Kap would have gotten signed, then he would have continued his assault on the USA knowing at that point, the Ravens could do nothing to stop it!

    Bravo Steve…..Jeff Davis would have approved of your decision 100%!!

  63. Frank Walker says:

    . . . . anyway, with Tannehill slated to undergo surgery it now appears likely Kap will be heading for Miami where his anti-American displays do not ruffle feathers. He no longer needs Baltimore where he is not wanted anyway.

  64. Mark Hardt says:

    User profile image
    Mark Hardt
    31 seconds ago
    Libertarians are fond of saying you can do anything you want as long as you don’t step in the rights of someone else. Colins mistake was to protest on Company Time and to drag the Anthem Into It. Owners have The right To Make Money And Fans Can go To an Nba Game Instead Of An Nfl Game. If I Had Done That At A Company Event I Would Be Fired. However, If I Waited Till After Work And Attended A Rally Then Nothing Would have happened. Kap Showed Poor Judgement. All He Had To Do Was wait Till Coach Told Everyoe to go home then take a bus to Oakland for a Black Panthers rally. He would be playing right now.

  65. Filthy low IQ sub humans should just move back to Africa and build huts out of elephant dung..

  66. Uhhh, Nessa? You do realize that this guy has absolutely no future of ever making it in the NFL, don’t you? If you digging for gold, sweetheart, you tapped into the wrong mine.

  67. If Baltimore is good enough for snitch on his posse double murderer Ray Lewis then it’s good enough for America hater Colon Kaperprick.

  68. Kap please do not produce children

  69. Lou Anthony says:

    Wow. Let’s sign him and get his girl friend as an added bonus. What could possibly go wrong with this scenario?

  70. Dave Langley says:

    One of the many things Leftists and Muslims have in common: they destroy everything they control. That woman is ruining Kap, and he’s too stupid to see it. Before long he won’t even be wanted by the Sharknado producers. He may still be able to salvage a bush league wrestling career, but only as the bad guy.

  71. Carter Gwynn says:

    Cannot dig for gold if fella is unemployable.

  72. It’s all about brainwashing fellow dumb blacks into thinking racism equals power. HalfWhite Colin makes me laugh. He’s got all the white features. The cornrow afro doesn’t cut it. Most blacks can trace caucasian in their blood. That’s IF they can find out who is their daddy. Plus, mudsharks are everywhere.

  73. Dave Langley says:

    The first thing I think of when I see a black man behind a white man with his arm around his neck is, “That black man with his arm around that white man’s neck must be his slave.” In Gone With The Wind a woman depicting a slave helped a woman give birth. Does that mean any black nurse that helps deliver a baby would remind this stupid woman of a slave? She’s a slave to her own ignorance and hatred, but will always blame someone else for the problems she creates for herself.

    Behold: the Religion of Peace, ladies and gentlemen.

  74. Rudy Gold says:

    But most people would compare his girlfriend to a “doorknob”.

  75. Noobie Rb says:

    Kaepernick and girl friend are SEWAGE !!!!!!!!!

  76. Ralph Davis says:

    Nessa, honey – it’s time to go sit with the Kardashians now. Your 15 seconds of fame are up.

  77. So…now that The Race Card is so overdrawn that it’s been cancelled, she’s opened a new account under another fake name. Too late. Everybody knows the scam, now. Kiss his career bye-bye.

  78. Hey there girlfriend for 11.9 million you can make me a slave! Heck I’ll even let you beat me! Ok just a little. LOL!

  79. Jose A Lopez says:

    My numbers could be alittle off but didn’t this “slave” unshackle himself from a 108 million dollar contract with San Francisco?

  80. Carl Ball says:

    well that is just so interesting, i thank you for your opinion, but like the crack in our pants we all have that is about all it’s worth! why do you people give these people air time very few if any care about what they think! you played in a entertainment not a social launching point. you get on stage in a play and do it your fired! the nfl needs people in the seats and watching they do not need to watch someones personal political beliefs on display! you cost them money and in the end that is why you play! now you will need to head north to play because eventually you will run out of money!

  81. Jose Ortega says:

    Kap has become a social activist. He’s not an ignorant man. He earned his university degree. Jack Kemp retired from football and went on to be a well respected Senator. If Kap feels so strong about the need for social change then he should put a war chest together and run for public office. I don’t agree with all of his ideas but I salute him for his willingness to step up to the plate to try and make a difference in lives of ordinary citizens. However, his girlfriend has to learn to temper what she tweets. I sincerely hope that Kap decides to run for a House seat. We need the Kaps in D.C. to balance some of the extremism from the other side of the asile. To all we know Kap may become the Senator Claude Pepper of his generation. Kap, public service is calling you. Don’t resist – go for it.

  82. An unconvicted CRIMINAL and one of the owners of City Hall. Both multii millionaire. Gee….wonder if they’ll beat the accusation? Poor girl, doesn’t have a chance……

  83. Bao Tran says:

    Football is a business – so the question is “Is Kap going to be an asset or a liability?”
    build the team or disrupt the team? Build the brand? Embarrass the brand? – easy answer

    BTW – learn the history of slavery in America – a Black STARTED slavery here – successfully suing to change one of his bondsman into a slave. In Africa – blacks caught blacks, sold them (and still do). In short, blacks were an integral part of instituting slavery in America and blacks in africa and America (Black owners of slaves) profited. Blacks still profit – Quit race baiting.

    I am not black or white and could claim bigotry. Where are Vietnamese in NFL?

  84. Bill Henson says:

    Hmmm…Why won’t any NFL team hire this no talent racist’s no talent racist boyfirend? Any guesses?

  85. “Appears too”. CBS = fake news.

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