LONDON (WJZ) — In the first NFL game since President Donald Trump made comments about players who kneel during the national anthem, members of both the Ravens and Jaguars took a knee while the “Star-Spangled Banner” was played ahead of their match-up in London.

Some players on both teams, Ravens coach John Harbaugh and Jaguars owner Shad Khan opted to stand arm-in-arm with those on either side of them as the “Star-Spangled Banner” and Britain’s national anthem, “God Save The Queen,” played.

At a Friday rally, the president said that NFL owners should, when dealing with a player kneeling during the anthem, “get that son of a b**** off the field.”

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The president has doubled down on his initial remarks over the course of the weekend, calling on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to tell players to stand. Goodell and some team owners criticized his comments in turn.

Athletes also responded sharply. LeBron James called the president a “bum.” Bruce Maxwell of the Oakland A’s became the Major League Baseball player to take a knee during the anthem.

On Sunday morning, the president commented again, tweeting on the matter.

Even former Raven Ray Lewis kneeled on the sidelines ahead of the game in London. Lewis has suggested in the past that former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who sparked controversy by kneeling ahead of games last season, should leave the politics out of his game.

“The football field is our sanctuary,” Lewis said. “If you do nothing else, young man, get back on the football field and let your play speak for itself. And what you do off the field, don’t let too many people know, because they gonna judge you anyway, no matter what you do, no matter if it’s good or bad.”

Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti released the following statement on Twitter after the start of Sunday’s game.

Fans had a mixed reaction to the decision by Ravens and Jaguars players to kneel.

Some applauded it…

While others were disappointed.

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Comments (211)
  1. Dan Woomer says:

    Ravens – Jaguars – Disgusting Display in London
    Kneeling during our National Anthem is inappropriate behavior while wearing a Raven, Jaguar, or any NFL team uniform. Most other business would not allow this during company hours, nor while representing their company. To show disrespect for our country while representing the USA in another country is beyond disgusting. Today, following over 50 years as a fan of the NFL, I turned off my TV and will no longer support an organization that allows their employees to openly disrespect our country. These are men who would not be earning millions of dollars if they lived in any other country. If these players find this country so unfair and evil, one of the freedoms many have paid with their lives to give us all, is the right to pack up your life and leave the USA. Be sure to renounce your citizenship on your way out.

    1. My sentiments, exactly. The current regime ruling the NFL are a disgrace to every veteran, everyone who loves this nation and what it stands for.

    2. Agreed. Amen.Organized “sports” entertainment has been going downhill for years, but now that the “actors”(they stopped being athletes a while ago when money, drugs and sex became their motto) are politicians instead of football players its time to stop supporting their habit. “Professional” sports are becoming just another con game, joining the likes of Hollywood and Wall Street in ripping off the American Citizen to enrich themselves. And they stood up for the British “God Save The Queen”? The Queens ancestor Elizabeth the 1st started the slave trade in England ” It is estimated that Britain transported 3.1 million Africans (of whom 2.7 million arrived) to the British colonies in the Caribbean, North and South America and to other countries.” These so called football players are not only arrogant and self absorbed, but stupid too.

    3. Some days all of these millionaires will discover that playing a kids game pays a lot more than McDonalds….. You don’t miss your water till your well runs dry.
      I’ve seen so many Military funerals and so many in the Military who wish they could stand up for just a few minutes.
      I could support them if they did a protest on their own time….but not at a ball game and damn sure not outside of THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!

    4. Mark Mullins says:

      Perhaps their resolve to rub this ridiculous agenda into their fan’s noses will come as a comfort to them when they find themselves out of a career due to lack of public interest.
      Then again, I sort of doubt it.

    5. Elena Bowman says:

      If these excuses for Americans were fined 50,000 dollars every time they took a “knee” it would end rather quickly because their wives would get after them for losing all that money due to their disgraceful act against the flag, the National Anthem and those that gave their lives so their ungrateful husbands could make millions and millions of dollars regardless of the color of their skin..

      1. Not necessary- they will be punished when Nike and Under Armour can no longer afford to sponsor them and their contract renewals are less than they are making now- that is if you can really take a stand and not attend, watch or record games and not purchase anything with a swish or UA on it.

    6. These players merely prove that they are clueless about the colonialist British slave trade or they wouldn’t have stood for the Brits’ national anthem. Proves to the rest of us that football players are not particularly smart.

    7. Julia Dixon says:

      And the People said, “Amen!”

    8. John Winkler says:

      Mark Levin on Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand up for the U.S. National Anthem (August 29 2016)

    9. John Trapp says:

      NFL is over, the disease of leftism has killed it.

    10. These are extremely gullible, dumbed-down and ungrateful people buying into a lie. They have no idea what you are talking about. They have bought into the radical liberal group think that is devoid of reason, logic or truth. They cannot be reasoned with.

      I do not need them or their product.

    11. Agreed.

      Eff the NFL. Eff the NBA, and if MLB doesn’t watch out? Right, eff them too. Hoping for their sake that the kneelers and their ilk buy lots of seats and hoodies.


    1. Mark Meyer says:

      100% correct. The NFL will lose $300 million this year. Leftists only account for 20% of the population and….they are a bunch of broke hippies who can barely afford the drugs they use.

    2. A correction. It is not Trump who will win it will be America who will win. these disgusting individual who have done nothing to serve America have the nerve to disrespect the flag that so many men and women of all racial and ethnic backgrounds have died for.

      We’;; see how long the owners will support them when it starts to affect the bottom-line.

      1. Today was my first day of watching NO pro-football. Don’t miss it really. We have college football – hockey is right around the corner!

