BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Ravens National Anthem singer Joey Odoms has announced his resignation on social media.

This comes as the Ravens and many other NFL teams decided to protest the anthem during Sunday’s games.

“The tone/actions of a large number of NFL fans in the midst of our country’s cultural crisis, have convinced me that I do not belong there,” writes Odoms, who is a former member of the Maryland Army National Guard and a Baltimore native.

President Donald Trump made comments over the weekend at a rally in Alabama, calling NFL players who kneel “sons of b******” and said those who don’t stand for the national anthem should be fired.

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“Thank you so much for the opportunity to grow as a performer and for allowing me to live out a dream of sharing my gift with you,” said Odoms.

Speaking with WJZ’s Vic Carter, Odoms says as a member of the military, he is not offended by the players’ actions but did not want to get mixed up in the controversial discussion.

“I support the protest personally — I fought for that right, but I don’t like people using people like me to attack those people who are exercising their right.”

He went on to say “If I express how I feel, a segment of the fanbase would attack me.”

Odoms joined the Ravens in 2014. And said  it was a lifelong dream — he even asked coach John Harbaugh if he would audition for the job  when Harbaugh visited Odoms’ military base in Afghanistan.

Odoms says to Vic he called the Ravens and they understood his position and wish him well. They also told him to keep in touch.

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Comments (88)
  1. Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out…

    1. Agree. If that was an excuse or an apology then it was too nuanced for me. Sounds to me what he was saying is he hates my white guts, as a cop and a white American, but is afraid to say it because his commander might kick his ass.

  2. bookinweasel says:

    You’re easily replaced. Next…

  3. John Russell says:

    Basic lies right in front of your eyes. CBS Baltimore is lying to your face. Trump didn’t call “NFL players “Sons of B*tches”. He asked if the audience would like to see a coach call a SINGLE PLAYER a Son of a B*tch as he fired him for denigrating our National Anthem. Why can’t the media get a SINGLE FACT STRAIGHT?

  4. Andy Howe says:

    His resignation notice appears to blame the fans for his decision to quit. Am I reading that right? What action of the fans is he complaining about?

    1. I read it the same way. I would guess he did not like the booing of the players behavior. Sounds like he is a SJW in support of the players protest.

  5. Adios’! So sad. Too bad. Bye bye!

  6. Thank you Joey Odoms. Thank you for taking a stand that is right. Absolutely disgusting that these players take a knee on foreign soil during our National Anthem and stand for “God Save the Queen”. Clueless…..absolutely clueless how bad that looks. 64% of Americans are on the right side of this issue and I applaud your true courage. I hope the next game in your rival town of Pittsburgh, the fans boo Coach Mike Tomlin incessantly now that it’s coming out that he and his wife were holding private $30,000 a plate fundraisers for Hillary Clinton in June 2016. Keep politics out of it, Coach Tomlin?…..yeah, an out and out lying phony………

    1. Did you read the piece? Odoms is with the protestors.

      1. markdido says:

        that was sarcasm NJ…

  7. Boycott the NFL until the ‘take a knee’ nonsense is done.

  8. Don Butler says:

    Listen folks, none of us ever thought we’d be here. I don’t blame all the athletes. They are guilty though. They sided with the left.. This may very well mark the end of of the NFL. Lombardi, Noll and Landry, ey al. are rolling in their graves.

  9. So what the hell does that mean? Why is he resigning – Because of the disrespect of our nation shown by the players, coaches & owners? Or because of the “racist”, “evil” fans who love their country and demand the NFL respect it?

    1. Budd Smith says:

      Because of the “racist”, “evil” fans who love their country and demand the NFL respect it. That one.

  10. Oh poor poor Joey. The fans are not welcoming him. The fans are the Ravens customers. BOYCOTT THE NFL, NBA AND NIKE. YES WE CAN!!!!

  11. San Arnold says:

    Good riddance! With your attitude, you do NOT need to sing our anthem. You . . . .

  12. F the NFL. F the blacks. F the liberals. F them all.

  13. The NFL, its owners and its players, hate this country. They hate the flag. They hate the Star-Spangled Banner. They have thrown in with cop-killing BLM.

    They have set themselves on a course of marketplace suicide.

