Mel Antonen of MASN joined Norris and Long to discuss the Orioles’ playoff chances and the starting pitching rotation, which has been stellar as of late.

The Orioles recently acquired short stop Tim Beckham rather than adding to much to the pitching rotation. “It is amazing. When it first happened, I said why is Dan Duquette picking up a short stop? The team needs pitching! But sometimes trades aren’t always about what August and September rolls around. He’s had an impact on August and September but I think they were thinking long term as well.”

Can the Orioles make a push for the postseason?

Antonen says yes. “I think they’re in the race. The rest of the division can be shaky and the teams that are competing for a wild card are shaky as well. The key for the Orioles will be to prove they can win on the road. They’re 20-33 on the road. Is that a coincidence or are they really a bad road team? But they’re in…they’ve won 7 out of 9, but they’ve got to keep winning,” he said.

The guys also talk about Ubaldo Jimenez’s inconsistency on the mound. Antonen says, “I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s almost comical.”

Tune in to the whole conversation.


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