  3. From America’s pastime to America’s past. Anyone willing to create a league or a sport’s news station that concentrates on sports and not protest has a HUGE opportunity right now.

  4. Sick to death of this. I won’t watch or pay any $ to be insulted by these millionaires.

  5. greatgosh says:

    I heard that kids have begun to ask their coaches if they can kneel in protest prior to little league games. I’m going to take a knee before my next job-in protest of welfare.

  6. Paul Everitt says:

    Rule of holes: When you find yourself in one, stop digging!

    Just how stoopid are these people?

  7. Dave Parker says:

    Why don’t all of you f’n big mouths that think these overpaid crybabies should have the right to protest at work, go to your job tomorrow and do something that offends a large portion of your company’s customers and see what happens to you ! Liberal morons !

    1. “go to your job” .. and there’s the problem with your post. These maggots don’t work or contribute.

  8. I’d kneel for God save the Queen…

    1. Grizz Mann says:

      Well the English sure had a hand in the slave trade.

  9. Nothing like disrespecting the American flag that the colonists fought the British to establish the Republic. Liberals are dangerous anti-American subversives.

  10. Mike Miller says:

    I’ve never been impressed with grown men and women who play childrens’ bouncy bouncy ball games.

  11. President Trump has once again done our country a great service…he has peeled away the veneer of the undeserved adoration that our so-called professional athletes get heaped on them for nothing more than being talented at handling a ball of some sorts. They are overpaid cretons that don’t deserve the honor of representing our country in any manner and I hope that good old fashioned middle-class Americans turn off their games and stop buying their tickets and paraphernalia which allows these dimwits to own mansions and drive Bentleys…enough already!

  12. mikey0 says:

    Typical ignorant response. Everyone saw this coming. The NFL no longer deserves respect for any reason whatsoever.

  13. John Harrell says:

    One less Family distraction on Sundays and game days. Why don’t we spend our time out with our families instead of watching players who never be a part of our lives.

  14. You side with the 12%, you reap the wrath of the 88% WHO PAY YOUR FKN BILLS!

  15. Stephen Long says:

    Yes, I think its great that the nfl is standing up against this President who looks to divide and cover up his most recent mistakes

    1. Dabigragu says:

      You’re right, but Obama’s gone Stephen.

      1. He’s been so busy crying and looking for a friendly zipper to cry into that he hasn’t noticed. Simple minded window licking shortbus riding parasite that he is.

  16. Mark Meyer says:

    HUGE mistake to mix politics with work. The NFL will regret not nipping this in the bud last year. The loudmouths on the left have got some of these owners and Goodell completely brainwashed.

  17. Mark Mach says:

    I’m with Trump. Let these commies go find a real job.

  18. Gary O'Neal says:

    Don’t just turn off the TV. Turn off the satellite/cable receiver. If the receiver is on then the ratings people think you are watching whatever it is tuned to.

    Turn off the TV and the receiver/set-top box.

  19. Same players stood during British National Anthem. How did you miss that CBS?

  20. Black players have started making comments that white players are racist for not kneeling.

  21. Zoie Cognomi says:

    In football and sports you kneel down and take a knee for a player that has been injured on the field, I have to agree and support all athletes that America has been fatally wounded or got a really serious brain injury. They all forgot what freedom is and what money should be.

  22. Get ready prima donnas. Enjoy playing in front of high school sized crowds. You are showing complete disrespect for the people….the fans…..who pay for it all. rCorporate sponsors should pull their season tickets immediately. My company will.

  23. Shows how disgraceful, low class, and totally ignorant these spoiled brats are. There is no other country in the world that gives them the opportunity to achieve what they have. And like most Americans I have a bitter, distasteful taste in my mouth over what they are doing. I will no longer watch Professional sports or support the advertisers who sponsor them.

  24. The media got the headline wrong, on purpose I think. Most players weren’t “kneeling”, as they said. Most players were *standing* for the national anthem! Just look at the video behind the singer. Standing with their arms locked together, as one might do in church. That’s not any style of protest that I am aware of. If it was meant to be a protest, then it’s a protest fail.

  25. I haven’t watched a whole NFL game in real time in years. I usually DVR my favorite team and watch it later in the day, skipping commercials and slow points in the game. And starting last year, I began not watching the game unless my team won, unless it is a late afternoon game and I might turn it on while prepping dinner. I have stuff to do, I haven’t been willing to sacrifice my Sunday for football in years.

    Starting today, I wont even DVR the game. I dont want to even give that rating to the NFL. I will be happy to tune back in when I read or see reports that the league and its players have become pro-American again. I will come back even if I learn that a majority of players, organize a counter-protest or a major pro-American symbolic response to these…what are usually the thug character players on these teams, who think cops should even chase them when they run…and some of these players have their own encounters with cops, usually because they are hanging around a club or party where violence breaks out. Their mothers brought them up wrong or the didn’t listen to their mother.

    1. I meant to write ” who think cops shouldn’t even chase them when they run” but this system doesn’t provide for editing

  26. Do these racist NFL thug knuckleheads have any idea what their multi-million dollar incomes would be taxed at in the UK?

    Since they hate the USA so much, and proclaim their solidarity with BLM cop killers, why don’t they move to Londonistan, capital of the European Caliphate, so their financial and security dreams can be fulfilled?

  27. Hanson Smith says:

    Moving to Africa is always an option for any black who feels oppressed here in the US. On the Dark Continent they can live in justice and equality among their own. Get lost, losers.

