Hi Everyone!

Looking at the short run we have some really nice weather coming in. Too bad the weekend is not Wednesday, and Thursday. Clearing today, Sunny and fine tomorrow. And Thursday looking pretty darn nice. Temps remaining in the low 80’s.

If possible have at it. By that I mean if you are on vacation you are living large. If you are still “making the doughnuts” find ya some “me time.” Fresh air on a break does the mind wonders. And let’s give a big round of applause to the High dropping out of Western Lake Superior for this run of great early August weather.

Let’s not overthink this. By Friday unsettled weather expected to return, and pretty much define the weekend. Cloudy, showers, and maybe a thunderstorm on Friday, Saturday still humid with showers and thunderstorms possible. Sunday looks to be the cloudiest day. I point this out just to add a bit of a kick to the mid-week break in-between weather systems. Forewarned is forearmed, make the most of the nice outlook while we have it.



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