BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Do you really bleed purple and black? Time to find out!

The Baltimore Ravens have been cutting edge this 2017 season. The team installed brand new technology in the stadium, released a new facial recognition app and made some upgrades to the field. But now, the organization is stepping out onto the field of genetics.

As the game day giveaway at the home opener, all fans will receive a free DNA test as they enter the stadium.

Fans who choose to participate can learn more about their genetic makeup thanks to Orig3n, the Boston-based biotech firm sponsoring the event. Fans will swab the inside of their cheek, drop the sample into a stadium bin and register with the company online.

The “test” offers “insight into your mind, body and health,” a company spokeswoman said. “This is the first time that DNA tests are being distributed to fans at a football stadium and we believe this is an incredible opportunity to reach many people at once. Ravens DNA Day is the perfect way to kick off the season and our unique partnership,” said Robin Y. Smith, CEO of Orig3n.

Orig3n also has a sponsorship with one other NFL team, the San Francisco 49ers, but the Ravens’ DNA test giveaway is a first.

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