  28. Bob Stubbs says:

    Just another thing the left is destroying. Go to Iran or North Korea you sissies! The NFL use to be a man’s sport. Not now!

  29. Keith Horn says:

    I’m taking a knee on the NFL. Yes the players have a right to kneel. I’m exercising my right not to watch. These players are at work. When your at work you do what your boss wants you to do. Express your politics on your own time. We the public buy products and right now the product that the NFL is producing, STINKS. No Sale
    ACTION speaks louder than KNEE’s. Get off your knee’s, get out in the community, and effect CHANGE. If you don’t like something, don’t sit there and whine. FIX IT

  30. Zoie Cognomi says:

    Kneel away great soldiers kneel away. So yeah this is fun to bicker about and point out the freedom of speech and how America is dead, and no one will ever convince me otherwise. America is dead, get over it and lets build something new. I have to work for myself now and can not find work, WHY<For supporting trump, and protesting against corruption. I have a "reckless behavior" charge and a "public theft" charge on my record —both misdemeanors simply for marching with a camera outside of police lines and for picking up items that were dropped on the streets by police and protesters after a riot. Could not predict that one coming. But with a family and unable to now find work or make a living, I have to get food stamps and welfare because I will never ever find a job again, with a theft and reckless charge on my criminal history, especially from 1 year ago. So you go on and stand for your corrupt flag and song, I will turn from it from now on until someone give me a job that my 10 years in college and 20 years in the workforce will be worth..

  31. Rex Johnson says:

    I’m sick of the NFL gang bangers who can’t even get a full intelligible sentence out.

  32. Joe Garmer says:

    Time to remove the NFL’s Antitrust exemption. This is not protected free speech. I guess we are seeing that NFL players do have brain damage.

  33. And their numbers will keep dropping.. as will their $$$… We the people have been boycotting before trump said anything… he is just speaking what we the people are already doing… to hell with the NFL or ANY sports person, actor, actress, musician , singer , etc etc etc that is anti american, anti constitution, anti founders, anti traditional values, etc etc… NFL is down, movie box office is down… music sales and concerts are down and will continue… we the people have spoken and are taking our $$$ elsewhere..

  34. congratulations your article made the Drudge Report
    I see in the photo the players are all black. Injecting racism into sports is not the way. If you were fired and lost your job for disrespecting the country would you kneel? we all know the answer.

  35. Hanson Smith says:

    While the black anti-Americans kneel….I stand with TRUMP!

  36. Mark Meyer says:

    HELP! For all the idiots who don’t understand the Anthem.
    The third stanza in the Anthem is what they are wrongly protesting. Here it is:

    “No refuge could save the hireling and slave
    From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave”

    What does it mean? Well, the Brits hired and enslaved American Blacks, and paid them to fight against America. We gave those Americans no quarter when caught or facing the barrel of our guns, even though they were technically Americans. Yes folks! This is the history and it has NOTHING to do with slavery in America.

  37. Hmmm whats the injustice they are fighting for? The millions in their bank accounts? the opportunity to play a sport for living and make unimaginable money doing so? Yeah i can see why they kneel. Down with all sports and there ridiculous salaries. Let them find a real job.

    1. I hope this is enough to spur millions of Americans to stop wasting their lives watching millionaires with IQs of 77 play a game. Americans would be so much better off if they did anything something productive. I stopped watching professional sports when I was in my twenties and am far better off for it today. You will not miss it at all, trust me!

  38. Seems to me that black players should be taking a knee in memory of the epidemic violence and crimes committed against innocent American citizens every year

  39. Could this possibly be the Monkey see, Monkey do, scenario being applied ?.

  40. traitors traitors…boycott the NFL…. I think public opinion is overwhelming against these players and NFL…the media is trying hard to change this…. YOU stand for our country no matter what…unless u got no legs

  41. Grizz Mann says:

    Make it a real protest. Break your contracts, resign,return all bonuses and endorsements.. Them rent a stadium, amass your sponsors and television crews , sell tickets, then kneel in front of all those that agree with you. I might respect that action. That would show the slave owners what for.

  42. JAGUARS AND RAVENS SHOW WHY THEY’RE LOSERS: I don’t know about you, but it’s just about time for a boycott of the NFL. At the very least, we should all agree to turn off and/or walk out of ANY game where ANY player of ANY color kneels or sits during the playing of our National Anthem. They exercise their free speech by kneeling, we exercise ours by turning them off. Much respect to the players who did not kneel, and to Jags owner Shad Khan who locking arms and standing. Good job. Everyone else, you’re fired. Go take a knee in the unemployment line.

  43. Joe Casepack says:

    Anybody who kneels in worship to a racist ideology over their country deserves to lose their high-paying job.

  44. Don Rhudy says:

    It is a great shame that Washington, D.C. is filled with treasonous criminals in the House and Senate, and an even greater shame that the GOP enacted the 14th Amendment illegally—an illegal Amendment that authorized Federal Tyranny. As for these players, they are an embarrassment to all America. They already have justice and equality and are all of them millionaires as well, thanks to America’s capitalist system. To hell with them!

  45. Hanson Smith says:

    “Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan calls it a privilege to stand arm-in-arm with players during the national anthem in London.” – From the AP

    Not surprising that a muzlim would stand in solidarity with the anti-American blacks who spit on our flag.
    Think carefully about whom you want to give your money to.

  46. Cissy says:

    Done With Football…moving on. God Bless the USA

    1. Dreaded Parakeet says:

      So the other shoe dropped today right. I want to know what happens next. While fans will continue to attend games, there will be blowback and I’m curious to know the economic impact that will bite them in the butt. I never seen anything like this before. A $9B industry cannot be so utterly stupid. The NFL package for TV, attendance package, merchandise, fleecing cities to build them stadiums, etc. How relieved St. Louis must be they didn’t commit to building a stadium for the Rams. I want a bean counter to lay it on the table for us. We are living in interesting times.