    Spare us your whiny, America-hating, entitlement mentality you poor multi-millionaire victims.

  14. harris9513 says:

    Odoms you idiot, you didn’t fight for the right for people to be traitors to their country. You are an idiot. I do NOT thank you for your service. I condemn you wholeheartedly.

    1. Larry Jones says:

      He didn’t “fight” for anything. He was a clerk/typist in a National Guard unit sent to Afghanistan’; not everybody sent to Afghanistan is a “combat veteran,” despite what fake news people spew out. He’s just another black “down with the struggle.”

  15. John Winkler says:

    DJT voiced his opinion which is held by most American’s. DJT did not cause this. DJT did not allow this to happen. The group that ALLOWED the disrespect for the Flag and National Anthem was and is the NFL. No one else is responsible. The NFL should either say to its employees that they are or are not allowed to do during the playing of the national anthem. If they allow employees to act in a disrespectful manner contrary to traditional acts during the anthem.. Then their customer can decide if they want to continue to be customers .. Simple.. NFL take responsibility quit blaming DJT or who ever.. Make your policy and let’s play ball. NFL take a stand one way or another…….

  16. chicocdm says:

    We are all exercising our right to protest only we aren’t basing out protest on the lie that America is a racist country. Its a complete lie based on atrocity propaganda.

  17. Samual Colt says:

    “Hands up, don’t shoot” = LIE

    Negroes pushing that narrative are LIARS!

  18. Budd Smith says:

    Joey Odoms is black, so he likely supports BLM and thinks White fans are racist. He said he supports the kneeling.

  19. He’s a hypocrite he’s so hurt by the national protest that he decided to quit. What about the justices but he’s not hurt by that and it doesn’t even affect him nobody even said anything about him singing the National Anthem but he feels so empowered to quit shut the f******

  20. I am a combat veteran that graduated from the Army Infantry School named Tigerland at Ft. Polk, Louisiana and served in Vietnam with the 9th Infantry Division. I am tired of hearing that I and my brothers in arms from all wars our Nation fought did so to defend someone’s freedom to disrespect our flag.

    My generation’s war was not fought to protect our borders from invading armies. Rather, it was fought to stop the spread of an ideology called “Communism” that rejected most everything we held dear, including personal freedoms, private ownership and rule of law, not men. “Communism” and the “Cold War” were threats to our way of life that are today unknown, but in 1966 they were real and our Nation’s leaders felt it was better to fight it overseas than within our own borders. I agree our involvement in Vietnam was long and costly. Furthermore, I would not trade one of the people listed on “The Wall” for the entire wretched country, much less the more than fifty-thousand that died. But understand I and my fellows did not go there to capture real-estate. We went there for an ideal; a belief that we lived in the greatest nation on earth and that it was our time to defend it against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

    Today, as then, the “Stars and Stripes” is the iconic symbol of our great nation and from its humble beginnings in 1776, only those that would destroy this nation, seek to dishonor its flag.

    I did not slog rice paddies, sleep in the jungle, stay awake all night on a perimeter and see my friends die so that anyone who enjoys living in this great country would kneel like a slave before the greatest symbol of freedom ever known to the world. I fought so that flag would continue to wave over our country and institutions, and so people could stand tall in its presence with confidence that as long as it waves, it symbolizes the greatest nation on earth. I am convinced those that fought and died in the Revolution, the War of 1812, the Civil War, and every other war our nation fought did so for the same reasons.

    A final thought: Military deserters and traitors forfeit their honor and are denied the privileges of their rank and the privilege of saluting an officer or our flag. This old soldier would much rather see our young people identify with those that fought and died for our flag, than to identify with those that betrayed their flag.


  21. With you brother. 173rd Bien Hoa….

  22. Football players are entertainment. They can be replaced. Fans cannot be replaced.

  23. Essentially the NFL in totality is giving support to calling cops pigs, and wearing a Fidel Castro t-shirt. The NFL has banned such things as wearing Dallas police decals on helmets, honoring 9/11 victims, and even 1 player wanting to show support for cancer research by wearing pink all season long. Yeah, the NFL is WRONG all the time, not just this time!

