Former Ravens player Femi Ayanbadejo joined Norris and Long to discuss his predictions for the Ravens after the first preseason game.

Many fans were displeased with Mallett’s performance in the game. Ayanbadejo says Mallett did okay, but the pressure seemed to get to him. “Just being honest, that absolutely is not going to get it done. Period.” Ayanbadejo hints at the Kaepernick discussion and continues to say, “If you purely think about football, and winning games, and if we want to be a playoff team…because I’ll tell you right now, I have a herniated disc and there are days I can’t even go to work. I just literally can’t move and that’s the issue with a back. You’re playing with fire if you don’t have a back up plan for the position that is the most important position on your football team, the guy that is the glue for your offense.”

Ayanbadejo continued to say, “I thought the running game looked solid. The defense and the young guys looked outstanding and I was really impressed with that and the special teams. Overall, I have a good feeling about what this team is capable of.”

Tune in above to hear more from the conversation.


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