  47. 51 years old. Die hard NFL football fan since 12 years old. Live and die with the New England Patriots. As of today, 09/24/17, NFL is dead as far as I am concerned. TV is off on Sunday and the rest of the season. I am done with the disrespecting the flag and our military. I am done with these overpaid millionaires disrespecting our country. You want to fight against social justice?? Fly to Chicago every weekend where African American blood is running down the streets courtesy of other African Americans. Where the body count is 500 and counting from African Americans slaughtering African Americans every week. This kneeling for the national anthem…..absolutely disgusting and hypocritical. I AM DONE WITH THE NFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Scott Norris says:

    If a player won’t stand for the US National Anthem, I agree with Trump, they should be fired. This is all just manufactured outrage by Obama, Clinton and the Democrats to protest the fact that they couldn’t win the Presidential election. What a bunch of low life crybabies.

    I will not watch another NFL game, and now not another MBA game. I’m sure the NBA will fall in line with Obama when their season starts.

    So now I have MLS and the NHL left for sports. I’m pretty sure the MLS will fall in line with the other racists and kneel, but hopefully the hockey players are intelligent enough to realize who pays their paychecks… THE PEOPLE THAT WATCH THE GAMES. The owners just sign the checks, they don’t actually use their money to pay the players.

  49. Andy Howe says:

    Based on the Ravens play, it appears that once they’re down they can’t get up.

  50. Just waiting for the time when these arrogant black football players will stand up and protest the epidemic of violent crime committed against whites in America by blacks. 90% of interracial crime is black on white. I think white football player should be the ones taking a knee to call attention to black crime and violence

  51. Brian Smyth says:

    Kneeling to the Flag and National Anthem on foreign soil. You don’t get much more disgusting than that.

  52. So you take a knee for the U.S. anthem and then stand at attention for the anthem of the country that IMPORTED THE WHOLE SLAVE TRADE TO BEGIN WITH?

  53. Fugg’em all. The NFL is dead to me.

  54. Perry Bonney says:

    No wonder that baseball is seen as an all-American sport. Looks like many of these football players had to have been barely pro-American in the first place, since the National Anthem has nothing to do with Trump. (Actually, I’m not a sports fan of any type, beyond doing “outdoor activities”. So I’m not meaning to beat up on football. Just the anti-American football players.)

  55. Another display of black democrats by Baltimore. Thugs in the streets and thugs on the field. Anti-Americanism and stupidity proudly displayed in a foreign country.

  56. It’s time for Americans to take a knee when it comes to sponsors of the NFL, it will be far more effective then what these low IQ clowns are doing

  57. .

    The NFL is Anti-American.

    Treat them accordingly.


  58. Two more teams go on the “no-watch” list. They keep this up I’ll have to figure out something to with my Sundays. I won’t support companies or sports teams that behave in this manner.

  59. Oh the aggrieved and underpaid black men. Oh the humanity. Fools.

  60. Traitors. When commit treason overseas — don’t come back. Your citizenship will no longer be honored. BO should have faced same penalty.

  61. pjm (@Pjm41) says:

    Can’t wait until this backfires on players, coaches the NFL

  62. Bob Forsberg says:

    Video shows more kneeling ghetto gangsta’s than respectful people during the anthem….media promotes and encourages this behavior by their editing.

  63. Frank Walker says:

    It is bad enough when these spoiled man-children insult and spit on America. But when they disrespect Britain and the Queen herself . . well . . THAT is a bridge too far!!

  64. Yo Bud Light…. I’m taking a knee!!!!

  65. They can continue to take a knee for this season and evermore. My days as a fan of the ravens and the NFL are over. It is their right to protest. It is my right to ignore the ravens as a team and the NFL as an organization. Without fans to watch the games and buy their products the NFL will diminish. Sponsors take notice. Remember this is supposed to be entertainment. It will be MY goal to convince my family and friends to pursue the same actions.
    I will not kneel but I can walk away.

  66. I hope this draws Americans attention to the fact that white Americans really have nothing in common with blacks……


  68. d0ct0rj says:

    If the Ravens and Jaguars want t to alienate football fans permanently, and destroy the NFL which pays them so much, they are certainly on the right track…

  69. Wow. Looks like a police lineup on the sidelines. O ya. It probably is.

  70. Most of these LOSERS have enough money to buy a ticket out of the USA and they don’t have an anchor on their ass! Walking ain’t crowded………….LEAVE!

  71. I think it is about time that we re-introduce the N word to the language!

  72. Brian Koceja says:

    its just sad and breaks my black heart….too many of my comrades were draped in that flag and aren’t coming back

  73. Steve Oroszi says:

    There’s a backlash coming and as this continues, more and more teams are going to find themselves in dire financial straights and as TV revenue falls and ticket sales plummet (as it already has) the league as a whole will decline as the vast majority of the American public gets tired of this BS – and then where will the players get their paychecks for playing a game for a living as they ruin the sport for future generations.

  74. Tameka Lewis says:

    Hahahahah Trump lives rent free in their tiny heads – they can stay in London – don’t come back you anti-American creeps!

  75. heartpursuer says:

    I’d be more encouraged if these players, either individually or as a team, took a moment before the game to pray. Kneeling optional.