    1. Mae DeJong says:

      Totally agree…why isn’t the media reporting on the hypocrisy in the NFL, which has disallowed other protests and displays of personal beliefs?? So irresponsible! NFL owners and players who kneel make my stomach turn. And, btw, if teams have a right to protest in uniform (and that’s the real deal-breaker for me – doing it at the workplace) then surely we have a right to protest their form of protest. Where’s the solidarity for that??? The world’s upside down in too many quarters, especially the media.

  24. Tom Miller says:

    Hey Obama, you own this.

  25. Colin Kaepernick and anti-American billionaire, George Soros (and Kaepernick’s manipulative Muslim activist girlfriend) are mutually committed to doing grave harm to the USA. Soros is funding BLM which spreads FALSE anti-cop messages across the entire country.

    Currently they have ENTICED black NFL players to “take a knee” (for their favorite topic; racism/profiling/anti-cops/oppression; take your pick) but those FALSE NOTIONS have all been created by BLM, and funded by Soros, and promoted by Kaepernick, to cause CHAOS in the USA as part of their vicious anti-American plan of destruction. (Soros make billions by making countries less stable on the world stage.)

    Soros was previously aligned with Obama (too much to write here); Soros then aligned with Hillary Clinton (convinced she was going to win, he put millions into her campaign). Soros needed Hillary to finish the job of “globalizing” the USA (Soros makes billions by destroying countries; he has done it before). THEN, TRUMP BEAT HILLARY!!! Soros REMAINS FURIOUS at Trump for interfering with his evil plan to do harm to the USA! Soros is dedicated to destroying Trump AND the country.

    Soros is currently paying MILLIONS to BLM members to cause CHAOS in the USA! Soros NEEDS to destabilize the USA, cause internal strife, and weaken American institutions. This current NFL mess is perfect for him! The current NFL players (and coaches and owners) are PLAYING 100% into Soros plan to do SERIOUS HARM to the USA! The NFL players are actually DEMONSTRATING against their own best interests AND are attacking their own American institution (NFL football); Soros must be laughing all the way to the bank!

  26. Joey…cry me a river…don’t let the door hit you on the way out…

  27. Bob Bernet says:

    Odoms’ quitting is a non-issue. The NFL is over.

  28. Don’t bring your politics to work. No one cares what you think, they are there to be entertained, not insulted!

  29. tim maguire says:

    I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw his reason. He’s upset with the fans?!?

    Epic cluelessness.

  30. Joe Campbell says:

    He should have never sung the National Anthem if he felt that way. Its not about politics, its about love and respect for your country. He made it about politics.

  31. One of the first rats abandoning sinking ship.

  32. Does he blame the people who support his singing the National Anthem and excuses the players who disrespect his singing the National Anthem? Amazing! If ever there was a confused and illogical performer, this guy is it. Cognitive Dissonance compels him to make bad decisions.

  33. Robert Kelly says:

    Does everybody understand that these black haters have more privileges than all other groups put together in this country and that the only way they have something to whine about is to manufature a blatant lie?

    First these black haters began this charade on the lie that police are killing “innocent” blacks, when in fact police were killing deadly black felons who were trying to kill them or looking as if they were in the process of it.

    Then the situation has morphed into “racism,” and so-called “racial justice,” which really means people avoid them because of their propensity to murder and commit out-of-control crime and violence, and now it’s slavery two hundred years ago.

    This, of course, is a cover for the fact that blacks cannot cut it in a first world society due to having the lowest intelligence of all the groups existing right now in this country. They fail because they’re blacks. No other reason.

    But underlying all of it, as many posters have pointed out, is an absolute hatred for America and the people who founded it, settled it and built it. They want to do as Obama did, which is flood the country with third world hordes because they think they can better compete with them. But they’re wrong on that score too because dirt poor immigrants coming into this country outperform blacks in both school and the work place.

    Don’t laugh after noting that every black run society in THE WORLD is close to collapse, but these US blacks want white people to step aside so they can take over.

    Integration has been a total failure, and we are in the beginning strages of civil war II.

  34. What the Ravens did by taking a knee in a foreign country and standing for a foreign anthem is an unforgivable sin. This is one Raven Fan who is taking a knee for the Ravens and the sick NFL.

    Good bye and good riddance.

