BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A video of a woman screaming about a veteran’s service dog being inside a Delaware restaurant has caught the attention of the internet.

It happened at Kathy’s Crab House in Delaware City. The unidentified woman was filmed screaming about how disgusting she thought it was that an animal was inside the eatery.

Kathy’s Crab House addressed the incident and announced that it will be sponsoring a veterans and service animals fundraiser in a statement released via their Facebook page Wednesday.

That statement reads:

“We would like to express at this time how sorry we are over the embarrassing turn of events that occurred earlier this week in our restaurant, here in Delaware City.

It is unfortunate that some of the public are not familiar with federal regulations regarding service animals, which, in fact, do permit service animals into establishments such as grocery stores, public buildings and restaurants, giving aid and comfort to their masters in their time of need.

That being said, we would like to take what may have been perceived as a negative incident and turn this into a positive opportunity, by educating and enlightening the public about the role of service animals and how they help and serve many returning veterans who have suffered serious wounds and injuries, as well as those veterans suffering from PTSD.

So, at this time, we would like to announce that we will be sponsoring a fundraising effort for veterans and service animals thru the Montana Wounded Warriors. We would like to enlist your help as a sponsor, volunteer, or as a donor and help us enlighten and educate the public as well as to help those veterans in need.

Details need to be finalized at this time, but as they come together, we will make additional announcements to keep you apprised of our progress.

Thank you”

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Comments (179)
  1. Pam Williams says:

    I would rather eat with the dog then that horrible out of control trash! She needs to learn some self control!!!

  2. William Horn says:

    The young man with her seems genuinely embarrassed. Hope he took note and dumped her before they got to the car
    As for her she needs to extend an apology to all veterans via the internet and get some counseling regarding her anger and should enlist and serve overseas in a combat zone.

    1. dt60093 says:

      How could anyone want to be around someone who sounds like her and repeats everything they say 10 or 20 times?

  3. The filthy animal is the beast shrieking about the veteran’s service dog.

  4. Jason Jones says:

    The dog is cleaner than that trashy skank.

    1. Raise your hand if you were hoping for the dog to take a bit out of her fat ass?

    1. Jack Sprat says:

      Not to other blacks…just look at the gun violence statistics in any democrat controlled city in the US. Over 500 hundred killed by other blacks in Chicago alone…the dog was better behaved than her.

    2. I`m a vet, I`d a punched in her filthy mouth & knocked her on her stupid a$$

    3. Black lives matter if they behave as normal human beings instead of entitlement hos and perceived racism. Someone should have punched her lights out.

  5. Get some more Muslims into the country and you won’t have anymore dog issues.

  6. “All men are created equal.” Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  7. I agree. I would rather eat with the dog instead of this deranged woman. A classic case where she needs her meds. My regards to the veterans. I appreciate your service to our nation. It is ashamed we protect idiots like this. Perhaps we can trade her to the North Koreans for a pile of sawdust.

  8. I’d rather eat with the dog than that piece of garbage.

  9. I knew exactly the type of “person” before seeing the video. I’d rather eat with the dog, than that animal.

  10. Just Ghetto-rats doing what Ghetto-rats do.

    1. Bene Teau says:

      Just another monkey doing what monkeys do! Did you expect her to act differently?

  11. Brus Al says:

    A well spoken, fine young black woman – NOT!!!! …. and people wonder why those with means have abandoned most US cities.

    1. We are fortunate on the West Coast that Latino immigrants are displacing black people like this filthy tramp. In 1970 blacks made up 20% of Los Angeles population, but now they are down to 9%. Illegal Latino immigrants have their own downside but at least they dont hate America like this piece of garbage.

      1. Thank you Charlie. I’d like to say, though, that I believe it has nothing to do with so called ‘race’. Rather culture, and values. The secular left has been brainwashing and goading blacks for many decades now. Spanish people less so. It is bad ideas and using them as a weapon for control and power which causes most true evil in this world. Being at one time from California, I learned this from Dennis Prager.

  12. Marg Coates says:

    They need a seperate section for that Black loud mouthed animal!

