(Sponsored Content) – Kim LeBel originally joined the Navy in 1975 and then went to nursing school. She returned in 1986 and stayed for 30 wonderful years. LeBel calls it, “the most glorious career anybody could ever have.”

LeBel took a bullet for her country when she was walking the perimiter of Camp Shaheen with Lieutenant Florence Cho, Lieutenant Frank Toner, and Lieutenant Carlos Linda Montez as an Afghan soldier turned his ak37 and fired at them. Cho and Toner did not survive the attack and she calls Toner the hero from that day as he charged the shooter and took five fatal shots.

She states, “I am sincerely sorry for the loss of Flo and Frank because they were too great naval officers that probably would have done so much better head and shoulders above me and that’s a that’s a terrible loss for the country.”

Dietz & Watson and the Baltimore Ravens have joined forces to honor our active and veteran service men and women at every 2017 Ravens home game. Submit someone you want to honor today here!


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