By Kimberly Eiten

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The University of Maryland’s marching band will no longer play “Maryland, My Maryland,” the official state song of Maryland, at school sporting events because of its ties to the Confederacy.

On Monday, the University of Maryland shared that its marching band has cut the Southern-leaning state song from its line-up. After the deadly rallies in Charlottesville, the controversial anthem will no longer be playing on the university’s campus at all.

The song is a nine-verse war poem, put to music. It was used as a pro-Confederate battle hymn and talks of spurning the “Northern scum.”

Click here for the full lyrics for “Maryland, My Maryland.”

“To be honest, I don’t even know what the tune is. I’d be more upset if they didn’t play the fight song, I think,” said University of Maryland student, Chris Rogers.

Another student said that they didn’t think people would even notice.

Maryland lawmakers however, will certainly notice just as they did in 2016 when they launched into debates on to how to handle the pro-confederate tune.


University spokesperson Katie Lawson released the following statement:

“As part of the university’s efforts to reaffirm our values as a campus community, we are assessing the songs that are played at Intercollegiate Athletic events. We are suspending the playing of “Maryland, My Maryland” to evaluate if it is consistent with the values of our institution at this time.”

With arguments that ultimately lead nowhere except for the wake of deadly white supremacy rallies in Charlottesville, there is the question if “Maryland, My Maryland” could be headed for the history books.

“I think it’s a little absurd to what lengths people are going to. They’re going to ban songs. They’re going to ban everything,” said student Monica Alston.

Another student, Cheyenne Jones, opposingly feels that doing away with the song is better.

“It makes more sense than trying to change lyrics to an old song anyway.”

In the past, Governor Hogan has pushed back against efforts to change the state song. In 2015, the university removed the name of a former school president and segregationist from it’ stadium.

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh had the city’s four Confederate monuments removed earlier this month.

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Comments (79)
    1. Doc Mac says:

      But they don’t have a problem taking money from the former confederate slave state of Maryland to run their school and band, right?

      1. Rush Elkins says:

        Goodness me! There, I had believed for years that Maryland was a Union state rather than a Confederate state. I am indebted to you for correcting my ignorance of history.
        As for U. of M.’s band, perhaps they could play the Barnie & Friends theme song, “I Love You, You Love Me,” to inspire their teams to excel on the field. It would surely offend nobody, and it would send a clear message of inclusiveness and non-aggression, and wouldn’t their terrapin mascot look sweet prancing about in time to it.

  1. People need to get over their fake “oh I’m offended” bullshi**! It’s getting so old.

    1. slothb77 says:

      That slipper slope is getting vertical.

      I guess Maryland can do without alumni donations. Because I have no intention of financing indoctrination. I will not provide funding to extreme leftist propaganda.

      1. slothb77 says:

        *Slippery. Web page load issues.

  2. 99.99% of the people who hear the song think “Oh Christmas Tree”, but I guess Christmas isn’t inclusive either…

    1. Tim Bones says:

      Agree, I just read the lyrics which are so arcane and dated no one probably knows or remembers them. Just play the music and say, “Go Maryland Go” and start the game.

  3. There is no limit to liberal stupidity. What will they replace it with? The Camptown Races.

  4. Joel Barr says:

    So – the song was pro-Democrat. LOL.. Gotcha!

    1. Tim Bones says:

      Yep, the Southern Democrats started the Civil War and Democrats voted 10 years after the war to end Reconstruction. This vote rolled back many of the gains freedmen got under the Lincoln Republicans.

  5. Dale Warren says:

    Perhaps the Politically Correct, alt-Left elitists at the University of Maryland will find госуда́рственный гимн росси́йской федера́ции, with it’s emphasis on the victory of communism more to their tastes.

  6. tngilmer says:

    When California secedes (Calexit), they need to take Maryland with them.

  7. Even Lincoln often requested they play Dixie. Leftists are so ignorant, clueless, and helpless. Like dogs and cats they should be neutered for the general good.

  8. Another weak knee candy ass University president bends over for the liberals…

  9. Turn Maryland into another Mizzou. Don’t attend a school that has no integrity.

  10. Mike Keller says:

    I’m offended by the school’s position on their hatred. They hate, despise and promote hatred. The school is run by haters, they hate…………………….liberals, progressives, democrats and George Soros are haters,

  11. Jim Olson says:

    I don’t even know how some people nowadays can even walk out their front door without being offended by something. The companies that make the high octane psycho drugs must be raking it in right now with all the fragile people out there.

  12. Jon Aronson says:

    Did that old song really hurt the delicate feelings of people at their games? Let’s all hold a pity party for those dunces and tender hearts. Good luck in the real world where your feelings are really going to be hurt, not by words but by failure.

  13. Keep the tune and rewrite the words—most of which I never knew anyway!!! I am getting overly offended by all these folks who actively and aggressively going out of their way to find fault with everything and everyone!!! Pull together, folks, or risk being pulled apart!!!

  14. The Big10 has just announced they are expelling Maryland for their border state ties back in 1861.

  15. They can always play the other famous song that was written in Maryland….. by Francis Scott Key.. Oh come on, you know it!!