  76. Joe Wray says:

    Well, aren’t they brave?……………………………………
    Please just stop with the celebrities. For me not a dimes bit of difference in actors, tv personalities, swampers and now entitled athletes that kids look up to teaching hate/disrespect for our Country. No more invites to this lot. Invite Americans that serve the Country..Vets, police, fire fighters(remember 9/11?) and everyday Americans who would know/cherish the honor. Can I get an AMEN.

  77. Ethan Wayne says:

    I can promise you this wont end well for the NFL. Protest in a meaningful way, but don’t disrespect the flag for the very nation that allows you to become rich playing a game. How do they not see that? The owners who support this are fools if they think their admonishment of President Trump is going to set well with most Americans.

  78. Kneeling when the national anthem is played is a symbolic way to protest, but players could have a greater influence by protesting during the game itself.

    For example:

    1. A defending team could “take the knee” during a final rush inside the 10 yard line, and allow the opposing team to score a touchdown with no team playing defense against them.

    2. A team could just not bother to show up for a game: Players would phone in that they’re “taking a knee” that day, resulting in the game being cancelled.

    3.The entire league could ‘take a knee’ by refusing to play anymore games.

    i.e. Shut the entire NFL down! That way, every player would also receive an equal pay-check of exactly ZERO DOLLARS.

    Nothing could be fairer.

  79. Dan Brower says:

    Trump is correct……boycott sports if they keep up with this Un-American activity.

  80. Russ Reecer says:

    What’s the purpose of taking the knee??? I forget, are they tired?

  81. Dave Thrush says:

    45 year bronco fan here, but I also had an uncle that was killed in Vietnam by a Vietcong land mine honoring that flag and the country it represents….I’m done with these overpaid mental midget pri&$.?…

  82. Russ Reecer says:

    I think lots of exciting players are missed every year in the College draft…let’s let them play, fire all these losers….

  83. Phil Davison says:

    Taking a lesson from the Dixie Chicks. See how well it worked for them. BOYCOTT NFL.

  84. These “knee jerk” players never even knew what they were protesting! Were they protesting the USA flag? The USA anthem? Some made up B S by Colin “the Knee Jerk” Kaepernick? Who knows. They never could articulate the connection. They were and are just trying to call attention to themselves. . . . . . . . .NOW they are becoming unified and protesting President Trump who had the guts to call them out for their stupidity. . . . . . . . So be it. Let their ratings fall. The NFL can go to H E LL as far as I’m concerned. No more games for me. Turning the channel. Adios.

  85. Misguided players playing into Kim Jong-un’s justification to nuke America.

  86. How about they protest when a black person kills another black, perpetuating violence that are the cause of the negative stereotypes that are all too much embraced by these blind a**holes? Or fund outreach programs for the inner city that doesn’t have to do with their sport, that way all can feel included rather than fans of any one particular sport? How about finding and acting on solutions rather than misguided symbolic gestures that disrespect your customer? How about endorsing fatherhood and owning situations rather than pointing and blaming and “ducking out” on your blood? In the trauma center where I work, skin pigment doesn’t matter, saving the life of everybody that needs the help matters. So I ask these multi million dollar players….. How many lives have you saved? How many could you save? And how will you do it? By taking a knee? That’s all you got….. Really?

  87. They look and act like a bunch of spoiled punks, goons and gangsters. Even some owners are starting to act like spoiled brats.

    To hell with them all. I’m finished with the NFL.

  88. These oh-so-tough girly men are giving many in the Nation a wonderful push to find other interests in their lives where your time will be better spent. No more wasting hours a week in front of a TV or at a game watching grown men play children’s games. It really is ridiculous when you take a few steps back and look at what you’re doing with your time. I gave up on the NFL last year – I can’t tell you who even won the SuperBowl or where it was held – and looks like the same is starting to happen in MLB. As for the NBA well doesn’t take a genius to see where that’s headed. My advice: take yourself away from the TV, or attending games, it’s a wonderful world out there, so don’t let it pass you by. Enjoy your new path and journey toward a richer more fulfilling life.

    1. Very good advice. You have just freed my day for me to do what should have done all week.

  89. k9base says:

    kneegrows &sheitzzz

  90. Chuck Blinn says:

    Some would say that kneeling shows even GREATER RESPECT than standing. But these are not the brightest bulbs int he box. The original protest of SITTING showed a great deal more disrespect.

  91. What are we protesting, do these guys even know? Is it the lack of a perfect liberal utopia on Earth, is that it? What an absolute embarrassment these guys are.

  92. Franko Ku says:

    Of course they are almost if not all black – just like Most Wanted Photos by PA law – typically 60-70% black. That fits with 70% of black criminals had only one parent.
    The degradation of the black nuclear family is the fault of DEMS and the welfare state started under Johnson’s “great society” and always gets new life under DEM presidents including O-BUM-mer and any Dem controlled congress. The Republicans during Clinton’s term tried to push back undeserved welfare – now it’s worse than ever. Can you imagine welfare and the further degradation of black families out of work with rampant illegal immigration if hiLIARy won?

    www DOT creators DOT com/read/walter-williams/12/14/black-progression-and-retrogression

    www DOT creators DOT com/read/walter-williams/07/16/challenges-for-black-people
    and “Challenges for black people (Part II)” by (black) Walter Williams.
    www DOT creators DOT com/read/walter-williams/07/16/challenges-for-black-people-part-ii

  93. Bill Toth says:

    Better to kneel before the queen as subjects.