    1. Rabid dogs often need to be put to sleep.

  13. Why didn’t anyone punch her right in the mouth? That would’ve made a much better ending.

  14. Bob Adams says:

    I agree with the people stating they would rather share space with a Veteran and his wonderful dog than this disgusting woman (I won’t go into the race because I don’t believe she represents many black AMERICANS).

  15. black privilege = ignorance

  16. sadly this is a reminder of the “ME” culture. This freak out was totally out of line.

    1. John Wolf says:

      All in all the dog still stayed calm.

  17. Its just obvious She hates Dogs..Pshhh yeah

    1. John Wolf says:

      I use to have a German Shepherd that would have looked at giving her gave her a cute smile and that low snarl the way he always did before grabbing somebody by the throat and dragging them out the door or just eating them in front of you, You couldn’t get away with calling him a service dog at the time but those were days to remember.

  18. Stephen Tobe says:

    “Livid” is just another word for “Liberal” these days.

  19. Jim Fitchuk says:

    I will give that lady the benefit of the doubt. She probably grew up around horrible dog owners that severely neglected their dogs. The dogs she knew were disgusting animals through no fault of the dogs. She thought all dogs smelled bad and were dirty flea infested muts.

    My fuzzy buddy, a golden retriever, pretty much goes where I go. He got his bath two weeks ago and his fur is still clean and even has a scent of the shampoo. If I didn’t take a shower for two weeks, it would not be good.

    I have come to the conclusion that I am the disgusting animal.

    1. John Wolf says:

      No, Jim, the woman is the disgusting animal and it had nothing to do with the dog, it was the white owner and she had an excuse to try to berate him in public. This is the new black thing that is going on all over the country especially with the black women because they know that a white man won’t punch them in the mouth. Nobody would act like that in public because someone has a service animal in today’s society unless they came from another planet except a black person. They hate all white people and Obama is to blame for this divide get use to it.

    2. You make a good point but it in no way excuses her behavior. I can only give her the benefit(?) of my disdain!

  20. I’m guessing she forgot to pay her bill on the way out.

  21. Greg Miller says:

    Most dogs are cleaner than humans, I’d rather eat with the dog than quite a few people I know including this hag.

  22. That response is definitely the response of a Muslim.They should have told her to leave immediately. If she continued, call the police and charge her with criminal trespass. One thing of note Muslim cab drivers are refusing service to blind with seeing eye dogs. A person with a handicap is a protected class. Remember that a Christian baker was fined 100K+ for not baking a cake. How much were these Muslims fined for not fulfilling their obligation as cab drivers? Nothing. This is the problem why Muslims must be stamped out in this country.

  23. Samual Colt says:

    Sheb00n went apeshT.
    Call a zookeeper.

  24. Eric Jahnke says:

    What a nasty piece of trash. She is the disgusting one.

  25. G T F O
    what trash
    low rent, disgusting filth
    i knew it was going to be some entitled big mouthed black woman,….low and behold,HAHAHAHA

  26. Chuck Yates says:

    I knew it was going to be a liberal, zero class like always.

  27. Jane Russell says:

    Anyone know her full name? I’m ready to put her on blast.

  28. Let’s be realistic, did anyone REALLY expect any other kind of behavior?

  29. These are all very good comments, but the important point is: Was her theatrical performance good enough to get her out of having to pay her tab?

  30. I swear, some people are just possessed now, and I mean LITERALLY.
    That dog has more class than that ‘woman’ could ever DREAM of having..

  31. Jim Thomas says:

    NOT A SERVICE DOG! Only a “support” dog. As in, just a pet. Huge difference. May not have been legal for it to be in the restaurant.

    1. And I’m sure you’d have been happy to explain that had you been there huh Jimmy? Is that your expert legal analysis? Your a tool dude. I hope you do say something to one of those veterans and their service dogs and that you get your ass whooped. You truly deserve it for defending this filth.

    2. The animal may have been a fake service animal. Did the restaurant bother to find out? Their fundraiser should be educating people about real vs. fake service animals. People who bring fake service animals into public places are the ones to blame when people get angry about real service animals.

