By Tracey Leong

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Scientists are reporting a record number of  stink bugs in the U.S.

Tracey Leong explains what this means now that the seasons are changing.

Well after feasting all spring and summer on plants and fruit, stink bugs are getting ready to hibernate making their way into your home for the winter.

These invasive bugs are swarming across the U.S., becoming an annoying pest whose population is booming.

“Literally trillions and billions of stinkbugs nationwide,” says Michael Raupp, University of Maryland Entomologist.

The insects’ population saw a sudden jump because of the warmer conditions, and they’re a pest that thrives in the heat, and feast on fruits, vegetables, and plants.

“Stink bugs are the worst,” says a University of Maryland student.

“They are everywhere so you don’t really pay attention to them,” says another student.

Now that the seasons are changing, these stinky pests are searching for a place to hibernate.

“They are coming to find a place to chill out, lower their metabolism, survive winter, then get up and get back outside,” says Raupp.

Raupp says they are now trying to move into your home, creeping through the window or any open crack.

Experts recommend sealing your home as tight as a car door. A small bottle with soapy water makes a good trap, or vacuuming them up to freeze and use as compost.

It’s also recommended to not crush them, because like their name stink bugs will release a very bad odor when crushed, but they are not poisonous to humans.

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Comments (17)
  1. jdlredskin says:

    Stink Bug trap needs a light source

    1. Sam Wise says:

      Oh, I know why there is such a huge outbreak, and I’m surprised it hasn’t been in the news yet.
      Global warming has created such warm winters than bugs are being reduced by cold.
      Pay Al Gore your Global warming/climate change tax and he will fix it.

      If not, you can just follow current laws and regs and quit paying income taxes altogether.
      1. “Exempt income” and “Income that is not” … are ALREADY legally defined, codified in U.S. tax regulations.
      2. According to regulations, most Americans DON’T owe any income tax.

      Look it up…
      “exempt income means”
      “income that is not considered tax exempt”
      ecfr g ov

      Computer scientist data mines tax code for deductions and excluded income, finds fraud.
      whatistaxed c om

  2. Is that any way to talk about the Democratic party at large? Heh. This in light of the incredible Obama/Clinton corruption, known about for years by the FBI, but uncovered by MSM.

  3. Democrats fleeing the sinking ship of their party.

  4. Peter York says:

    rather insensitive language for our tresspassing neighbors to the south!

  5. You are talking about muslims are you not?

  6. this article is about Rep. Wilson, isn’t it????

  7. They’re ALL over the place this year because we didn’t have a cold enough winter last year to kill them as they hibernate.
    Anyhow, some facts about them.

    . They’re harmless to people.
    . Like Ladybugs, never suck them up in a vacuum because they stink horribly and are *extremely* juicy.
    . Very few natural predators to kill them.
    . They DO NOT breed in your home, only winter over and then leave.
    . Do NOT smash them. They’re VERY messy.
    . It takes awhile for bug spray to kill them.
    . They do not handle WD-40 and clear spray paint well at all. I spray them with these in the garage.
    . They drive your cat nuts until they actually catch one.
    . There are ways to make traps with cardboard to catch them en masse online.

  8. Populations dynamics! Use the right kind of pesticide when tending crops will work wonders, otherwise learn to live with the bug.

  9. Craig Hobson says:

    Are sure that those are just democrats?

  10. Forgot to mention “where”, that’s basic journalism. I live in Nevada and haven’t seen any that I know of.

  11. We have hundreds of invasive insects. They are destroying everything. Biting Asian ladybugs. Emerald Ash Borer. Stink Bugs. Those are some of the big ones. Why isn’t the government using genetic bio engineering to eradicate these insects? They do sterilization of creatures all the time. But not for this mess that’s been here for the last 15 years. Brought over by lunatic immigrants with no business coming to this country.

  12. James Dunham says:

    Headline reads…..”Record Stink Bugs Invading America”…Where did all the Democrats come from?………Seriously……Throw them in your fire pit and watch them roast……no smell involved….Give them a toss.

  13. JoJo Wasaman says:

    I have never smelled a Stink Bug. Have you?

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