BALTIMORE (WJZ)– An infamous Fells Point intersection is getting a makeover in hopes to make the streets a bit safer.

One bar owner said the new change at the corner of Bank and Wolfe Streets could save lives and his business.

“All of a sudden, out of nowhere, just explosion against the wall. debris, glass, pieces of wood,” said Chad Ellis, owner of Spirits Tavern.

Ellis said cars have barreled through the front of his bar eight times in twelve years.

The historic bar is right in the target zone of “Crash Corner.”

The nickname comes from a dangerous combination of cars headed south on Wolfe Street and a limited line of sight for drivers stopped on Bank Street.

“Right now, so many people coming down Bank Street are just blind trying to enter this corner or intersection with all the vehicles parked here,” said the president of community association, Kurt Schiller.

A potential solution has come in the form of flex posts, which are now installed where drivers would often park illegally.

“This is an example of what can happen when we all work together and when we collaborate on the small problems and the large problems that we, as a city, are facing,” said city councilman Zeke Cohen.

The city hopes this will end the dangers at the intersection that could cost the neighborhood businesses and lives.

“I think a lot of the neighborhood is really happy that there’s something finally being done about this intersection that’s done so much damage,” Ellis said.

Neighbors are still encouraging drivers to slow down in the intersection, where the speed limit is 25, but residents said cars are often going much faster.

Spirits Tavern has sustained about $100,000 in damage over the last twelve years from car crashes.

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