BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Colin Kaepernick’s reported girlfriend tweeted out pictures Wednesday that appear to compare Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti and Ray Lewis to a slave owner and slave.

Nessa Diab is a New York City radio DJ and regular on MTV’s Girl Code.

The picture she tweeted shows Lewis with his arms around Bisciotti, along with a picture of Samuel L. Jackson with his arms around Leonardo Dicaprio from the movie “Django Unchained,” in which Dicaprio was a slave owner and Jackson was his house slave.

This comes after an ESPN report that Ravens head coach John Harbaugh and general manager Ozzie Newsome support signing Kaepernick, but Bisciotti was against the signing.

Lewis also posted a video on Twitter suggesting Kaepernick should keep his activism private.

The Ravens had consulted Lewis on whether they should sign Kaepernick.

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  1. Rudy Gold says:

    But most people would compare his girlfriend to a “doorknob”.

  2. Noobie Rb says:

    Kaepernick and girl friend are SEWAGE !!!!!!!!!

  3. Ralph Davis says:

    Nessa, honey – it’s time to go sit with the Kardashians now. Your 15 seconds of fame are up.

  4. So…now that The Race Card is so overdrawn that it’s been cancelled, she’s opened a new account under another fake name. Too late. Everybody knows the scam, now. Kiss his career bye-bye.

  5. Hey there girlfriend for 11.9 million you can make me a slave! Heck I’ll even let you beat me! Ok just a little. LOL!

  6. Jose A Lopez says:

    My numbers could be alittle off but didn’t this “slave” unshackle himself from a 108 million dollar contract with San Francisco?

  7. Carl Ball says:

    well that is just so interesting, i thank you for your opinion, but like the crack in our pants we all have that is about all it’s worth! why do you people give these people air time very few if any care about what they think! you played in a entertainment not a social launching point. you get on stage in a play and do it your fired! the nfl needs people in the seats and watching they do not need to watch someones personal political beliefs on display! you cost them money and in the end that is why you play! now you will need to head north to play because eventually you will run out of money!

  8. Jose Ortega says:

    Kap has become a social activist. He’s not an ignorant man. He earned his university degree. Jack Kemp retired from football and went on to be a well respected Senator. If Kap feels so strong about the need for social change then he should put a war chest together and run for public office. I don’t agree with all of his ideas but I salute him for his willingness to step up to the plate to try and make a difference in lives of ordinary citizens. However, his girlfriend has to learn to temper what she tweets. I sincerely hope that Kap decides to run for a House seat. We need the Kaps in D.C. to balance some of the extremism from the other side of the asile. To all we know Kap may become the Senator Claude Pepper of his generation. Kap, public service is calling you. Don’t resist – go for it.

  9. An unconvicted CRIMINAL and one of the owners of City Hall. Both multii millionaire. Gee….wonder if they’ll beat the accusation? Poor girl, doesn’t have a chance……

  10. Bao Tran says:

    Football is a business – so the question is “Is Kap going to be an asset or a liability?”
    build the team or disrupt the team? Build the brand? Embarrass the brand? – easy answer

    BTW – learn the history of slavery in America – a Black STARTED slavery here – successfully suing to change one of his bondsman into a slave. In Africa – blacks caught blacks, sold them (and still do). In short, blacks were an integral part of instituting slavery in America and blacks in africa and America (Black owners of slaves) profited. Blacks still profit – Quit race baiting.

    I am not black or white and could claim bigotry. Where are Vietnamese in NFL?

  11. Bill Henson says:

    Hmmm…Why won’t any NFL team hire this no talent racist’s no talent racist boyfirend? Any guesses?

  12. “Appears too”. CBS = fake news.

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