      1. They are not allowed to question the owner on that.

  32. Robert Borg says:

    Typical uppity shine doing what ghetto shine’s do. Somebody should have knocked that jungle ape back to Africa.

  33. At least the dog was well behaved.

  34. And to think that veterans put on the uniform of the USA and fight to protect this POS, while she sashays around wearing her cutesy little ankle bracelet and dissing the REAL AMERICANS, and yes, including the DOG!!

    BLM’ers and that ilk are just sooooooooooo very special, aren’t they?!

  35. Why is there never a cop with a tazer around when you need to stop a profane & insane rant by an individual who is disturbing the peace because she stopped mentally maturing when she was 5-years-old?

  36. Jim Morrison says:

    Black Ignorance Matters

  37. Jim Morrison says:

    I’m sure the Fake News Media could identify her if they wanted to unless she’s one of those ignorant ones that doesn’t have the collective societal wherewithal to procure herself FREE government issued ID.

  38. A Black? NO WAY! She dinnt du nuffin!

  39. Jim Ball says:

    It’s easy to see who the real animal is in this and it’s not the dog

  40. A lucky break for me. I’m not charged with murder today because I wasn’t in that restaurant when this bum bich Negro would have caused me to shoot her in the face!

  41. regardless of the dog’s status as a service dog, places to eat should not be allowed to have animals, it’s unsanitary and they DO have rules about that. I can understand blind people with dogs, but really, if policy for the Board of Health says no restaurant is allowed dogs, they WHY do they make exception? It’s not as if that guy’s life depended on that dog being there while he gets something to eat? Leave the dog home or in the car.

    1. Mark Nemec says:

      Maybe you should learn the law, there is a law that says service animals are permitted in restaurants and other public buildings. What you are saying is a person will need to leave their seeing eye dogs at home when they go out to eat. You are a typical liberal moron!

  42. Is it any wonder people have negative views of Negroes. This Negro woman is completely out of her own control. She provides one more data point supporting the data published in the book “The Bell Curve” which ranks Negroes at the bottom of the IQ list by race. Doesn’t she know she’s an animal? She’s in the restaurant and is more ape-like than the dog is “dog-like!”

    1. LK Campbell says:

      HMichael Hawkins, Quote: “Is it any wonder people have negative views of Negroes. This Negro woman is completely out of her own control. She provides one more data point supporting the data published in the book “The Bell Curve” which ranks Negroes at the bottom of the IQ list by race. Doesn’t she know she’s an animal? She’s in the restaurant and is more ape-like than the dog is “dog-like!” Mr. Hawkins, That is a horrible and unforgivable thing to say…about apes.

  43. Nice technique. If you don’t know anything about anything, just throw insults and yell as loud as you can. Embarrassing for America.

  44. …………………………………

  45. Blacks Gone Wild……….AGAIN!!!!!

  46. This woman is trash. Another, do as I say, not as I do – liberal. Somebody that is a victim of everything – in this case a service dog and a veteran. She is obviously, unhinged.

  47. This is what happens when Fat, Stupid, Ugly Black Chicks do Meth…and then go out in public!

  48. Jim Olson says:

    The penalty for punching someone in the mouth is too steep in this country.

  49. It is required that service animals be allowed in all public places, but apparently this insane woman thinks her opinion should prevail instead. This is a microcosm of the entire DNC and the Lefties, and shows why Libs have Trump Derangement Syndrome; whatever they want should be the way it is purely because they want it.

  50. The Maryland zoo called. One of it’s animals is missing. If found, just call them and stay back. It’s dangerous and easily provoked.

  51. Dee Win says:

    Maybe she follows that “religion” that considers dogs dirty. Or, it could just be another “restless native.”

  52. Jeffrey Gee says:

    Hopefully, they banned the sub-human and gave the dog a treat. Great response from the restaurant management!