  35. There is no cultural crisis…These protests stem from a false narrative and the lies of the left wing media. Hands up don’t shoot never happened…Mike Brown was a thug who tried to kill a police officer and got himself killed in the process. What they should really be protesting is the FACT that although they only make up about 13% of the American population, blacks are responsible for around 50% of all violent crime…These NFL protests essentially are an attempt to make the violence committed by young blacks appear to be the cultural norm and others should just “get over it”…

  36. “Quote the Raven, nevermore.” – William Shakespeare

    1. Oops! – Edgar Allan Poe.

  37. IF you don’t like the anthem, don’t like the country, then get your sorry a ss on the next boat out of here. Who needs ya.

  38. The moron can go join The View. He’d feel right at home there.

  39. He’s a vet and he’s going to walk out of there? He should have stopped in the middle of the anthem and tell the idiots on the field to stand the f up!

  40. Good riddance!

    Tired of watching these self-righteous liberals tie themselves up like pretzels trying to justify their virtue-signalling.

  41. Taking a knee, or any other form protest, during the presentation of colors and national anthem is not a protest against cops or any other group, it is a protest against the United States. Doing these things are not the act of patriots but of traitors.

    Good riddance to this traitor.

  42. rytwinger says:

    The only thing I got from this resignation is he’s troubled by the (white) fans, tired of the mostly black oppressed millionaires displeasure with the nation, the anthem and (white) cops. I say to you, Joey…GO BLOW!

  43. Tony Pauline says:

    “The tone/actions of a large number of NFL fans in the midst of our country’s cultural crisis, have convinced me that I do not belong there,”

    So in essence this is another example of a one way conversation- you have to agree with people protesting the anthem but if others resist and speak out against those protesting- which is their first amendment right- that is somehow wrong, not allowed and won’t be tolerated…

  44. He’s blaming the FANS, and not the PLAYERS who kneel while he’s singing??? This guy is bass-ackward.

  45. The NFL has ceased in being entertainment. Gone.

  46. What ‘country’s cultural crisis’? He is obviously experiencing some sort of personal crisis, but don’t project it on the nation. I just do something else, no crisis.

  47. Dale Warren says:

    What if they held a football game and no one came or watched on TV. Give patriotism a chance!

  48. Don’t let the door hit ya’ where the Good Lord split ya’

  49. If we had ‘brave’ men like this in 1864, or 1964 there would be no 13th 14th or 15th Amendments; no Civil Rights Act and No Voting Rights act etc. etc.

  50. What time is your flight back to the Congo?

  51. Ron Staiger says:

    Every NFL player who takes a knee during the National Anthem is a racist coward who is violating NFL Rules that owners and coaches are scared to enforce. You are watching petulant child-like tantrums on the part of spoiled, ignorant and racist black lives that just don’t matter which will lead to the end of the NFL. Once again the sonsabit€hes are burning down their own neighborhood!

  52. Tomas Cruz says:

    Black players who are supporters of a black nationalist racist anti cop hate group is allowed protest the flag? that group is Black Lives Matters. Some quotes from BLM censored by our bias racist media, “Open season on whites and police”, “We need one more dead cop”, “Dead cops NOW!!”, “What do we want, dead cops, when do we want it, NOW” “Kill all white people and police”, “Pigs in a blanket, fry like bacon”. The NFL supports black racist anti cop nationalist.

  53. Jim Gravelyn says:

    So I guess the players have free speech but he doesn’t think the fans do. This is one mixed up dude. Good riddance. If he think it’s A-Okay for players to disrespect the flag, he probably shouldn’t be in uniform.

  54. The players of the NFL kneeled on foreign soil and stood for a foreign country’s anthem. That’s all that needs to be said. You stupid mother F’s are done.

  55. so like everything else Democrats/Liberals/Blacks have to make EVERYTHING about RACE!!!! and they are still scratching their heads wondering why they keep losing election after election after election..Most Americans are SICK of Race Race Race being used for everything…

  56. Frank Muller says:

    Tommy Sotomayor says, nwords ruin everything. Only he didn’t say nword.

  57. Hugh Tjardon says:

    The supply of damn fools is endless.

  58. You want to leave and sing somewhere else- fine. You want to boycott the Ravens – fine. There will be plenty of people willing to take your place. The biggest game of the year for Ravens fans will be packed.

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