BALTIMORE (WJZ) — As tensions remain high across the country, another controversial statue was damaged in Baltimore.

Police are now looking for a group of protesters who vandalized a Christopher Columbus monument at the intersection of Harford Rd. and Walther Ave. at Herring Run Park overnight Sunday.

The vandals took video of it, even posting it online. The video shows someone using a sledgehammer to smash the statue that’s more than 200 years old.

One swing after the other in the middle of the night, as YouTube video shows someone smashing away at the Christopher Columbus Memorial in northeast Baltimore.

“If the person is identified who is responsible for this, they will be prosecuted,” said Baltimore Police Department spokesperson T.J. Smith.

The vandalism was posted online, and the video shows a man striking the base of the monument with a sledgehammer while someone holds a sign next to it that reads “Racism tear it down,” and another person narrates the video.

Monday morning, the monument remained shattered as police quickly arrived on scene.

Some who live nearby were disappointed.

“People think cause we have the president we have right now, they can do what they want and they cant, it’s just being ignorant,” said Aunyea Holman.

While police are now investigating, this is just the latest monument to be damaged throughout the city.

Last week, a Confederate monument had graffiti put on it, while another was doused with red paint.

Hours later, the city removed all four monuments in the middle of the night…

“It’s something that has a process, and the process was observed last week in Baltimore,” Smith said.

As the intense controversy continues nationwide, police say no damage was discovered at any of the city’s other monuments.

WJZ’s Rick Ritter reached out to the Columbus Celebrations Committee, which is involved with the statues, and they said the damage is disappointing, hard to fathom, and believe it only sends our country backwards.

Anyone with information on the suspect’s identity in the video is asked to call Baltimore PD at (410) 396-2444.

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