Every team has questions before the NFL rolls out the 2017 season with Kansas City at New England Thursday night.

Even New England with their all-world 40 year-old quarterback must be wondering about a season without Julian Edelman and the what if Gronk misses a big chunk of the season with his annual injuries. So no team is safe in the question mark category.

Here are 10 questions starting with the Ravens…

  1. Will new Running Game Coordinator Greg Roman bring some sanity (and balance) to a Baltimore offense that has led the NFL in pass attempts the past two seasons? That’s crazy! Drew Brees, Andrew Luck or Aaron Rodgers should be candidates to lead the NFL in pass attempts not Joe Flacco.
  2. Can the Ravens O-line with 3 question marks at the 5 positions protect the quarterback and improve on a running game that ranked 28 in rushing yards per game?
  3. After missing all of training camp and the preseason can Joe Flacco’s cranky back hold up for a 17 week season? If the answer is no all bets are off.
  4. Will the Ravens defense be as dominant as most think they can be with a pass rush lead by Terrell Suggs (15th season) and rookie prospects like Tyus Bowser and Tim Williams?
  5. Will John Harbaugh’s 1-year extension matter if the Ravens fail to make the playoffs for the fourth time in five years?

Here are some questions worth pondering from around the NFL…

  1. How many games will Zeke Elliott miss and will he still be the most productive back in the league?
  2. Can Atlanta recover from the ultimate Super Bowl hangover (blew 28-3 second half lead) to remain one of the best in the NFC?
  3. Will Tennessee and Tampa Bay behind their young quarterbacks be those teams on the rise that many think they’ll be?
  4. Old faces in new places, can Adrian Peterson, Marshawn Lynch and Jamal Charles find their mojo?
  5. And in the battle of the bads who do you like: the Browns or the Jets? Don’t forget the 49ers and the Jags.

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