The Baltimore Ravens’ injuries are racking up, and one of the more concerning injuries is with quarterback Joe Flacco and his back pain. The Ravens are hopeful that Flacco will overcome his back injury in the coming weeks, but just in case, they’ve been looking at all their options.

One option that has fans up in arms is the signing of former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Rob Long from 105.7 The Fan joined CBS Sports Radio’s After Hours with Amy Lawrence to share his thoughts on Kaepernick.

“My college coach once told me hope is a bad plan for success. When your plan is hope, it’s bad – and I think right now they’re hoping Joe Flacco can come back healthy and they’re hoping this Colin Kaepernick issue goes away,” said Long.

“I don’t see this team signing Kaepernick,” Long said. “I don’t see it happening. I don’t think they will. And at that point, they’re hoping that Joe Flacco can stand upright and hoping his back situation won’t become a real issue during the 2017 season. I just think they’re hoping that Joe Flacco can stay healthy in 2017. That’s their plan right now.”


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