By George Solis

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — New research suggests more people are drinking and abusing alcohol in the U.S.

The findings, which were recently published in a medical journal found the trend is particularly troubling among certain groups of people.

George Solis has more on the research and why the findings are alarming to many in the medical community.

The research also gives those who partake in the occasional recreational drink something to think about.

Many people have their own measure of what’s considered “one drink too many.”

“Probably like six to eight,” says one man.

“I probably only drink once or twice a month now,” says another man.

According to a new study recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, alcohol use in the U.S. has been on the rise.

From 65 percent in the early 2000s, up to 73 percent by 2013. Alcoholism also saw a drastic spike in that same time span.

The study is calling the increase a public health crisis that is being overshadowed by the use of other substances like opioids, heroin, and marijuana.

The information also points out that women are the ones engaging in high-risk drinking. Addiction Medicine Dr. Devang Gandhi with Sinai Hospital says that’s particularly troubling.

“Women tend to develop complications from alcohol consumption much more quickly, and they tend to be much more severe,” he says.

In the study, ‘high-risk drinking’ was defined as four or standard drinks on any day for women, and five or more for men.

Drinking totals are those that have occurred at least weekly during the past 12 months.

“Maybe it’s just more socially acceptable now for women to drink as their counterparts,” says Ciara McCaffrey, in Fells Point.

No matter the reason, researchers as well as the public both conclude that it does shed light on the subject and serves as a reminder to drink responsibly.

Other groups that saw an increase in alcohol consumption include older adults, minorities, and Americans with low levels of income.

The study tracked drinking patterns among 40,000 people.

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  1. In the study, ‘high-risk drinking’ was defined as four or *MORE* standard drinks on any day for women, and five or more for men.

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