    Yeah,, what? Are you f;ing kidding me?

    Well then they can go ahead and play Camptown Races and just go f themselves…..

    THis is horsehsit

  16. The leftists in this country have lost what tiny minds they may have once possessed. They are operating purely on emotions and at toddler level to boot.

  17. “…comes after a violent white nationalist rally in Charlottesville,”
    The “white nationalist” aspect of the rally was unfortunate and one I do not support.
    Many people who were NOT “white nationalists” were there to protest the removal of a historical monument.
    However, it was not ‘violent’ until Antifa showed up with sticks and M-80 miniature dynamite charges and began pepper-spraying non-“white nationalists” and “white nationalists” alike.

  18. The lyrics haven’t been sung for 150 years. Now these artificial art officials have their panties in a wad over the music?

  19. So we can now celebrate the end of racism in Maryland?

  20. Jim Morrison says:

    When is Rap Music going to stop using the Nword?

  21. If the people of Maryland had any brains they would stop sending state tax dollars to support the University. When all of these liberal professors have to find meaningful work, as the place around them falls into bankruptcy things will change quickly. Besides, it’s not really all that great a school when you consider other universities in the nation.

  22. Jim Noonan says:

    “The decision comes after a violent white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va”

    In case you missed it, Antifa, the masked cabal of goons, misfits and paid anarchists carrying clubs, bicycle chains, sledge hammers and bottles of urine and feces as weapons, were exuberant participants in that “violent white nationalist rally”!

  23. Rick Blaine says:

    One of the BIG problems is that Americans don’t know their history. For example, what would people think if they learned that Lincoln invaded the South to preserve the Union, NOT free the slaves. If he hadn’t invaded Virginia, there never would have been a Civil War. Slavery would have faded away, and the southern states would probably have petitioned to be let back in to the Union. And, additionally, what if they learned that the Emancipation Proclamation did NOT actually free any slaves in the South. The Emancipation Proclamation was issued as a political stunt, and only applied to the states in the Confederacy, over which Honest Abe had no control.

    I do, however, generally approve of Abraham Lincoln, but I aim for clarity.

  24. You know America was slave trading long before there was a Confederate flag. Better get rid of Old Glory.

  25. Caving in to liberal fascism is BS.
    Civil War is nigh.
    Arm yourselves and get ready.

  26. Stupid. What will this change?

  27. Since everyone is talking about Antifa these days, i think it important if the University and the Maryland State government consider if 10K Maryland citizens put on their best business suits and dresses, plus a bandana, and march on both the school and the state, demanding answers, esp why such cowardice exists among their employees.

  28. Maryland……Commiefornia East.

  29. Jim Speers says:

    The lack of courage amongst those who are cowed by the fear of offending someone with a school fight song is insane. Soon, we are going to be told we have lost the right to speak (or sing) anything outside the walls of our own homes because of the risk we might offend someone.

  30. Chris Kellam says:

    Let’s erase all memories of slavery. Starting with the Democrat party.
    So sick of these hypocrites.

  31. Joan Kahl says:

    liberalism…you cant fix stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. James Dunham says:

    I’ve heard them play…they are doing us a favor.

  33. In 1814, Key was a slaveholding lawyer from an old Maryland plantation family, who thanks to a system of human bondage had grown rich and powerful.

    When he wrote the poem that would, in 1931, become the national anthem and proclaim our nation “the land of the free,” like Jefferson, Key not only profited from slaves, he harbored racist conceptions of American citizenship and human potential. Africans in America, he said, were: “a distinct and inferior race of people, which all experience proves to be the greatest evil that afflicts a community.

  34. It’s a call to arms to defend against an invasion. No mention of slavery. Nothing insulting here.

  35. John Lawshe says:

    Any wise opposing team band will play this song for them, and likely better!!

  36. Joe Buck says:

    As if you needed more evidence that leftists have no cheese left on their cracker.

  37. Most of the students don’t understand anyway, so they’ll let themselves be lead.

  38. Debra Slone says:

    will the real Americans please stand up and stop these people from destroying the usa.

  39. dezertdawg says:

    No problem, let the University go private and not accept any public funding.

  40. The Maryland state flag is a symbol of slavery, as are the names a several town and counties including Baltimore city, When will that all be changed?

  41. Fred Holt says:

    “You just can’t fix stupid.” Ron White

  42. Why would anyone bother to go to college anyway..They don’t teach the truth about anything and you come out stupid and anti American which is what they have been trying to do for years..This slavery stuff is bull. those were the times. The blacks sold their own people to the whites. It shows their intelligence by trying to destroy history..where do they stop oh yea go destroy the coliseum as I am sure some of those animals ate my relatives.

  43. Bill Frood says:

    Next on the chopping block “O Christmas Tree”.
    Grow a skin people.

  44. A shame to not pay the song – a real lack of understanding by the present UofMD administration. Of course the band has their own problems. in the picture of the band at about 0:53 you can see one of the sousaphones with the Maryland flag upside down on the bell!

  45. kenslifesite says:

    Just another reason to ignore my alma mater