BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A survivor of the shooting at an Edgewood granite store Wednesday says it all started when the suspect, 37-year-old Radee Labeeb Prince, came into the business and punched an employee.

Prince had worked at Advanced Granite Solutions for about four months.

On Wednesday morning, a scheduled workday for him, he arrived, and immediately hit one of his coworkers, Michael Serra tells WJZ.

WJZ‘s George Solis translated the interview with Serra, who spoke to us in Spanish, as follows:

“He hit a friend of mine, and then my friend told him, ‘What happened?’ And then later the guy pulled out a gun and started shooting at anyone he could find… I started to scream at them all to run, guy’s firing. When I start to run, he starts to shoot at me. Luckily, when he fired, no bullets hit me. Sadly, I saw my friend fall. And then the second. I came back and saw it was five. Three dead, two wounded.”

The three who died in the attack have been identified as 53-year-old Bayarsaikhan Tudev, 34-year-old Jose Hidalgo Romero and 48-year-old Enis Mrvoljak.

The two victims at Shock Trauma are identified as Enoc Sosa, 38 and Jose Roberto Flores, 37. They are still in critical condition.

Serra described Prince as “very agile, very fast.”

“In seconds, he shot my three friends,” he said. “And then later he got one of my friends as he was making coffee. Then he got in his car and drove away… They always gave me a hand, taking food off their plate to give it to me, and sadly they lost their lives.”

Jose Monje, who like many of the employees at the company, speaks little English.

He told WJZ he was particularly close with Romero and Mrvoljak and he’s also close with Flores and Sosa.

“Sometimes they came to my house to visit, to eat and coexist…and know that they aren’t here, it’s very heavy,” Monje said.

Tudev, who commuted from Virginia to work, also died in the shooting. His daughter opened up about the tragic loss.

“It had to be him… out of all the people in this world but it’s OK he’s in a better place he’s with good right now,” Suvd Bayarsaikhan said.

She says her father often spoke of a hostile work environment while Prince was around.

“He would come home and mention that he would have a rough day at work with this person and I think the guy didn’t get along with the other workers,” Bayarsaikhan said.

“Psychologically, I’m not doing well,” Serra said. “Truthfully, I have those bad memories in my head that won’t get out, I want to get them out. Truthfully, the only memory I have is that man with that gun. Every so often I cry, because it all comes back and I cry again.”

Prince, police say, opened fire on his coworkers shortly before 9 a.m. Wednesday, then later shot an acquaintance at a used car dealership in Wilmington, Delaware.

After the shooting in Delaware, authorities say officers were able to tail him for a short time, but ultimately lost track of him. That spurred an hours-long manhunt along the I-95 corridor.

Prince was ultimately arrested in Newark, Delaware shortly before 7:30 p.m. Wednesday night. He faces attempted murder charges there, and murder, attempted murder and assault charges in Maryland.

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