BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Ravens fans recorded themselves burning their team gear Sunday after Baltimore players were among the first in the league to take a knee during the national anthem following President Donald Trump’s harsh criticism of the practice.

At a Friday rally, the president said that NFL owners should, when dealing with a player kneeling during the anthem, “get that son of a b**** off the field.”

The president doubled down on his initial remarks over the course of the weekend, calling on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to tell players to stand, and saying those who don’t should be fired. Goodell and some team owners criticized his comments in turn.

On Sunday morning, the president commented again, tweeting on the matter.

The Ravens and Jaguars match-up, which was played in London, was the first NFL game to air following the president’s remarks.

Members of both teams took a knee while the “Star-Spangled Banner” was played.

Some players on both teams, Ravens coach John Harbaugh and Jaguars owner Shad Khan opted to stand arm-in-arm with those on either side of them as the “Star-Spangled Banner” and Britain’s national anthem, “God Save The Queen,” played.

“We’re a tight-knit group and we’re a family and we support anyone that has a feeling toward a certain subject,” said Eric Weddle.

“There is no dividing us. I guess we’re all sons of b****,” said Terrell Suggs.

The negative response from fans came quickly.

(WARNING: The videos below contain strong language and may be offensive to some viewers.)

“There’s a million ways to express a need for social change,” says Harford County Sheriff Jeff Gahler, who was among those who took to Facebook so say that he was getting his team gear “ready for the burn.”

“I didn’t mean as literally as I wrote it,” he said later.

But private citizens also posted videos and images of them burning their jerseys.

Others simply took to Twitter or the team’s Facebook page to say they would no longer support the team.

Many still defend the team’s actions.

“This is not a disrespect of the flag that these people are doing,” says Baltimore City Councilman Brandon Scott.

He says that the peaceful protests on the field are a sign of respect and that players are fighting for an even bigger cause.

“This isn’t just one player, this isn’t about one player, this is about a cause that they believe in,” says Councilman Scott.

Coach John Harbaugh also discussed how the team is reacting to the controversy during his weekly news conference.

“Our team is united and we stand together as brothers, and I’m proud of that. It means a lot.”

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  1. Will these disgruntled fans also be burning their season tickets? If not, why not offer them for free to those who couldn’t afford them as a patriotic, help your country and less fortunate fellow citizens, gesture?

    1. Joe Yeti says:

      Paid for empty seats is a much stronger protest than giving away the tickets. Unsold tickets is the best of all.

  2. This just may be the best thing that could have happened, a lot of the racist people are gone from the NFL. This has nothing to do with the flag it is about injustice of Blacks. I am a season ticket holder and now maybe i can find better parking wohooo, if they feel as tho they want to burn their season tickets and jersey’s they are not hurting the Raven’s because they already spent their money. It is your lost, Nascar welcomes you with open arms.

    1. People keep claiming the kneeling during the anthem “is not being disrespectful to the flag” or “it has nothing to do with the flag”

      Perception matters. The way you protest matters.

      How did these people think viewers would perceive this? It shows a clear lack of thought. Numerous ways for them to protest, they could have and should have done something else.

      Coin toss, halftime show, they could have made their statements using many different methods, but the one they chose was to refuse to take a stand for the national anthem, for the flag, and for the country. Of course it was going to be perceived by many across the nation as an ignorant thing to do.

  3. Boycott the Ravens and the NFL until they understand we don’t want their left wing politics at football games.

  4. i will leave you with this, i WAS a Ravens Fan I Will not watch the RAVENS for the remainder of the season. The NFL and all those who wont respect this nation can go to hell.

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