  94. I note many of those that are conservative and usually faithfully support their team and their country and flag are taking the snub to our flag and country very seriously and have vowed to turn off the TV and not go to games until things change advertisers and the teams bottom line …these people are not the same as liberals that have no standards

  95. Jeff Toten says:

    The NFL is in ruins and not worth watching or going to a game. I have been boycotting anything to do with it since Pumpernickel took a knee last year. Let’s hear them cry when they can’t get their sky-high salaries and bonuses for playing when no one is watching. Give them all crickets.

  96. Cathy Campo says:

    The bottom line is we have certain freedom in this country. If you don’t like people exercising their freedoms then you are saying such freedoms only apply if it agrees with you. That in itself is wrong. I don’t agree with everything I see going on. However, we all have the right to express our opinions and views.

    1. Bill Smith says:

      just what is it that they are protesting ?

  97. I thought CTE was another syndrome over stated in hyperbole, but it looks like
    it real and many players have.
    Now what is the owners and Democrats excuse, unless it is an air borne contagion.

  98. Bill Smith says:

    They have us all fooled ,those dudes on their knees are praying !

  99. James Miller says:

    I will no longer watch the NFL.
    It was bad enough several years ago when multi millionaire cry babies went on strike.
    One guy basically gets bashed out of the league for taking a knee in a showing of his devotion to his religion.
    Now these other lauded for taking a knee for their position.
    If they feel that strongly, then walk the talk, quit the league, and take their collective millions and donate to all to their collective causes.
    Then leave the country/society that made them extremely wealthy.
    Go duplicate that paycheck elsewhere.

  100. Jack Burton says:

    The millionaire players that are so oppressed can’t bring themselves to respect the flag of the nation that gave them that opportunity. Burning their own careers down. Fools. Fine with me. Trump has the high ground on this one. Idiots.

  101. There was just a report that Colin Kaepernick has signed a contract!
    It’s with McDonalds, but he’ll have to stand up.

  102. Gene Easley says:

    The division in the United States is palpable the end of professional sports as we have known them is palapable too.

  103. Zeb Mendiola says:

    They stand for the other anthem, but not theirs. Please join me in ending support for the NFL. College ball is much better anyways.

    I hope they lose a lot of money soon. All of them. It’s nice when cause & affect happen to a liberal:)

  104. NFL is done. No way in heck would I enjoy a football game knowing these braindead racist lying anti American frauds are making money from my viewing. NFL and the players can F off and die. I spent 12 long years in the Army and served four tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. I wanted to serve 20 years until I got severely injured. These self serving low life thugs are nothing but attention w hores.

  105. Michael Ellner

    “Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.”

    So as not to plagiarize, I would add: ‘sports heroes destroy character’

  106. Buddy Fritz says:

    What a disgrace. Wake up Americans – we have a lot more useful things to do on a Sunday afternoon. Anything is better than supporting a 75% black league who somehow thinks they are victims.

  107. Jimmy Chonga says:

    I think a renaming is in order: NFL to LFL, from National Football League to Liberal Football League, which can also be interpreted “Laugh at the Friggin’ Losers”.

  108. SHUT THE N eF L Down. Take away their license to public display! Un-American, Butt wipes!

  109. Bum ? The real bums and total ingrates are these thug players who are really BLM supporters.
    Done with these ingrates, both in attending and I had season tickets for 25 years and watching these ingrates.

  110. awww .. pay check .. check .. check ..

  111. Sad state of affairs! Players that pray silently during NFL games are ostracized, but players that disrespect our nation and those that created and defended it are held up as heroes. BOYCOTT is the only answer if Americans want this to stop. If you continue to watch, you are supporting and are a part of this disrespect! If the dollars dry up so will the actions.
    Free Speech is an American right (thanks to our Founding Founders creation of the Constitution!), but there are consequences to every free action. If most Americans stood up and protested in the middle of their workday and offended their customers (driving them away), they would be fired.

    BTW: Disrespecting our national anthem in London just shows the players & coaches ignorance of our exceptional American history along with the history of slavery. The Declaration of Independence and the Revolutionary war was a hard fought break from England involving massive loss of Patriot blood and treasure, and the original horrific custom of slavery was imported from England. It was Americans who eventually ended the slavery (again through blood & treasure during our American Civil War). Maybe these athletes need to go back to school!

  112. Sharp Shtik says:

    Show disrespect to America and Americans will show disrespect to you Hollywood and NFL leftists (e.g. fewer consumers and less income).

  113. Baltimore, of all cities in the US, should understand what happens when the police are intimidated into not doing their job. How many blacks have died from preventable violence to atone for one thug killing himself in the back of the paddy wagon? They got what they wanted, now live with it. Good for the thugs, bad for the honest, hard-working inner-city resident.

    Just to show that Baltimore was not a fluke situation the same thing happened in Chicago after the cop shot the kid in the back. The only difference between civilized justice and thug justice is that the cop is being prosecuted and not celebrated.

    I remember all of the riots after OJ was declared not guilty. At least I think I do.

  114. Not a surprise. Monkey see. Monkey do. What a bunch of brainwashed commie lemmings!

  115. Dan Komperda says:

    You can tell they’re all Irish…

  116. Football players want to “take a stand” on the issues of the day. How nice. But alienating half the country – and much more than half their fan base, if you can believe polls and such – doesn’t seem like a very smart strategy.

  117. George Burns says:

    Kneeling for Social Justice? The NFL is sexist and agist: Where are the women and senior citizens on the team, huh? You hypocrites.

  118. Steve Hansen says:

    So the Ravens with their “spiritual leader” Ray Lewis (he of the Atlanta double murder scandal) felt it necessary to protest during the National Anthem. That’s fine because the these NFL players will be drooling in their soup in 10 years so the joke’s on them.

