BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A Glen Burnie mom says she’s recovering after teenagers jumped her at a McDonald’s last weekend, in front of her kids.

She spoke only with WJZ and Kimberly Eiten about the terrifying moments inside the restaurant.

Lindsey Green is covered in the black and blue evidence of a violent crime. She says, she didn’t see it coming. She thinks the teens were looking for a fight and she became the unsuspecting target.

“A black eye. A busted lip, that’s kind of gone away. Bruising under my chin,” says Green.

“You can actually see where they were stomping me, on both sides,” she says, showing bruising on her hips.

She now has bruises where teenagers landed kicks and punches during an unprovoked attack inside a Glen Burnie McDonald’s last Saturday night. The attack is now the focus of a full-blown police investigation.

“One person thought the other cut in front of them, and it just escalated from there,” says Marc Limansky, with Anne Arundel County Police.

A picture posted to Snapchat shows Green inside the restaurant. In the moments after, she says an adult woman accused her of cutting in line, but then it came to blows.

“As she’s yelling at me, coming at me, the one girl comes up beside me and just punches me. It literally escalated that quick, that fast,” says Green.

A sucker punch, then a full beatdown.

“All these feet. Feel all these fists. It wasn’t like one child. It was a group of them.”

While her six and seven-year-old children watched until other customers lifted both kids over the counter out of the fray.

Green says it was so crowded inside that she had no chance of just walking away. She says it was even difficult for police to get in and stop the attack.

“The investigation is certainly ongoing in regard to other individuals who may be involved,” says Limansky.

One teen already charged, but how and why green became the target, she still doesn’t know.

“They were obviously looking for some kind of trouble,” she says.

Police are reviewing surveillance video of the attack, and searching for as many as three other teens who may be involved assault.

One teenager was charged with assault, as a juvenile. Green says a 12-year-old stole her phone during the fight, but that’s since been returned.

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  1. Which McDonalds? My granddaughter frequently goes to one and I want to make sure it isn’t this one.

  2. Tom Jacob says:

    Gawd, I really hate “teens”.

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