  53. this shows that these black animals are not fit to live in society. and what a bunch of white wimps that were there. as far as the people and their the blind stupid worship of veterans and the trillion dollar price tag they are a dumb as the negro “woman”

  54. Brent Taylor says:

    These days, too many young black women have absolutely no self control and are too stupid to feel shame. How many of these videos do we need to see with young, nasty black women brawling in restaurants, at the WalMart, at the mall, in the parking lot with their men trying to drag them off or even video taping them? Is it any wonder their children act like brats and thugs, incarcerated for bad behavior at young ages?

  55. “It’s disgusting to have an animal in a public restaurant!”

    I believe she (and her attitude) proved that point with little doubt!

  56. To be fair, the service dog was more disgusted that chimps were allowed in the restaurant. Guess we’ll have to settle this in…wait for…Animal Court, every Tuesday evening on Animal Planet. Please consult your local directory for viewing times.

  57. Joe Pace says:

    Talk about animals in a restaurant…no, not the dog…the North American Pavement Ape.

  58. She sounds like she has been brainwashed by our liberal school system like the Hitler Youth. 1/5th of College students are no like her.looking for something to be offended at and make a scene.

  59. Faith Wano says:

    She should be charged with public disturbance

  60. Chuck Yates says:

    Ghetto trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Rick Chapman says:

    There is a reason why this veteran needs to have a service dog to help him at this point in his life. Her disrespectful and infantile behavior probably only escalated any anxiety or other problems he has. But, it is all about her so there you have it. Shameful.

  62. She’s an ignorant pig, but personally, I believe that the “service dog” thing is being taken advantage by a lot of people who just want to be able to take their dog wherever they want. Not saying that is the case in this instance.

  63. Wow. And she is probably 6 people’s mother.

  64. Dan Reynolds says:

    She needs Jesus…bigly.
    Love Trumps Hate. John 3:16. MAGA!

  65. How did I know it was going to be a du mba ss black woman? It’s like I’m psychic. Let service dogs in, ban fools.

  66. Rob Lynn says:

    Full blown chimpout right there.

  67. Wow, don’t move to California lady. A service dog is legally allowed and necessary but I have been to cafes in very high rent areas in CA such as Marin county where people’s dogs were seated at the table. Just part of the culture there that treats dogs like children.

    However this is a man who needs the dog due to service to his country. The lady could not be more misinformed and offensive. I cannot wait for the left to eat itself, they are intolerant of each other!

  68. Jim Alfirov says:

    Stereotypical Loudmouthed N**ger…

  69. David Batlle says:

    Even before I clicked on the link I knew it was going to be a black woman.

  70. The Irony of one animal complaining about another.

  71. Alton Crisp says:

    I have seen news reports of fake certification of “service” animals. It is fairly unregulated and allows people to get a mail-order designation for their pets to be taken everywhere. For $150 a company will send you a vest for the dog and a paper that deems the pet to have been certified as a service animal. People at my work have done this allowing them to bring their pets to work.

    1. Those with disabilities, customers and employees have a reason to be angry about all the fake service animals in public places. The ADA defines a service animal as a dog trained to perform a task for someone with a disability. “Comfort” animals are just pets. A real service animal is something you see in a public place only very rarely.

  72. Well This is Typical Hates Dogs This much .Muslims Hate Dogs Draw your Own Conclusion.

  73. Robert Smith says:

    The only sort of vermin I ever have a problem with are the ones on two legs.

  74. Her comment of “…I don’t care, it offends me!” says it all. It was said the 90’s began the age of the victim and the 2010’s I feel began the age of the offended. Today everyone is to be sure that they do not offend anyone, but that is unreasonable since everyone is offended by different things. I am sure this woman was offended by the dog, but I am also sure that more people were offended by her actions. People will get offended by many things in life, get over it.

  75. She wouldn’t have made it in the fields.

  76. Troy Dynes says:

    What a disgusting, filthy animal – the loud-mouth woman.

  77. Bob Parker says:

    I made some assumptions about the “livid woman” based on the headline … every single one of them was confirmed.

