(SPONSORED CONTENT) – Sgt. Chiquita Pena is this week’s Hometown Hero.  She is an advocate for homeless female veterans and assists Final Salute Inc., a company that helps female veterans who are homeless or on the verge of homelessness.  Pena served on two tours in Afghanistan and continues to serve as a reservist in the Army.

I joined the military in 2005, I volunteered for deployment in 2008.  After my first tour, I was working, I was in the banking industry at the time.  I was terminated while I was on maternity leave.  I faced homelessness, now I never had to live outside in a car or anything like that with my daughter, but what I didn’t have was stability”, said Chiquita Pena.

She was also a finalist in the top 25 for the Ms. Veteran America competition, which is a competition that brings light to the homelessness of female veterans and spreads awareness with the hopes of obtaining further assistance for the cause.

Aside from taking care of her daughter, home, school work and military career, she finds time to wholeheartedly help those in need.

Dietz & Watson and the Baltimore Ravens have joined forces to honor our active and veteran service men and women at every 2017 Ravens home game. Submit someone you want to honor today here!


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