    Just keep putting on a show for us each week and we’ll let you do your little stunts.

  119. Brus Al says:

    If these guys really hate their lives in America, they can always stay across the pond and see how well they do over there.

  120. what a bunch of bullspit, is this supposed to be in protests of police brutality against blacks ??? most of the cases are the suspects own fault, but people don’t want to know the truth

  121. To sin in silence when one should protest makes cowards out of men. — Abraham Lincoln

  122. Just thought I would let you know who your hurting. You have disrespected my father who died serving this country at the ripe old age of 22. He left behind 2 kids and a mother who have to raise us under the poorest of conditions. I grew up without the opportunities you have because I didn’t have serial excuses for my bad behavior. The police like any other profession has its heroes and its Idiots. Maybe you should think about that next time you do something asinine like disrespect a man, my father, who loved his children and died while going to work in the Army, to give them a chance at a better life.

  123. Mike Herman says:

    Disrespecting America is just what Democrats do.

  124. Mike Herman says:

    How dare an American president called disrespetful behavior “disresepectful”.

  125. Just thought I would let you know who your hurting. You have disrespected my father who died serving this country at the ripe old age of 22.

    He left behind 2 kids and a mother who had to raise us under the poorest of conditions. I grew up without the opportunities you have because I didn’t have serial excuses for my bad behavior.

    The police like any other profession has its heroes and its Idiots. Maybe you should think about that next time you do something asinine like disrespect the American Flag that a simple man honored and saluted every morning and every night because he loved his children and died while going to work for the Army, to give them a chance at a better life.

  126. The pathetic kneeling slugs are a disgrace to this country, our flag and national anthem and especially a disgrace TO ALL OF THOSE WHO HAVE FOUGHT AND DIED FOR THIS COUNTRY, OUR FLAG AND NATIONAL ANTHEM. F THEM ALL!!! I WILL NOT WATCH ANYMORE NFL, NBA, OR NHL.

  127. Roy Lindberg says:

    Note, the NFL is now endorsing the hate America, Black Lives Matter, Hate cops movement.

  128. Steffie Jean says:

    what as ses! This pansy a ss pukes of a generation don’t deserve to live in America…but it’s only a matter of time before they lose it anyway…the America they protest will fall eventually with citizens like this in its midst…it’s clear they’re too stupid and weak to stand up and honor the way of life and freedoms of America… so keep hating on your nation and protesting..eventually you’ll get what you want.

  129. Jim Funk says:

    All done with the NFL. Crass ignorance and disrespect is all that’s there anymore. Good riddance. Boycott all products from any advertisers who sponsor their games.

  130. Just look at the comments on this article which was published in liberal Baltimore! A huge number of patriotic Americans agree with President Trump. U.S. Soccer has adopted a policy that will require players, coaches and anyone involved with the national teams to “stand respectfully” during the playing of any national anthem. The NFL should adopt the same policy, but it won’t. Goodbye NFL.

  131. If in fact these people are so dissatisfied with America, why don’t they simply move out of the US? I’ll even go so far as to suggest they go to a coast and start swimming. When they see a flag with a hammer and sickle their home.

  132. Niko Hance says:

    Sounds like a good cause. Probably they have done it before,…..Right.???
    Against some Injustice. For example: When US started illegal war in Iraq and Afghanistan killing millions of women, men, children. When Obama bombed a wedding in Afghanistan or started another war in Libya killing millions then went to bomb Syria and kept bombing Iraq. Wait a minute. No. They have never protested against slaughtering millions of innocent people. Well . It’s still not too late. Otherwise they look like morons .

  133. I would have revoked their passports within 5 minutes of this stunt, and I would have frozen their assets. If you are ashamed of our country, find a new place to live; but you only take what you have on your backs and not the immense perks this country has afforded you.

  134. Kim Watson says:

    I am not surprised that the players are so disrespectful of the lives that have been given to make it possible for them to be paid millions to play a game.

    But I do expect better of the owners.

    However these are the same owners that tried to excuse wife beating until the pesky videos and police reports got leaked.

  135. Dreaded Parakeet says:

    Cutting your nose to spite your face. You are looking mighty ugly today NFL.

  136. Boycott NFL! Walk out! Enough is enough.

  137. Tameka Lewis says:


  138. Kim A Kirk says:

    Wow… on foreign soil no less. The NFL is so dead already… it’s a walking corpse.

  139. We The People (millions of Citizen voters) will Continue to support President Trump and Conservatives in Congress and In 4 years this Career Politician’s Hate-filled, Liberal, Leftist, Lunatic, Socialist agenda will fade. AND In 8 years there won’t be a trace of their idiotic policies and schemes. – The Career Politicians, Democrat / Socialists and the radical Leftists know this, and that is why they want to stop President Trump from fulfilling his agenda to M.A.G.A. – – If they don’t stop him the Democrat party, along with the Career Politicians and their power & money, will be GONE ! That’s why they’ve been spending millions, screaming, protesting, and supporting the use of violence – even to the assassination of President Trump and Republicans. And obstructing justice and the President to the point of madness ever since Mr. Trump took office! But remember that this is a Spiritual Battle and it WILL be won with Spiritual Weapons – 2 Corinthians 10:4 / Eph.6:10-18 etc etc

  140. Typical of “their” blatant ignorance…Fire them all…Reggin’s showing how stupid and arrogant they are…Born losers.

  141. Rice Glanmod says:

    What I don’t understand is which particular law or government institution these athletes are objecting to. Even if we accept the premise that there is racism in USA (and let’s not even start a debate who is more racist whites or blacks or whatever), that racism is prerogative of individuals. So, take it up with those who personify and embody the racism. But racism is not codified in the law of the land or institutionalized in any form or shape in this country. This country shed blood to get rid of slavery to set civil rights to establish Affirmative Action even when it had to cast aside individual liberties and state rights to achieve those goals. For goodness sake, even elected a black president even if he was an unqualified candidate. So, why disrespect the anthem, why disrespect the flag? These people make no sense and only hassling to stir the pot. I can bet you that 99% of American people would never miss any of them if they all packed up and left for Liberia or North Korea. Let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be exactly a brain drain on a country and there is never a shortage of gorillas in this country to butt heads for money as a form of entertainment of questionable value.

