Mike Preston from the Baltimore Sun speaks with Ed & Rob about the Ravens’ victory over the Redskins and what to look forward to with the team moving forward.

Preston said, “I know it’s preseason, and it’s the first one, but I was excited about some of these young players.”

Fans weren’t too happy with Ryan Mallett’s performance, even though the Ravens won.

Preston said, “I’ve watched this guy through training camp and I know they’re split…don’t bring in Kaepernick, don’t bring in this guy, but I’m about winning football games and Joe Flacco’s back is tricky…all I know is that if the guy’s back is hurt before the season starts, what happens when he starts taking hits? What’s your back up plan? I’m not saying Kaepernick is the end-all guy, but he’s better than Ryan Mallett.”

Who will the team want on the roster as the running back? Full back? Tune in to hear Preston’s predictions.


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