  78. Neal Angel says:

    The further up the tree the monkey climbs, the more we can see it’s butt. Clearly, she’s climbed far enough.

  79. I would not be comfortable with a dog in a restaurant either, I would just leave and not return.

  80. Frank Muller says:

    Black women are all about the drama.

  81. Frank Muller says:

    There’s a very high percentage of mental health problems in this community.

  82. I bet $100 she did not “lose a husband” in any war, except perhaps the drug war!

  83. Chris Link says:

    aunt Jemima is clearly not winning mother of the year….Clearly she woke up on the wrong side of the tree she dwells in…LMFAO!

  84. Frank Muller says:

    Guaranteed this woman talks to her children the same way. And we wonder where criminals come from .

  85. Just another angry, screechy black woman – and they wonder why we avoid them?

  86. Frank Muller says:

    I would much rather eat sitting next to the dog, than that woman.

  87. Any dog is better than any democRat, and here’s proof.

  88. Frank Muller says:

    Did she pay the check, or was this just a ploy to get out of paying?

  89. it’s Christmas….Ho Ho Ho…..

  90. One animal was clean, well-behaved, and stayed calm through the whole ordeal. Seemed mildly perplexed, but steady.

    The other was dirty, loud and disgusting. And SHOULD have been removed.

    Can you guess which is which?

  91. Frank Muller says:

    Pity the poor slob with her. His self-esteem must be super low.

  92. Todd Simpson says:

    Oh, how did I know before even seeing the video!

  93. Always the same rude ‘race’ is it not folks?

    1. Jim Olson says:

      Whenever you see a headline like this one, you can bet your last buck on who it’s about.

  94. Jim Olson says:

    I need to have a talk with her pimp. She needs another beating with the glass ashtray.

  95. Frank Muller says:

    Anyone think that she doesn’t beat her children?

  96. Frank Muller says:

    If you want to see the reality watch Tommy Sotomayor’s video on her drama.

  97. Frank Muller says:

    Later watch the video where she complains no one will hire her just because she’s black.

  98. Fred Doe says:

    Why didn’t someone simply shove her nose out the back of her head?

  99. Rick Sample says:

    The only thing disgusting here is the monkey shouting in her flip-flops.

  100. The disgusting one was that woman screaming at a veteran who fought to protect her.

  101. It is disgusting that animal was inside. Someone should have thrown her black ass outside.

  102. Peter Famato says:

    Why didn’t the owner have his dog on a leash? I mean the one with the hat on.

  103. People take fake service animals in public places all the time. They are the ones to blame when people get angry about animals in public places. Leave your pets at home!! The fundraiser should educate people about real vs. fake service animals.

  104. Lilith Whyte says:

    Your health is in danger if you see a knee grow.

  105. Obviously a self-entitled liberal.

  106. John Winkler says:

    Who is this lady? What is her name? What did she call her child during her rant? She needs a visit by CPS and need to be put on a schedule for regular contact for several months maybe even years if she has children. Maryland CPS please investigate this.

  107. Ray Say says:

    So who’s the real B’tch here

  108. Lynn Myron says:

    The wrong dog was on a leash.

  109. Disturbing the peace , blatantly guilty and should be arrested for that crime. AFAIAC

  110. “Livid Woman”???? I didn’t see a woman. Looked like a talking POS to me.

  111. You know what is disgusting? Her nasty mouth. Cussing up a storm about how people asked her a question in front of her GD child while she sets this kind of example.

  112. And now his service dog needs a service pet of its own to get over the PTSD event. Nice.

  113. Tim Darcy says:

    It wasn’t too long ago that other ignorant people were saying the same thing about black people being in restaurants. This bimbo is a reminder of why people felt that way, I guess.

    That said, I don’t know the specifics of this veteran, but I do agree that the whole “service dog” thing has gotten a bit out of hand.

