BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A man with racist tattoos was removed from a Capitol Hill pool after confrontation arose Sunday.

A man with Swastikas, upside down crosses, and “66” tattooed on his body was spotted on the deck of Rumsey Aquatic Center.  According to The Washington Post, guests became uneasy that he was there but not using the pool.

When pool guests reported their concerns to staff, the man was then confronted by a life guard. The man became irate and refused to leave, using racial remarks toward the lifeguard, including the n-word.

He was not arrested but eventually escorted out. The pool was closed down for 30 minutes after the incident.

Department of Parks and Recreation Director Kieth Anderson made a statement to WAMU Radio confirming the incident.

“The individual had visible drawings on his body of swastikas, upside down crosses, and ‘666.’ Several guests raised concerns to DPR lifeguards about the individual being on the pool deck, but not using the pool,” said Anderson. “A DPR lifeguard responded by trying to speak with the individual. At this point, the individual became irate, repeatedly and aggressively using offensive language towards the lifeguard. As the situation began to escalate, a second lifeguard intervened, and the police were called.”

D.C. has seen an uptick in racially-motivated incidents, including nooses found hanging in public and signs by the same white supremacist group that took part in the Charlottesville protests, calling for D.C. residents to turn in undocumented immigrants and promoting white solidarity.

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