By Pat Warren

BALTIMORE (WJZ)–  A CBS News poll released Thursday showed that 63 percent of Americans consider the events that occurred in Charlottesville as an act of domestic terrorism.

White supremacists clashed with demonstrators who opposed racism and it ended in death and injury in Charlottesville.

More than half of the respondents in the poll disapproved of the president’s delayed response to the attack.

Sixty-seven percent of Republicans approved of his response, while 82 percent of Democrats and 53 percent of independents disapproved.

“I think there’s blame on both sides and I have no doubt about it and you don’t have any doubt about it either,” Trump said Tuesday.

Overall, 55 percent of those polled said blaming both sides is inaccurate, 83 percent of Democrats and 53 of independents said blaming both sides is inaccurate.

Of the 35 percent that agree with Donald Trump’s assessment, 68 percent are Republicans, while 34 percent were independents.

“You had a group on one side that was bad and you had a group on the other side who was also very violent,” Trump also said.

“We will continue to confront and condemn hatred, bigotry, and violence,” said Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan.

Hogan is among the Republicans who think the president was wrong.

“I think he made a terrible mistake,” Hogan said.

Only 12 percent of those polled believe the president’s policies encourage unity. Forty-four percent think he encourages racial division. Thirty-nine percent don’t believe there’s much effect.

When asked how much Trump’s handling of issues on race matter to them, 64 percent said a lot.

The poll started before the president’s news conference Tuesday and ended two nights after it.

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