  114. I thought Harambe was dead?

  115. John Bryk says:

    Nearly all states have laws that protect assistance animals from criminal interference, theft, and assault. Only Alabama, Alaska, Iowa, Maryland, Montana, and West Virginia do not appear to have such laws. Violators can face a simple misdemeanor for willfully interfering with a service animal in New Hampshire, to a one-year term of imprisonment/$10,000 fine in California for causing intentional injury to a service animal. It is important to observe the state of mind (or mens rea in legal terms) required under many of these state laws. Some laws require that a person only “recklessly” interfere with, or allow his or her dog to interfere with, a service animal. For the more serious crime of causing death or serious injury to a service animal, a person must “intentionally” cause the injury.

    Put her in jail where she belongs.

  116. dt60093 says:

    I know I never want to be in a restaurant with her or anyone who sounds like her.

  117. No one complained about the guy who took his out of control ape to the restaurant???

  118. who would want to live in Baltimore anymore?

  119. Tomas Cruz says:

    Does he really need a service dog to eat? He was with a friend, wasn’t that comfort enough? I see these men with their dogs and their wives. The one who has psychological problems is the wife.

  120. Seems weird that most all public confrontations involve one race. That is the same race that riots pretty often. I don’t like dogs in restaurants and think that like “handicap parking permits” the whole service dog thing is being abused by the usual scammers.
    This over the top reaction is typical. Go off like a loaded gun without knowing the facts or why the dog was in the premises.
    I don’t condone it but watching some of these aggressive black women go off I know why some of the men punch them right in their stupid faces. There seems to be some genetic predisposition to physically act out their aggressions in public without the slightest concern for anyone but themselves.

  121. The black woman was right, they should have a special section. She would also have a special water fountain and a special rest room that her kind and her kind only could use.

  122. Larry Smith says:

    Hate to say but you knew she would be black…but I was even shocked by her out of control behavior…

  123. I could see that the dog wanted to bite her, but he was afraid she might be rabid… smart dog.

  124. This thing happened in my store with two opposing customers. The woman in the argument was out of control. i singed one of my fellow employees to call the sheriff and then asked the one causing the disturbance to leave. She refused. I then told her I was placing her under a citizens arrest, which was my lawful right to do so. She went ballistic and refused to leave. About that time the officer arrived and she started going off on him. She asked, “Are you going to arrest me?” Calmly he replied, “No mam, you have already been placed under arrest for creating a public disturbance.”. When she was being cuffed she started fighting and the officer said, “Now you are resisting arrest and that is a much worse charge than creating a public disturbance.” The judge and the prosecuting attorney both agreed, I didn’t have to testify at all, and her attorney couldn’t do anything. Then she smarted off to the judge and instead of two months in the county jail she spent six.

  125. First, thank-you to this veteran who fought for all Americans to be free. The veteran and his dog had more self-control than the ignorant, self-centered, hate spewing wench who happens to be black. What a mouth on such a self-serving person who in addition to being ignorant, is obnoxious and a very poor role model for young person such a daughter. Shame on her for her arrogance, anger, vulgarity and ignorance!

  126. So here is a great example of events not being a race issue, but will turn in to one.. This person is just rude, wrong, unable to control herself, believes swearing is the norm the list goes on. HOWEVER, all it takes is one person to look at the majority of these posts, play the race card and this person is off the hook.

    The world we live in. Oh my.

  127. Brent Emory says:

    I would post a No Loud Mouthed Disrespectful Jiggaboos Allowed

  128. Jose Ortega says:

    The filthy Afrikanischer belongs in a zoo cage. The Afrikanisches are unfit to live in a civilized society. We must repatriate them back to Afrika where they belong.

  129. Katia Morton says:

    This man put himself at risk for his country and does not deserve this kind of beligerence.This woman is a disgrace to society. This is a person who has turned the situation around and displaced blame because of a huge chip on her shoulder thinking she is entitled and that the world owes her. Take a hike lady and go get a job!!!!

    “So, at this time, we would like to announce that we will be sponsoring a fundraising effort for veterans and service animals thru the Montana Wounded Warriors”
    If this happened in Delaware…why is the fundraising effort going through the MONTANA Wounded Warrior Project? Is it just a typo or what? Not that I mind as I am a Montana Resident(and is the reason I am asking)

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