  142. Brian Turner says:

    Let’s put an end to all of this crud and leave the players in the locker room during the anthem. Then let them run onto the field afterward. Ridiculous to watch multi-millionaire athlete claiming or protesting about racist and loss of opportunity when the average wage in the US is less than $50,000. Poo on them.

  143. Rice Glanmod says:

    In my line of work I get lots of vendors inviting me to NFL games in my hometown area (hint: there is more than one team). I will make a point to pointedly reject those invitations stating that I am boycotting NFL. NHL or MLS would do just fine for me, thank you very much, sir or madam. I stand with President Trump in his quest to restore pride and respect to this country.

  144. It is not divisive or racist for President Trump to call out this ridiculous grandstanding. It is quite the opposite. There is nothing unifying or honorable about protesting the National Anthem. In fact, it is disgustingly divisive and alienates millions of good Americans. The National Anthem, and sports in general, is an opportunity for Americans to come together as a united people if only for a short 3-hour game. If they truly want to be unifying, athletes would stand together and show the world how a diverse crowd can come together for the betterment of the whole. Instead, Athletes selfishly put their individual causes above that of the group. There is a ton of honorable causes to advocate for, but when you put that uniform on it should be about winning games and these distractions should not be tolerated. You can be a social warrior on your own time and do not need to disrespect the country that has crafted an environment for you to become filthy rich.

  145. Mike Tor says:

    They kneel against the USA in London- stand for impending Islamist police state of Britain. Figures.

  146. J.R. Coker says:


  147. The dyn dus on the ravens who stood for the UK national anthem are too stupid to realize that it once was the US national anthem, and that was when things were much worse for people of color mind you.

  148. Remember when those on the Left claimed Trump would be an embarrassment over seas? Well, these are children of the Left and they’ve embarrassed us all beyond any comparison.

  149. Disgusting display by a bunch of overpaid kneeling cowards. Hats off to those who stood in solidarity.

  150. Do these post-American geniuses really think that liberals are going to start watching something as unsophisticated as football when they drive their American fan base away? Or do these geniuses think at all?

  151. Rich Cole says:

    You are spiting in the face of all the veterans that have or ever will serve in the U.S. Military. You are no longer worth my time. As a vet, I am done with pro sports. Disgusting.

  152. Ivan Blanton says:

    Kneeling during the National Anthem and before the flag is disrespectful to every man and woman, dead and living, who serve in the US Military. Those men and women fought and died to give them the rights they have, and when players kneel, it’s just the same as telling them their sacrifice doesn’t matter. Shame on you NFL and NFLPA for your disrespectful attitude toward our troops. You take in millions of dollars every year, while those who serve and fight for you will never see the amount you take home in a year in their entire lifetime. And you think you have it bad, and you cry out for social justice. Social justice is a Progressive farce that wants to end equal justice, and brings in Socialism. But you idiot players are too damn dumb to see it. Kaepernick started this farce, and Kaepernick owes EVERY man and woman in uniform an apology. The only reason why that fool ain’t playing is because his level of play is sub par.

  153. Ken Valley says:

    This is what Communists like Kaepernick has done to the NFL and our country! Well, EFF Them! I, for one, will boycott the NFL by not buying any of their products and turning off my TV! These overpaid clowns have f-up the game and now it’s politics on the field! It’s the NFL and its Communist players, who will be paying the price, as fans will not fill up stadiums and the media that helped them will lose revenue! I join the POTUS in this solidarity boycott against those ungrateful thugs of the NFL, who make millions, while our Military men and women lose limbs and get killed on the battle fields!

  154. How do you know your team sucks or your career is at it’s end….see above. What the team owner commit financial suicide with you. He still gets profit sharing…his stupid players do not.

  155. Bill Smith says:

    Criticizing your government is something that can be honorable. But going overseas and criticizing your own country is something that is very different. VERY different.

  156. Disliking the results of the Presidential election does not justify massive disrespect for the nation. As a career soldier I stand at attention when they play the National anthem; anything else is disrespect.

  157. Keith Panco says:

    They choose to divide us by disrespecting our flag and national anthem, and when called out by a real man, they cry division. I thought football players were supposed to be men.

  158. This is it. I am done with all Pro Sports and will not allow my money to support these cretins. Here is the deal. If not for this country and given the dynamics of WWII and other wars most people of color would not even be walking the earth today. Minorities should thank the dear lord everyday and thank this country and yes….white people for the sacrifices that have protected them and others for liberty.

  159. Dabigragu says:

    Let’s face it, for most liberals the natural position is on their knees.

  160. Gerry Turner says:

    This is way the NFL’s ratings are tanking

  161. Kim Watson says:

    The Ravens were probably on their knees praying that they would not be smoked like cheap tobacco.

    Sorry guys,….. you need to pray more next week.

    PS – Stop being poutty brats and honor the flag. Real men died so that you guys can make millions playing a school boys game. Respect them.